Taurus Horse Woman

Taurus-Horse women are distinguished by their sharp temper. They are building their own model of the world, which they will always impose on their close people and friends. They are often very eloquent, but they can not always correspond to their role. They need to make their interests deeper, and not just move over the surface. An easy attitude towards life can lead to difficulties and problems, so they must be more responsible.

The character is power-hungry, intemperate and hard. They are sociable and often attract many men. But at the same time they are quickly disappointed, as they are not able to fulfill the promised promises. They have a good sense of humor and can perfectly entertain guests and themselves. But in this case only a festive attitude to life is not always welcomed by their surroundings. They should become more in everything — interests, relationships.

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Taurus Horse Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

They make love relationships easy and at ease. The natural charm attracts men to them. But they can not always correspond to the stated speeches. Such a dissonance the partner sees after a few days of communication. Usually it causes disappointment, and then a break. In order to avoid such situations constantly, it’s worth to be more circumspect and wiser.

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Taurus Horse Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relations of these women do not always develop smoothly. They should start a family in adulthood. By this point, they have already achieved a good career position, they can better control their emotions. And this creates a fertile ground for family relations. They become more serious and more thorough after the birth of children, because they are fully aware of their responsibilities.

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Horse Taurus Woman — Career and Finance

Career for them means a lot. They can choose only a career, abandoning other spheres of life. This is not entirely correct, but with this choice they are able to achieve excellent results. With finance, they do not know how to manage, because they often find themselves in situations where they face total poverty. This is due to their desire to always spend money. It gives them pleasure, which they can not refuse.

Advice for Taurus-Horse Woman

Personal attraction in their case, rather, a disadvantage than an advantage. They should stay a little aloof, not attracting everyone’s attention. Becoming a jester in society is also not worth it, since this role is not entirely personal. Every word and action must be treated with all seriousness, so that it becomes a habit. These women are recommended to expand their sphere of interest, but each case should be studied carefully, abandoning the superficial approach.

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