Dragon and Dog Compatibility

Dragon and Dog — an ambiguous combination of signs. People look at life differently: views on love, friendship, family do not coincide. The horoscope sees questionable compatibility of partners. At the same time, representatives of the zodiac often find themselves in the "same boat". The dragon is attracted by prudence, hard work, and loyalty of a partner. The dog admires the extravagance, purposefulness, vitality of the opponent. There are no problems at the first stage of interaction. People of signs explain the mutual attraction by a sudden outbreak of feeling. A fleeting romance may even begin. However, continuing the relationship will require serious efforts from both partners.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Dog

The Dragon and the Dog are under the auspices of one planet — Saturn. Which explains the mutual magnetism, the desire to continue communication. Everyone feels they have met a soul mate. At the same time, the compatibility of the Dragon and the Dog is low, since it is difficult for people to understand each other’s behavior. In astrology, Saturn is characterized by duality — expansion and contraction at the same time. Representatives of the first sign live according to the principle of "expansion", the second — according to the principle of "contraction". In life, it manifests itself as follows: the "fire-breathing" without a trace gives himself up to what he is doing at the moment. Be it business, hobby, leisure, love — a person "dissolves" in the process, does not recognize restrictions, conventions. Restrained Dog saves internal energy and lives half-heartedly. The external absence of emotions is associated with coldness, indifference.

The presence of feelings and respect for each other does not exclude problems, misunderstandings. Cooperation of representatives of the zodiac is distinguished by the lack of warmth and depth of relations in communication. The first — appreciate loyalty in the chosen one, the ability to help, support at the right moment. Therefore, they are not very confused by the caution, the isolation of the partner. The second — recognize the strength, strong-willed character, impulsiveness of the companion. They understand that they will not be able to compete with such a person, but they will never agree to a supporting role. Therefore, they are afraid to build relationships. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Dog sees the possibility of harmonious cooperation if the companions begin to interact on equal terms. The success of the union depends on the gender of the signs.

Dragon Man and Dog Woman

The Dragon man is purposeful, independent, romantic, lives in full force. Lady Dog is delighted with the charm, determination and strength of the chosen one. She is ready to faithfully serve her beloved, to become a reliable rear, a caring friend. The "fire" knight falls in love with a gentle, affectionate person. Appreciates the companion’s ability to both keep silent in time and tactfully express dissatisfaction with something. A woman will not allow herself to offend, humiliate her partner. Recognizes his leadership, happily follows the man. The horoscope sees the favorable compatibility of the couple. The Dragon man and the Dog woman find mutual understanding, respect, love, loyalty. The harmony of relationships is "reinforced" by the sexual compatibility of partners.

Dragon Woman and Dog Man

The Dragon woman is an impulsive, capricious, selfish nature. Such qualities do not impress the Dog man. However, this is only one side of the lady’s personality. The other — determination, business acumen, success, elegance — win the heart of a partner. The faithful Dog is ready to put up with the shortcomings of his girlfriend. But there is a limit to everything. A man will not agree to become a shadow of a companion, listen to moralizing, indulge in whims. However, she will not openly conflict over leadership. If the lady does not concede the reins of primacy to the chosen one, he will simply disappear without explaining the reasons, clarifying the relationship. Compatibility of a pair of woman Dragon and man Dog is questionable. However, if the “fiery” girlfriend allows her beloved to become the head of the union, the devoted companion will appreciate the “sacrifice” and will do everything so that the relationship does not end in ten, twenty, thirty years.

Dragon and Dog Business Compatibility

A business horoscope predicts a favorable compatibility of signs. Representatives of the zodiac work fruitfully together, are focused on the result. The dragon seeks to take the leading position in tandem. The dog doesn’t mind as career development is rarely a goal in life. The first — selflessly work for the sake of material well-being and recognition of their own superiority. The second one likes the process of achieving the goal and the pleasure of the result. Colleagues do not compete, because everyone gets what they want from cooperation. The favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Dog in work allows people of signs to succeed in any business.

Friendship between the Dragon and the Dog is rare. People differ in life rhythm, hobbies, ambitions. The first ones prefer extreme, adventure, spontaneity. They love to be in the spotlight, to listen to praises addressed to them. The second are supporters of planned travel, moderate physical activity. They avoid noisy companies, attention to their own person. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Dog in friendship is low. At the same time, representatives of the zodiac find common topics for conversation. They can enjoy spending time together. True, friendly meetings will be limited — for both of them it is quite enough to chat over a cup of coffee once every couple of months.

Dragon and Dog Love Compatibility

A love horoscope portends a favorable compatibility of a couple at the beginning of a relationship. Different characters, outlooks on life, interests do not prevent a spark of passion flaring up. The Dragon and the Dog feel in each other inner strength, confidence, and reliability. The stars explain this by the single masculine energy of the signs — Yang. Romantic love rapidly develops into a passionate romance filled with feelings and emotions. Partners feel comfortable together. However, the compatibility of the Dragon with the Dog in love is favorable until the couple decides to move in.

It is difficult for partners to build harmonious relationships within the same home. The first are not supporters of solitary evenings. They prefer to have fun in noisy companies, to rush along the "hot" ticket to the sea shores. The second are outright couch potatoes. They love silence, comfort, delicious food, relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. However, the Dragon and the Dog have a rare gift — they are able to come to an agreement without mutual claims, grievances. True, this happens when partners have entered adulthood. The horoscope considers the compatibility of the Dragon and the Dog in a relationship to be favorable if the lovers "have passed" over thirty.

Dragon and Dog Sexual Compatibility

The intimate life of the Dragon and the Dog is filled with bright colors, violent emotions. Sexual compatibility of partners "smooths out" everyday disagreements. The romantic, sensual Dragon helps a somewhat constrained Dog to relax in bed, to trust his lover. Convinced of the sincerity of the chosen one, people of the second sign forget embarrassment — they give their partner a sea of tenderness, affection, warmth.

"Fire-breathing" lover will not remain in debt. A leader by nature, even in bed, strive for superiority. Receives pleasure from the fact that he brought satisfaction to his partner. The horoscope sees a favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Dog in bed. Lovers enjoy each other. Everyone gets what they want from intimacy. The impulsive, passionate Dragon makes the beloved feel desired, needed. A gentle, quivering Dog gives the chosen one the opportunity to fulfill intimate fantasies, is ready for experiments in bed.

Dragon and Dog Family Compatibility

At the same time, sexual harmony comes into conflict with the mismatch of partners in other spheres of life. Therefore, the decision to marry both is not easy. The dragon, in principle, does not want to limit personal freedom by formalities, conventions. The dog considers the creation of a family a decisive step in his future life. However, inner intuition tells both — a happy union is possible. The horoscope believes that the compatibility of the Dragon and the Dog in marriage is favorable if the lovers have learned to understand each other’s deepest feelings, the true reasons for behavior.

Family life will not be cloudless. The ability to negotiate about everyday life will not get rid of problems and conflicts. It is difficult for the representatives of the signs to understand the inner aspirations and concerns of each other. At times, everyone has the feeling that the partner does not understand him at all. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Dog in family life depends on the desire of the spouses to be imbued with the true needs of each other. The horoscope advises the first — to regularly "remind" the chosen one that he is loved, needed, desired. Indeed, behind the external restraint lies a vulnerable nature. The second is recommended not to blame the companion for the "windy" way of life, to understand that under the mask of a free person hides a romantic nature, longing for the warmth of the family hearth.

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