Sagittarius Dragon Woman

Sagittarius-Dragon women have a passion for changing places. Therefore, they can often change jobs, place of residence and travel. Movement is the meaning of their life and if they stay long in one place, they will be covered by depression and health will go away. They get along well with the surrounding people, they can direct them and force them to do things their own way. But this is done not by force, but by special charm and magnetism.

The reason for most of the difficulties in life is their complex nature, with which they themselves can not do anything. They are excessively capricious, do not apply their stubbornness to business and stand firmly on their point of view. They can set goals, think through them, but they often lack the patience to reach them. Therefore, their life often resembles sudden ups and downs.

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Sagittarius Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

These women are extremely charming and constantly attention to the opposite sex. They are cheerful, noble and able to look after. They quickly break out and are in love, ready for many accomplishments. But this love has a drawback — it quickly passes, and they can lose all interest in their companions. If they constantly press on them and try to change them, they will soon go away forever.

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Sagittarius Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

By making a proposal or taking it from their beloved, these women understand all the difficulties and complexities of living together. They are ready to take all responsibility and cope with problems. They are devotees who will never betray their companions and leave them alone. But along with this, get along with them quite hard, because they are guided only by themselves, not taking into account the opinions of others.

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Dragon Sagittarius Woman — Career and Finance

They have a unique talent to turn all their plans and dreams into reality. In their hands, all the affairs are realized, they conclude profitable deals and quickly advance in the service. These are wise women who try to calculate all the moves and are ready to work hard for this. However, they are overly gullible to others who can use their work and special skills for their own purposes.

Advice for Sagittarius-Dragon Woman

Their chosen ones should remember that this is an overly emotional woman. They often make decisions on a hot hand, they say that it comes to their mind and this can greatly offend others. Having cooled down, they understand their injustice and are even ready to admit it. Therefore, during a burst of emotions, you should not believe them and take offense at their words. The storm will pass and before them again there will appear lovely and loving women.

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