Dragon and Dragon Compatibility

Dragon and Dragon is an original combination. The interaction of people of the same sign is directly proportional to the mutual desire to build relationships. Two fires are capable of both merging into a single flame and incinerating each other. Patronizing Saturn endowed the wards with wisdom, will, the ability to see the charm of life. The leadership qualities of the representatives of the sign are manifested from childhood. Moreover, the direction of development depends both on the environment and on the mood of the person. The first excellent student, or the first bully — it doesn’t matter. The main thing is the first one. The stars have endowed the people of the sign with a bright appearance, extravagance, and elegance. Mutual attraction is based on the coincidence of life views, aspirations, goals, hobbies — "I look at you, like in a mirror, to dizziness."

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Dragon

Striving for self-improvement, success — gives rise to respect for a person who lives by similar principles. But there is a nuance — the representatives of the sign defend their own point of view even in the absence of arguments. Therefore, the dispute between the "fire-breathing" can end in "military actions". At the same time, natural wisdom helps to "extinguish the flame" if a confrontation happened with a loved one. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Dragon is based on the ability to stop the "fiery" impulse when it threatens the well-being of the relationship. However, this will happen only if the partners are both convinced of the need to be together. The lack of desire to cooperate on one side will end in separation, even if the second partner pacifies his temper by an effort of will.

The only mystical sign of the Chinese zodiac endows the wards with the ability to change their lives from any starting point — be it a young age or mature years. People can make a sharp turn at any stage of the journey. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Dragon promises favorable cooperation. Partners understand each other both in everyday life situations and in the desire to drastically change the vector of existence. People of the sign feel pleasure when abrupt changes revive them to a new life — like the Phoenix bird. At the same time, the amazement of others gives them strength, confidence in their own righteousness. The tandem of "fire-breathing dragons" is a favorable union. Council of Stars — do not get carried away with the "alteration" of the outside world. The harmony of personal relationships will give satisfaction to the carefully hidden desire for peace and stability.

Dragon Man and Dragon Woman

The Dragon man is purposeful, elegant, knows how to manage emotions. Entrepreneurship, reasonable risk helps in the professional field. Loves travel, new acquaintances. The intuition given by the stars helps out in difficult life situations, helps to see the true intentions of people. I am ready to listen to praises in my address every day. However, he instantly feels unjustified flattery. Angry, annoyed when praise, recognition is not based on real dignity. Knows personal advantages, therefore he is confident in his own irresistibility. The Dragon man and the Dragon woman are suitable for each other for a serious relationship. True, sometimes the emotional background is off scale. It is not easy for partners to come to an agreement in the everyday sphere, but an intimate "dialogue" is going well.

The Dragon woman is an extravagant, passionate, uncompromising nature. The owner of exquisite taste is indifferent to fashionable novelties. Own style not only emphasizes the individuality of the lady, but also attracts the attention of the opposite sex. A man of the same sign is a connoisseur of beauty. She will not be able to pass by the "fiery" queen. The compatibility of a couple is based on the same values. Both are sure — life is given for enjoying the world in its unexpected manifestations. A passionate romance between partners will give unforgettable emotions not only to the participants, but also to the surrounding people. A romantic evening can end with a stormy showdown. The compatibility horoscope sees that the Dragon woman and the Dragon man are a harmonious couple. However, he warns that the mutual lack of emotional control "extinguishes" the desire to continue the relationship.

Dragon and Dragon Business Compatibility

The business horoscope does not see the fruitful cooperation of the people of the sign. The reason is a mutual desire for leadership. A colleague is not able to yield, humble himself, admit defeat. Therefore, the competition interferes with interaction. The low compatibility of the Dragon with the Dragon in work is due to the masculine energy of the sign — Yang. Each partner is confident in their own perfection. Conflicts are inevitable regardless of the field of activity — be it office work or joint business. Wherever the representative of the sign works, it is vital for him to be the first, irreplaceable employee or successful leader.

