Dog and Ox Compatibility

The Dog and the Ox make a good match, whether their relationship is romantic or platonic. Both these signs will appreciate one another’s trustworthy, honest nature, and especially the Dog, who tends to be a worrier and has trouble allowing itself to trust others. The Ox is honorable and intelligent and will never give the Dog reason to feel jealous or betrayed. The Ox will also especially appreciate the Dog’s loyal decency and will want to return the favor.

As a Dog, you are faithful, loyal, logical, and have a strong preference for stability. When pushed too far, the snarling and growling begins, and you can have a sharp tongue as you do notice the faults of others. You remain steadfast, guarding your family and home ferociously, but you are prone to anxiety, which needs to be soothed by a supportive partner. Your penchant for pessimism makes you a wonderful protector because you are always prepared for the worst, but it can hinder your enjoyment of life unless you have an optimistic partner to balance you.

Oxen are just like their namesake: stubborn, stubborn, stubborn! What many people fail to realize is that Oxen refuse to budge because they have carefully thought out their courses of action beforehand, and their conviction in the righteousness and ideals is absolute. Oxen are intelligent, and rarely commit to the wrong course of action. They are loyal and persistent, never giving up until they have achieved their goal.

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Dog and Ox Love Compatibility

As lovers these two can provide one another with much comfort and stability. The Ox likes to create a harmonious, orderly home life and this sort of calm is sure to soothe the Dog’s sometimes-oversensitive nature. The Dog naturally tends toward a pessimistic mindset, and the Ox can serve as the Dog’s rock, lending its sturdy shoulder to lean on when the Dog gives in to its irrational fears. Again, this is not a relationship that’s prone to betrayal; these two both set high standards for their own conduct and that of others. Both can be rather dogmatic at times, in fact, which may lead to arguments, especially since the Ox has a stubborn streak. The Ox also shies away from discord, however, so communication between these two will generally be smooth.

Dog Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

The Ox man enjoys spending his time with a Dog woman, especially on a date. The Ox man can help with offering stability to the house, whereas the Dog woman provides loyalty and trust that is very appealing to the Ox man, who prefers to have the authority over the home.

Dog Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The Ox woman and Dog man make a great match when following Chinese astrology, as the Ox woman is stable, which helps the Dog to feel satisfied in the amount of honesty and loyalty he is able to provide. The Ox woman prefers a happy and healthy home life, which the Dog is willing to give her.

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