Libra Dragon Woman

Since birth nature has endowed these women with incredible strength, steadfastness and confidence. Libra-Dragon women are very hard to scare and even in the most difficult life situation they remain optimistic. They are well aware of their capabilities, strength and are able to use them in the right direction. A sober assessment of life, concentration on the ultimate goal and tranquility help them find their happiness and achieve their own.

These women are literally imbued with the spirit of adventurism. They can not stay long in one place, they need to move forward and win uncharted distances. They have everything for this, so they will not be difficult to realize their goals. Awareness of one’s strength unlike others does not lead to a "stellar" illness. They are modestly modest and balanced, than cause respect from others.

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Libra Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In a relationship, they are very emotional, passionate and straightforward. If they liked the man, they will not puzzle how to get to know him. They just do it without thinking about refusal. Most often, before such a pressure, confidence and pleasant appearance, few will stand, so the probability of failure is minimal. They are able to beautifully look after, make expensive gifts and pay all kinds of attention.

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Libra Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

They are serious about family relations, trying to fulfill all their duties. They will generously give their attention to their home, time and care. For the sake of financial well-being, they are ready to work tirelessly, taking up any job. Together with this, they put forward significant demands to their relatives, who also need to have their duties and tasks.

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Dragon Libra Woman — Career and Finance

From them, a good worker and performer is obtained, and in any field of activity. To spoil promotion and employment of a high post can their restless disposition. Subsequently, they may have problems with management, senior managers, whom they are not going to listen to. Salvation can be a leadership position, where they themselves can become a boss.

Advice for Libra-Dragon Woman

Family for them often becomes an incentive for moving forward. Therefore, in the hands of their chosen ones, they are encouraged to push them to new achievements. They must support them, help them cope with difficulties, and they will move forward with their talents and strength. Their weak points are praise, from which they become soft, and then they can even be imperceptibly controlled.

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