Dog and Rooster Compatibility

The Dog and the Rooster have trouble communicating with one another. The Rooster insists on being in control of its immediate surroundings, including the people who happen to fall within that scope. The Dog has a similarly strong will based in high principles. Sometimes, however, the Dog thinks it is being upright when really it is being merely dogmatic. The Rooster has quite a keen mind and will see right through the Dog’s attempts at maintaining its backbone; this is when arguments may occur between these two signs.

As a Dog, you are happiest at home, with a steady routine. You are loyal and steadfast, guarding your love from all that would hurt her, but your logical mind puts you at odds with a flighty or impractical mate. You don’t mind being pulled away from home once in awhile, but you are naturally pessimistic about change. If someone rubs you the wrong way and "uses up all their chances" you will snap, growl, and use your sharp tongue to let them know they have crossed the line.

Roosters are also logically minded. Roosters prefer things tidy and neatly organized, which will help the two of you get along. Your Rooster is likely to want things organized in a routine almost as much as you do, and is intelligent enough that you will both enjoy your conversations.

Dog and Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

Dog and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers these two have rather different interests: The Rooster is concerned with appearances and wants to keep the house clean and in good order in case friends drop by; this sign also focuses a lot of attention on its mate’s physical appearance and may nag the Dog to tuck in its shirttails or polish its shoes. The Dog isn’t as interested in all of this pretense; the Dog, possessing lots of energy, is more interested in activity. However, both of these signs make very loyal partners when in love, and the Dog has great diplomatic skills. These two may be able to smooth over any rough patches, especially if they are emotionally intimate.

Dog Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

Most relationships with a Rooster man and a Dog woman turn out to be incompatible, as both become overly critical of one another’s flaws and are less likely to be accepting of one another’s personalities. If the Rooster man is too critical of the Dog woman who strives to be perfect, the two will often clash, causing the Rooster to begin arguing with the Dog woman even more, ultimately ruining their relationship.

Dog Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Rooster woman in Shengxiao is not highly compatible with the Dog man in terms of her emotional needs. Although the Dog man expects to be pampered and secured by the Rooster woman, his lack of making her the most important person in his life will cause conflict, turning her away from him. This may cause the Rooster woman to become aggressive with the Dog man.

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