Leo Pig Woman

Leo-Pig women are notable for their duality. They are always full of contradictions, they are torn apart by polar emotions, which can destroy them. Also, these women are often on the secondary roles. But this does not bother them at all, even on the secondary roles they perform their duties well. They do not have ambition, so they will not go far up. Often they are satisfied with the usual course of things, their position.

By nature, this strong-willed and strong personality. However, they are completely devoid of leadership qualities, often content with a secondary position. These women are very hardy, so they do not refuse even the hardest work. They are single by nature, even in society occupy a separate position. Suffering, they can be capable of extraordinary actions.

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Leo Pig Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In relations, they, first of all, value their freedom. Even having an alliance with a loved one, they will always strive for freedom. They do not tend to shirk obligations, but after gaining freedom, they will gladly renounce them. These are true partners who will remain faithful for a long time. However, when they get tired of their life, they will start a new one without looking back at their relatives and friends.

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Leo Pig Woman in Family and Marriage

In the family they will go with the flow. They never aspire to the position of the head of the family. This they quite like and satisfied. The birth of children can stir up their unruffled nature. However, they do not always apply pedagogical methods of education. With children, they can get in touch if they exclude their negative perception of the child. Family life for these women is not of great value.

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Pig Leo Woman — Career and Finance

They are good performers who can achieve good results in the team. They are rarely appointed to senior positions, as they do not need it. Clear career plans are not there, so they will move as everything goes. The financial situation is quite stable, but they need someone who will manage the finances. They lack the resolve, which puts all their plans at risk of non-fulfillment.

Advice for Leo-Pig Woman

These women are encouraged to take more initiative in everything. This can significantly change their lives. It is worth bringing up self-esteem and pride in order to feel himself on top. Their work needs to be valued, duties to perform, so that others overestimate their behavior. You can not always occupy second roles, since this can only have a negative impact. By eliminating these shortcomings, they can become more successful.

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