Gemini Rabbit Woman

Gemini-Rabbit women are emotional natures, whose life is completely subordinated to feelings. They can achieve good results in a career if they choose this sphere for their development. Spiritually, they will develop their entire lives, as their search and ideals will require more and more new knowledge. They are self-critical, which often hinders them, but it is often impossible to change this birth-given feature.

They are strong, intelligent and purposeful people. They can achieve any set goals if they correctly distribute their energy. If the energy given from above is used for good, they can receive many benefits in return. At the same time they are hypersensitive, they can take offense at an innocent joke. Often because of psychological insults, they go into their inner world, from which it can be difficult to get them out.

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Gemini Rabbit Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

They hardly choose their partner, because the desire to idealize everything around, extends to the second half. As a result, they often reject the best applicants for their attention. And even after starting a relationship, they can quickly become disillusioned and withdraw into themselves. In this case, the gap is imminent, since they can not continue the relationship. The search for an ideal often accompanies them all their lives.

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Gemini Rabbit Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relations for them are rather difficult to bear. Being pliant, they often find themselves in a marriage that causes them difficulties. At the same time, they will patiently treat their partner, trying as much as possible to get an opportunity to dive into their own world. Avoiding the problems of family life, inability to make decisions can cause a gap, but some partners such second halves are suitable in all respects.

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Rabbit Gemini Woman — Career and Finance

They find it difficult to make decisions because of their sensitivity, so they often remain far behind in getting good positions. They can make a career, but with such emotional costs that lead to exhaustion. Financial well-being for them may not be such an important aspect that they completely refuse to change the existing financial situation.

Advice for Gemini-Rabbit Woman

To become happy, they need to become more ambitious. Also, it is necessary to face the problems, and not to invent the fantastic ways to solve them. The outside world is not a trap, so you just need to make friends with it, find common ground. Openness will be the most faithful and simple recipe for these women to achieve their goals. In a relationship you need to become a little more generous and do not focus only on your problems.

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