Gemini Rat Woman

Gemini-Rat are active women who are always in the flow of events. They do not think of life without bright events. For them, life is an exciting event in which they play a major role. They are full of fantasies that they carry throughout life. Self-expression for them is the main task of life. And to find their vocation, they need to try themselves in different spheres. Their peculiarity is that they often find themselves in a fictional world.

These are closed and secretive women in character. They are patient in achieving their goals. But these qualities create difficulties for them in communication. They need to constantly work on themselves, so that communication is not difficult for them, because of this often depends on their self-realization. They are determined to change, which, in their opinion, should lead to a better life. However, they often do not have enough strength to realize their intentions.

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Gemini Rat Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Romantic relationships for these women are always filled with deep meaning. They elevate their beloved in high rank, they are not subject to criticism. This desire for idealization leads to great disappointment. They may even show aggressiveness if the partner does not match their dreams. At an early age, relationships can be extremely romantic, later they make demands on their partner more, they want to remake it.

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Gemini Rat Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relations for them are full of all sorts of features and surprises. On the one hand, they seek the warmth of their loved ones, on the other hand they try to give up their duties. As a result, their family life is rather complicated. When they fulfill their duties and delve into the lives of their loved ones, everything turns out very well. With the opposite implementation of the scenario they have insurmountable difficulties.

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Rat Gemini Woman — Career and Finance

They are not careerists by nature. They can work in one place for a long time without the desire to change something. At the same time they are aimed at a comfortable life. For this they can look for different ways, but they often do not have enough strength to realize their goals. The inability to communicate also leads to the fact that they do not know how to create conditions for their rise on the career ladder. They need to improve their communication skills in order to get something meaningful from life.

Advice for Gemini-Rat Woman

These women are recommended to forget about pride and be like everyone else. This will greatly facilitate their lives, they can begin to live a full life. To study your inner world is only for certain purposes, and it is not worthwhile to constantly dig into your feelings. We must not forget about relatives, because they have a stronghold of their lives. Also, they should think about negative feelings and how to restrain them, since this often complicates the already difficult communication with others.

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