Sagittarius Rat Woman

Sagittarius-Rat women openly oppose the conventional system. At the same time fear is alien to them, they are ready to fight for everything that, in their opinion, is correct. As a result, their life is complicated. They do not accept requirements, especially if these requirements do not correspond to their inner convictions. This is a conflict type, which may well agree, but he does not want to do it out of a sense of contradiction.

They differ in complex character. They are strong-willed and strong personalities that can be realized. However, their aggression often creates difficulties in their lives. All this removes them from other people, and they become single. It’s very difficult to communicate with these people. They are often suspicious and accumulate in the soul so much grievances that they find it difficult to communicate with other people.

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Sagittarius Rat Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It is difficult for these women to build relationships, as their excessive exactingness often gives rise to opposition from the partner. Unable to withstand pressure, the partner tries to quickly finish the relationship, and they remain misunderstood. Each year it is more difficult for them to start a relationship, since their suspicion can lead to avoiding communication in general.

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Sagittarius Rat Woman in Family and Marriage

These women build family relationships at an early age. In this case, a happy marriage is possible. In youth, they can still smooth the corners, their character is flexible and pliable. Also, they can successfully build a family at a later age, when they can estimate the price of the conflict and really want to find the second half. Having created a family, they feel support and joy in such relationships.

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Rat Sagittarius Woman — Career and Finance

They may well achieve a good position if they want to. They really need just to wish and this will restrain their too impulsive character, forcing them to avoid conflicts. The financial side of life often becomes an engine when they seek to make a career. They can do with a minimum of convenience, but they can go to extremes. Everything will depend on the environment and family.

Advice for Sagittarius-Rat Woman

They should constantly improve their character. By maturity, they can achieve a certain balance, but in the absence of development, negative character traits will only develop. They should learn to evaluate themselves from the outside, in order to be able to properly build relationships. All emotions need to be kept under control and not give others control over their feelings.

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