Leo Monkey Woman

Leo-Monkey women are bright personalities who are fluent in the word. They are able to convince anyone of their righteousness, while spending a lot of energy. Obtained by nature talents they must necessarily implement. This will make them feel stronger, more prosperous. With the realization of their abilities, all opportunities for the formation of a favorable personal, public and career spheres appear in their lives.

They are distinguished by a heightened sense of justice. They like to philosophize and at the same time judge the correctness of the actions of humanity as a whole. They always think globally. They feel the need to lead, but they can not always force women to follow them. In some cases, they simply crave for power and receive it by any means. They are observant and can analyze any situation.

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Leo Monkey Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

The love relations of these women are being built quite interesting. On the one hand they need to feel loved. On the other hand, they want to dominate, subordinate a partner. At the same time they have a charm that allows them to attract women. They rarely find themselves alone, because they cause sympathy in others. They do not know how to hide their feelings, so the relationship with them can be extremely bright and unusual.

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Leo Monkey Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relations will be filled with harmony, if they just choose the right partner. They need a person who will be focused on implementing their plans. Also, they can be happy if the partner is particularly interested in playing in the same gate. However, everything will change when children appear. They will become more responsible, will listen to the opinion of the second half. They will wake up the desire to take care of others, to love them, and not just to receive.

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Monkey Leo Woman — Career and Finance

The career plans of these women are obvious. They aspire to occupy leading positions. Usually they succeed, because they have all the qualities necessary for this. As for the financial side of life, they are able to earn, receive income from various sources. As a result, they are prosperous and successful. This position these women reach to maturity, and this gives them the opportunity to realize their personal plans.

Advice for Leo-Monkey Woman

These women are encouraged to constantly use the accumulated knowledge in relation to themselves. If they analyze the situation, they are unlikely to make a mistake. You can not always think about your only rightness, because in life they often have the opposite. They should change, as this is the guarantee of a better life. In addition, they will like the lessons of the spiritual plan. They will feel a surge of energy and understand what they really need.

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