Leo Ox Woman

Leo-Ox women are often persecuted by failures and problems. They can not maintain balance and tranquility in all spheres of life, and this often leads to collapse. However, they do not try to change something in their lives, change their character. Sometimes it seems that they themselves meet the problems and adversities, in some ways even rejoicing the problems. Such a state can not improve vital positions.

By nature, they are women who are insecure in their abilities, who have a low self-esteem. They doubt everything, so they can easily be called indecisive. Often they postpone the solution of problems for later, possessing reduced willpower and stubbornness, sharpness in utterances. Unbalanced and problematic, these women often cause irritation, so close to them can only hold the most persistent.

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Leo Ox Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Numerous novels create bad glory for them. And the problem is that they are too unbalanced, tend to frequent clarification of the relationship. This is not liked by a partner who prefers not to communicate at all. Relationships can be prosperous if they want it, they will give up their desire to follow misfortunes. Once they understand this, everything in life can change.

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Leo Ox Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relationships will be full of misunderstanding, difficult situations and conflicts. They do not know how to build relationships, they themselves often cause conflict situations. If their partner can find something that will draw their attention to hobbies, they can stay together. The birth of children can stir up their inner world, but in the upbringing they are bad parents. They can not give the child warmth, love, regardless of external circumstances.

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Ox Leo Woman — Career and Finance

Career enhancement alternates with a fall. If they achieve some success, they will necessarily fail. Even at the zenith of glory, failure will make itself felt. At the same time, they are not ready to reduce failure or failure by force of will, taking some quick decisions. On the contrary, they postpone everything for later, and this leads to the fact that the problem completely captures them and their lives. Financial affairs are always in disarray, they themselves do not know their income.

Advice for Leo-Ox Woman

These women are encouraged to plan their lives, choose a value system for themselves. After that it will be necessary to establish stability in everything. It is worth learning to enjoy any business and just life in general. Negative emotions should be constantly spilled out, but not in conflicts, and choose this hobby. To achieve a good career position, it is necessary to move to the top consistently, without hurrying.

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