Scorpio Dragon Woman

Their fate is chosen by women themselves. Scorpio-Dragon have a strong desire for entertainment, gambling and pleasure, but at the same time they have good intellectual abilities and talents. Therefore, they can easily achieve their goals, get a good job and settle down in life. Their choice they will have to do in early childhood, after which they will move in one direction.

Despite a bold and confident nature, these women are unlikely to take risks and participate in dubious events. Before making an important decision, they try to assess all the advantages and disadvantages, which allows them to achieve their goals. They are also quite conservative and like to follow proven paths. Together with this, they are born leaders, ready to lead women.

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Scorpio Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Attractive, noble and self-confident, they immediately attract the views of other people. They know how to take care, try to fulfill all the whims, which causes delight in their chosen ones. However, when the period of courtship passes, you may encounter other qualities that you may not like. These are powerful women, who prefer always to stand rigidly on their point of view.

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Scorpio Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

Family for these women is often in the first place. They try to finance it financially, resolve all the difficulties that arise and remain loyal to their chosen ones. To them, they put forward many requirements and are waiting for their fulfillment, which they do not always cope with. If this happens, they can also face their sudden outbursts of anger, which is of destructive power.

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Dragon Scorpio Woman — Career and Finance

Thanks to their talents, vitality and self-confidence, they can well excel in their careers. They do their jobs well and do their job at a high level. Difficulties can arise with the authorities, which can give them stupid instructions and comments. They will not tolerate this and can openly go to the conflict, which will result in a quick dismissal.

Advice for Scorpio-Dragon Woman

In relations, their companions should have patience. They are complex women, who are firmly convinced of their rightness and point of view. But they also have weaknesses, which can be influenced. In particular, they are not indifferent to flattery and praise. Using this, their electors can achieve their goals by pushing them to the right decisions. However, it should be done unnoticed for them.

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