Libra Monkey Woman

Libra-Monkey women were born to lead. They begin to realize this destiny from the first days of life. They are smart, so they show their leadership abilities tactfully and delicately. They often resemble robots, as they pedantically move towards the goal, no matter what. If you need to part with your loved ones for this, they will do it. They are characterized by such skill, as it is easy to leave.

They have strong-willed character. Among the many variations of relationships with other people, they most value friendship. They are devoted to friends, but not to close people. They are benevolent and are unlikely to conflict with others, but this does not indicate their softness and indecisiveness. They will be able to send others around in the other direction, but with excellent methods.

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Libra Monkey Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Love relationships will be based on attachments. They become attached to another person from the first minutes of the meeting, if the chosen one lives on the same energy wave as they do. In this case, the relationship will be just excellent. If they meet another partner in nature, they can feel unhappy and misunderstood. It is important for them to be a leader in relations, but they are excellent listeners, they can accept the opinion of the chosen one.

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Libra Monkey Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relationships in these women usually follow from the novel. At the heart of a serious relationship will be affection, respect and mutual understanding. However, they are recommended to build a union only at adulthood. Then they have a great chance to become happy. From them are obtained excellent parents who are able to teach the child of devotion, responsibility and royal manners in communication with the environment.

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Monkey Libra Woman — Career and Finance

Career for them is something that must necessarily be in life. Due to their bright character and personal qualities, they can achieve an excellent position. Also, they can become excellent leaders who will differ in thoughtfulness and attention to their subordinates. Finance they always keep under control, they plan the budget correctly. They never make unnecessary waste: everything is thought out and analyzed in advance.

Advice for Libra-Monkey Woman

These women are encouraged to analyze their behavior. The excessive desire to constantly listen to praise creates a very strange environment around them. They often confuse praise with flattery. It is better to control your emotions, as this will allow them not to fall into a rage and anger. It is better to direct this energy into creation. In communication, they must listen more to other people in order to better understand them.

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