Dog and Horse Compatibility

The Dog and the Horse have a fun, good-natured connection that can be quite mutually satisfying. Both are fun-loving, basically happy signs (despite the Dog’s occasional moodiness) and love an active social life. The Horse won’t mind the Dog’s occasional mood swings, being subject to them itself. The Horse possesses more raw magnetism than the Dog and is witty and charismatic, while the Dog spends less time on chit-chat and more on discussing the deeper topics that trouble or inspire its heart. This quality is likely to be attractive to the Horse, who possesses general knowledge of a wide base of subjects and always wants to learn more.

As a Dog, you are stable, loyal, logical, loving, and you fiercely guard your home and family. You crave stability and you understand that about yourself. Your Horse partner, on the other hand, was born with a dual nature. Horse has both the urge to run free with the wind, and the need for the approval of the herd. They craves the attention of others far more than you do, and will enjoy gossip and parties while you would prefer to be at home. Horse is attracted to your logical nature, however, and your preference for stability is a grounding force for her.

A romantic partnership with a Horse is good for Dogs, who occasionally need to come out of their shells and venture outside the home to make new friends. Stability is excellent, but even Dogs need some variety, and a Horse provides that. Your easily excitable Horse will pull you out of the doldrums and you will keep her grounded enough to appreciate what Horse has and not always go galloping off after more. Your pessimistic manner is countered by your Horse’s more upbeat and optimistic, less serious nature.

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Dog and Horse Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two aren’t likely to spend much time at home alone together; theirs may be a relationship of perpetual dating! If so, it’s likely to be just fine for both of them. Both signs, but especially the Horse, like constant stimulation and variation. The Horse doesn’t generally stay in a love affair long-term, since its preferences are so mercurial, but may truly enjoy life with the Dog. The Horse responds well to a mystery and the Dog’s occasional mood swings and flares of temper or pessimism are plenty mysterious and interesting enough for the Horse. These two are likely to share a strong physical connection and won’t be able to wear one another out, though they may try.

Dog Woman and Horse Man Compatibility

A Dog woman is loyal and faithful and prefers to have a steady home life. In many cases, Dog women are emotional and may often have mood swings, but the Horse does not mind as this provides a new and exciting challenge to his life to help his loved one. The Horse man may sometimes have harsh words for the Dog woman, although not intended to ruin a relationship, to other signs it may seem over the top, offensive, or extremely hurtful. However, the Dog woman’s nature allows her to contemplate and reflect on words said before reacting, allowing her to have a steady persona which is calm in nature and able to deal with the Horse man’s strong and free-spirited personality.

Dog Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

A Dog man and a Horse woman work well together when romantically linked according to the Chinese zodiac, as the Dog is stable and loyal and enjoys being generous and loving to his loved ones and partners. A Horse woman in Chinese compatibility, although free-spirited, enjoys the feeling of security and stability offered from the Dog, grounding her more and keeping her attached to commitment, especially in long-term and serious relationships. A Horse woman is not shy to sharing her thoughts and opinions on issues in the relationship, but because of the Dog’s traditional nature, he is less likely to become angered or offended by her comments, helping to keep the relationship from becoming toxic.

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