Taurus Dragon Woman

Taurus-Dragon women have a unique charisma. They are able to enchant others, easily enter into a conversation with them and always leave a pleasant impression. They like communication, searching for something new and numerous experiments. He never loses his taste for life and is used to enjoying every moment of it. This quality he spreads to others, giving them inexhaustible optimism.

There are conflicting qualities in the nature of these women. They are benevolent, generous and good-natured. Therefore, it is easy to find a common language with them. But at times they can become rude, too proud and unbearable. Often they have attacks of anger and at this time it is better not to fall under their arm. Fortunately, their anger quickly evaporates and in a few minutes there may be no trace left of it.

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Taurus Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

When these Taurus are in love, you can do anything with them. They are extremely trusting, gentle and ready to please their chosen ones in every way. They have a serious attitude to the relationship, which they try to build on honesty and full trust. The same requirements they put forward to their partners and if they do not see these qualities, it is deeply disappointed. Forgive the same betrayal, they can not ever.

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Taurus Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

To live with these people under one roof, you will have to make some efforts. You can face incredible stubbornness when they do not want to take someone else’s point of view. They are also accustomed to judge the situation only by their feelings and experiences, and they are not used to putting themselves in a strange place. But all these qualities are compensated by unusual kindness, generosity and endless care.

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Dragon Taurus Woman — Career and Finance

They have good analytical thinking, which helps them to build logical schemes and achieve their goals. They can do well at work, do their job well and build good relations with employees and superiors. At the same time, the financial side can not be bothered. Therefore, they can remain at a low salary, if the work involves gaining new knowledge and experience.

Advice for Taurus-Dragon Woman

To establish relations with them is both difficult and simple. They only need a special approach. They love praise, through which you can achieve your own. To reduce stubbornness will help unquestionable arguments, before which they will not stand. And always remember that these are born leaders who are used to keeping control of everything. Therefore, give them the appearance of this, after which they will become soft and fluffy.

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