Dog and Tiger Compatibility

The Dog and the Tiger generally share a kind, affable connection that is fun and satisfying for both. Both signs are noble and protective of those they hold dear, so if the relationship between these two is close and emotional, they are able to make one another feel quite secure. For the Tiger, this is an important balance — this sign tends to run from restrictive relationships but with the Dog, the Tiger won’t just feel protected, it will feel that its needs and interests (such as individuality and independence) are being protected as well. The Tiger will be happy to return the favor, and the Dog will be happy to receive it — this sign is sometimes a bit pessimistic and has trouble trusting others but will find it easy to trust the noble, warm-hearted and courageous Tiger.

If you are a Dog, you are loyal, steadfast, dependable, and true to your partner. You tend to prefer domestic predictability, and worry about taking risks, or the unknown. You work well with signs who take minor risks, but do not get along well with signs who throw all caution to the wind. Since you are so loyal, you expect the same of your partner.

Tigers are magnetic, confident, natural born leaders. They exude sexuality and find ways to keep the fires burning in a relationship. Tigers will stand up to a challenge if they feel something is not right or someone is being unfairly treated. There is a dual nature to the Tiger. Although Tigers can be selfish when it comes to small, everyday choices, they can be very generous in large ways when it is needed. Tigers can be fierce and spoiling for a fight one minute, and be extremely calm the next. Tigers can be wilful, proud, and stubborn, and yet submit to their partners, choosing love over pride.

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Dog and Tiger Love Compatibility

As lovers these two know how to make room for one another’s individual personalities, which is of especial importance to the Tiger. This sign insists on its freedom to be happy, which can be a difficult requirement to have met in an intimate relationship. The Dog, however, is a bit moody and often needs alone time itself. Both of these signs follow their own hearts, but their hearts are noble and true, making it very easy to respect one another and their choices in life. All in all, the relationship between a Dog and a Tiger is well-balanced and likely to be a success.

Dog Woman and Tiger Man Compatibility

In a Dog wife and Tiger husband relationship, a very favorable partnership can be established. With his strength, he helps her to achieve her altruistic goals. They have excellent communication with each other and never run out of conversational topics. The only area of disagreement is in his willingness to quit his job without much thought in pursuit of something new, and her worries about making ends meet. The Dog woman feels appreciated by the Tiger’s loyalty. Also, the Tiger man is able to help with boosting the Dog woman’s spirit when she is feeling pessimistic.

Dog Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

In a Dog husband and Tiger wife relationship, some may think it’s not a good match, but others say otherwise. They both value their independence and are inherently fair. She loves his humanitarian ways and he, her enthusiasm, strength and vitality. The Tiger woman is appealing to the Dog man as she enjoys adventure and new and exciting things in life. The Dog man is loyal in Shengxiao, as is the Tiger, which helps the couple to maintain their bond together, and connect sexually.

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