Leo Tiger Woman

Leo-Tiger women are real darlings of fate. She often throws them happy cases, the right women and presents with numerous talents. They have an extraordinary magnetism, so it is easy for them to communicate with different people themselves and to inspire them with trust and admiration. But these qualities often play against them, as envious people and flatterers can gather around them, which they will not be able to notice.

They have strong and persistent character, excellent stubbornness and self-confidence. All these qualities give them a good push to move forward and allow them to win their place under the sun. They always remain realistic, which allows them to soberly assess the situation and make the right decision. Together with this they have human qualities, so to achieve their goals they will not go over their heads.

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Leo Tiger Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

These are sensitive and attentive Leos who will feel the mood of their beloved, and try to change something. They welcome honesty and sincerity, which they demand from their beloved. In relationships, they are overly emotional and often take all decisions under the influence of their feelings. This often causes unwanted situations, which they could not foresee.

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Leo Tiger Woman in Family and Marriage

They have a complex character that does not always allow them to get along with them under one roof. They are too demanding, they love to command and establish their own rules. They are unbearable lie and betrayal, which can cause a gap. In everything else they will be an excellent support for any partner and real defenders. They are ready to take all the problems on their own and settle them on their own.

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Tiger Leo Woman — Career and Finance

They adequately assess their abilities, professional skills and do not jump above their heads. Therefore, most often they have a stable job, which gives a good monthly earning. But they are aimed at further movement, so they can move well along the career ladder. To do this, they have all the necessary qualities, and fate often gives good suggestions.

Advice for Leo-Tiger Woman

With them you can live a long and happy life, if you try to accept all their shortcomings. It’s nice to pay attention to their dignity. They are incredibly devoted, quickly become attached to their companions, even if they do not seem to show it. Remember that inside are naive, simple and optimistic women who need love and understanding.

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