Cancer Ox Woman

Cancer-Ox women are unique and original. Even simple ideas in their expression sound like something deep and global. At the same time, they are very practical and pragmatic women. For them, the most important is spiritual development, and the material one usually goes to the background. They know how to wait and usually get what they want, not by perseverance and hard work, but by the ability to wait for a favorable development of events and just start acting at this moment.

By nature, these women are strong, purposeful and intelligent. They are often gifted with talents that allow them to gain universal acceptance. They differ in the independence of judgments, which immediately distinguishes them among other people. They are unlikely to be exposed to someone else’s influence, but this is not always a positive quality, as they are completely unable to accept someone else’s opinion.

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Cancer Ox Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In a relationship, they show special devotion, but when they feel that the relationship is over, they leave without explaining the reasons. These qualities make them incomprehensible to others. Personal relationships for them are not so important as friendships. And this can not but make the partner nervous. And then the gap can happen no longer through their fault. But it is precisely these two variants of events that are possible in relations with these people.

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Cancer Ox Woman in Family and Marriage

If they marry at an early age, they can be happy if they have a strong personality next to them. However, a greater likelihood of happiness in marriage is possible if the marriage is concluded in adulthood. This is due to the fact that they have already been able to balance their character, to become more compliant. It is this quality that will allow them to be happy in a relationship with their beloved.

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Ox Cancer Woman — Career and Finance

In their nature, two principles are combined — poetic and practical. All their lives they will try to balance these two principles. To this they will spend a lot of energy and energy, so they can achieve financial prosperity late, or not at all. Career plans will mean a lot to them if they match the realization of their talents. Such a combination of material and spiritual is ideal for them and this should be sought.

Advice for Cancer-Ox Woman

These women are encouraged to seek more points of contact with the surrounding people. They do not want to expose themselves better than other people, it’s better to be ordinary and happy than an abandoned outcast. In a relationship, they should more open their feelings, do not keep them in check. This will allow them to become happy in a close relationship. With the right distribution of power, it will be easy for them to achieve everything in life.

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