Friendly relations of "fire-breathing" are favorable at the start. The unity of interests, passions, hobbies — unites people. Multiple points of contact create the illusion of compatibility. However, the "friendship" marathon promises problems, conflicts, disappointments, resentments. The culprit of the problem is the leadership character of the representatives of the sign. Alone, in company — everyone wants to be in the spotlight. And two suns in the sky are a fantastic phenomenon. At the same time, the horoscope foresees — the compatibility of the Dragon and the Dragon in friendship is favorable after the comrades enter adulthood. Personal ambitions are met, global goals are achieved. The need for competition loses its relevance — friends interact comfortably.

Dragon and Dragon Love Compatibility

The love horoscope promises favorable compatibility of people of the sign. Two bright personalities will fall in love with each other when they meet. Fireworks of feelings, a hurricane of emotions — take hearts out of the ordinary. Lovers are united by the desire for new impressions, the desire to open themselves, to "cross" the horizon. A passionate romance will "dampen" ambitious inclinations, selfish personality manifestations. Looking at your beloved is like looking in the mirror. Domestic issues are of little interest to partners. If the refrigerator is empty, this is not a reason for a quarrel, but an opportunity to spend time in a cozy cafe. Favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Dragon in love is based on the unity of intimate desires, the desire to please the chosen one, mutual generosity, both materially and spiritually.

The holiday of communication gives rise to a mutual desire to continue the celebration. Lovers can meet for ten years, ignoring the hints of relatives about the need to legalize the union. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Dragon in a relationship is based on the mutual desire for freedom and independence. “Fiery” partners do not seek to burden themselves with obligations. Restrictions are perceived as a threat to personal safety. At the same time, the loyalty of partners to each other does not cause doubts among the stars. Regular "Italian passions" do not provoke the desire to seek happiness on the side. On the contrary, they increase the compatibility of lovers — "bed" reconciliation after a violent quarrel strengthens the union, gives vivid emotions.

Dragon and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

The stars see the unconditional sexual compatibility of fiery lovers. Romantic and passionate sex gives everyone the desired sensations. The horoscope simply explains the idyll — it is vital for the representatives of the elements of the earth to feel the sexual satisfaction of their partner. And belonging to one sign allows you to intuitively understand the intimate desires of the chosen one. Dragons are gentle, affectionate, attentive lovers. The feeling of closeness with a partner does not leave the bedroom space either. The harmony of sexual life helps to achieve professional heights, gives a feeling of Universal harmony.

The intimate compatibility of lovers is the higher, the less conventions and restrictions between them. For example, the absence of dinner will not cause a scandalous showdown. But finding out the reasons for ignoring a phone call is a “good” reason for conflict. The horoscope explains the compatibility of the Dragon with the Dragon in bed by mutual relaxedness, the desire for experiments, the absence of forbidden topics. Tenderness, tact, combined with temperament, passion — make the intimate life of lovers emotional, bright, saturated with innovative ideas. At the same time, the sexual harmony of relationships does not make lovers want to notify the state about their personal well-being.

Dragon and Dragon Family Compatibility

The marriage of "fire-breathing" is a rare occurrence. Whereas a harmonious union of representatives of the sign is common. Lovers do not rush to the registry office. But if this happens, the stamp in the passport does not affect the relationship. The horoscope sees the favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Dragon in marriage. The bright temperament of the spouses does not interfere with the interaction. The partners understand each other’s behavior, know the "painful" points of the chosen one, try to avoid influencing them. A man and a woman of the sign do not seek to build a family nest. They prefer to spend time together outside the home — two pairs of "wings" do not allow them to sit still. Spouses are able to change their place of residence overnight — to move to another city, country. The compatibility of views regarding everyday life excludes quarrels on this basis. At the same time, husband and wife agree that the family home is a full cup.

The life of the spouses is a series of violent quarrels and passionate reconciliation. The horoscope assures that the emotional degree of the relationship decreases as the partners grow up. In addition, the compatibility of the Dragon with the Dragon in family life increases if the husband is twelve years older than the beloved. The stars see the only condition for the successful coexistence of a couple — love for each other. Otherwise, the compatibility of life views, characters, temperaments will not keep the "fire-breathing" together. Children born in a family will learn independence from a young age — freedom-loving parents consider this quality to be the key to success. The spouses are faithful to each other, devoted to relatives, friends, children. The horoscope assures: if the spouses "held out" together for five years, retaining tender feelings for each other — the threat of breaking off relations is leveled.

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