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Two Dogs can have lots of fun together, since they both have high energy and know they can trust one another. The Dog’s biggest problem with relationships is the irrational anxiety that others can’t be trusted, but in a relationship between two Dogs, that isn’t a problem. These two can relax and just have fun getting to know one another. This is a generally affable and diplomatic sign; Dogs are subject to occasional moodiness and, when it strikes, often need to spend time alone in order to recuperate. As long as two Dogs understand this tendency in themselves and one another, problems should be few.

Dogs are definitely givers. A dog person is steadfast, faithful, and true, and will give of him or herself until there is nothing left to give. This can be an excellent quality in a relationship-who wouldn’t be happy with a loyal loving partner? However, two dogs will need to take care to listen to each other: since Dogs are so undemanding, they rarely let their partners know just what it is they need out of a relationship, so two Dogs together may keep giving and giving, and yet give the wrong things if they have missed their partner’s subtle cues. This can result in a strained relationship despite their giving natures.

Since the Dog is faithful and loving himself he is likely to be very hurt if a partner strays. Dogs, like their animal counterparts, fiercely guard the home and family, and are likely to react badly to threats to their romantic relationships. Since Dogs are so fiercely loyal, they are unwilling to stray and two Dogs in a relationship together will likely be able to avoid the intense discord that an extramarital relationship would cause. As always, remember that the key to a great relationship between two Dogs is active listening – make sure you know what your partner wants, and your Dog nature will prompt you to give it to her. If your Dog partner does the same, you will have a strong and calm relationship.

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Dog and Dog Love Compatibility

As lovers these two should have lots of fun together, as long as they take care not to bring one another down emotionally! Dogs love adventures and two together can find all sorts of interesting things to get themselves into. If these two live together, they may not spend much time at home. Travel, social affairs and long walks in the city or country all appeal to the Dog. This sign likes to stay active, even if that means doing work around the house or yard. Dogs hold themselves to rather high principles, so two Dogs can trust one another not to hurt one another, at least not deliberately. When committed to someone, the Dog makes an incredibly loyal friend or mate; the only problems between Dog lovers may be the occasional rising tempers due to mood swings on both sides.

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The Dog signs, when romantically involved, dating, or when sex is involved, are highly compatible as long as they both have support systems around them to help when they are feeling down (as the Dog symbol is traditionally pessimistic by nature) according to the Chinese zodiac. Because Dogs are trustworthy and very up front and honest with one another, they are more likely to have longer-lasting relationships whether they are friendships or romantic partners according to Chinese astrology.

Dog Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

Dogs enjoy giving appreciation and affection, and they are more likely to notice when it is being given to them as well, allowing for better communication when the signs are dating. Dogs may need help with handling their financial lifestyle, as the Dog sign is not a signs of handling money and understanding financial planning well. Avoiding criticism, planning ahead of time, and avoiding feeling bored, especially in the bedroom, is key with a Dog and Dog relationship, allowing it to last for years with potential bliss when abiding by the Chinese horoscope and dating predictions of the signs.

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