Pisces Dragon Woman

Pisces-Dragon women are solid emotions, passion and feelings. They are used to living, making decisions only on the basis of their feelings and desires, so their life is often full of contradictions. They are characterized by rash actions, which they will regret later. Very often the experience gained does not teach them anything, and they are ready to behave in the same way.

In any life situation, they remain confident in themselves and their rightness. It’s hard to argue with them, because they are incredibly stubborn, so they will always stand on their point of view. They can not stay idle, always hurrying somewhere. It is in this movement that they find happiness and satisfaction. They have good mental abilities, but they often resort to them, making decisions about their feelings.

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Pisces Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

These women carefully guard their privacy from other people’s views. They do not like to discuss with their friends the behavior of their loved ones, talk about their love affairs and so on. In relationships, they are very emotional, quickly catch fire and fall in love. Under the pressure of their feelings they are ready to literally get a "star from the sky", but after a while they can cool down and cool down to their chosen ones.

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Pisces Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

Living under one roof with such people is very difficult. They are wayward, stubborn, and often do not take into account the feelings of others. They like to make their own decisions, establish their own ways, without asking someone else’s opinion. But at the same time they need the support and approval of their loved ones, who should give them due respect and respect. Otherwise, their just anger awaits them.

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Dragon Pisces Woman — Career and Finance

In their understanding, financial prosperity and success are associated with hard work. Therefore, if they need to save money or provide a family, they will undertake any work. At the same time, they do not need helpers or advisers, since they prefer working alone. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to get along in a team, to obey orders from their superiors, which often leads to dismissal.

Advice for Pisces-Dragon Woman

To remake these women is unlikely to succeed, so their companions will have to take all their positive and negative traits. Yes, they are too powerful and wayward, but at the same time they are honest, faithful and generous women. They will never leave their family in a difficult situation and will try to get out of it with all their might. And these are very important qualities that can not be discounted.

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