Dragon and Horse Compatibility

Dragon and Horse are a union of two eccentric and independent personalities. The success of interaction is determined by the desire of partners to maintain the relationship. Compatibility of a couple depends on mutual efforts aimed at pacifying their own free disposition. Dragons are impulsive, headstrong, adventurous people. They do not tolerate moralizing, suppress any attempts to control their personal life. Horses — carelessly rush to victory, regardless of the circumstances. Regularly change the environment — whether it be a change of residence, or rearrangement of furniture in the apartment. People of these signs are smart, willful, not used to giving in.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Horse

Representatives of the zodiac are endowed with stars with similar character traits — determination, a desire to shine in society, a craving for comfort and exquisite things. The first meeting is delightful for both. Common views, interests, hobbies give rise to a sense of harmony. Subordinate to the one male energy — Yang, people enjoy spending time together. However, the idyll turns into confrontation at the first mismatch of desires. If one wants to visit a nightclub, and the other — a restaurant with fine cuisine, then the conflict is inevitable. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Horse is based on the gambling struggle of strong personalities. The relationship of partners is like a hurdle race.

A wise, hardworking Dragon tremulously protects personal freedom. From a young age, he understands that the only "limiter" of independence is money. Therefore, he knows how to make money regardless of situations and circumstances. True, it is easy to part with money — it is easier to find a new profitable business than to regularly replenish a bank account. The talented Horse loves to create masterpieces — be it a culinary dish or a piece of art. I’m not used to wasting money — she prefers to earn impressive capital in order to ensure herself the opportunity to do what she loves. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Horse sees the favorable cooperation of partners, if both "walk up", satisfy professional ambitions. The sex of lovers makes adjustments to the union.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman

The Dragon man is noble, brave, generous. Seeing on the horizon a woman Horse — rushes to conquer her heart. He is unable to resist the grace, brightness, confidence of the lady. The stars predict favorable couple compatibility. The Dragon man and the Horse woman strive to be in the spotlight, their lives are full of adventure. An inventive friend is visited by brilliant ideas every day, and her "fiery" knight gladly helps to bring them to life. Convinced of the devotion of the companion, the lady ceases to show an obstinate character — she becomes the keeper of the family hearth, a faithful friend, a caring mother. At the same time, he respects the independence of the chosen one. Jealousy, suspicions creep into her thoughts, but a woman knows how to control such feelings.

Dragon Woman and Horse Man

The Dragon woman is beautiful, extravagant, graceful. The zealous "horse" freezes at her feet, admiring the lady’s ability to enjoy life, to achieve her goals. People are comfortable together. A couple is able to suddenly pack up and fly away on a trip, or even move to live in another area. At the same time, the Horse man is not able to fully understand the chosen one. The euphoria of a friend from shopping, expensive trinkets is perplexing. In addition, the "fiery" companion does not seek to create a family or have children. Compatibility of a woman Dragon and a man Horse reduces the mutual unwillingness of partners to abandon habits, sacrifice personal desires for the good of the relationship.

Dragon and Horse Business Compatibility

A business horoscope foresees contradictions in the relationships of colleagues. Signs are born leaders. Everyone is sure that to give up is to lose. Therefore, the competitive struggle hinders fruitful cooperation. Both prefer to run individual businesses. The stars see the favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Horse at work, if business partners decide to unite in the fight against other competitors. Defending their own, people of signs are able to agree, make concessions. Consolidation against an external enemy turns the Dragon and the Horse into a friendly team.

The friendly relations of the people of the signs cause doubts among the stars. Despite the similar life views, hobbies, addictions, partners are unable to cope with the desire to lead in relationships. At the same time, comrades find common topics for conversation, they are comfortable in a similar environment, and are interested in issues of personal growth. However, regular conflicts and misunderstandings force us to limit communication to only rare meetings. The low compatibility of the Dragon with the Horse in friendship is due to the high similarity of people of signs. In the absence of a common goal of interaction, the relationship is comparable to trying to connect magnets to the same pole.

Dragon and Horse Love Compatibility

A love horoscope predicts a passionate, emotional relationship. A dizzying romance breaks out upon meeting. The initial stage of interaction is accompanied by romantic meetings, joint travels. The feeling of idyll is created. Lovers understand each other, appreciate the mutual desire for independence. The stars believe, if it were not for the mutual sexual attraction of signs, people would hardly have entered into a relationship. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Horse in love is based on the harmonious sexual intimacy of partners.

After a period of falling in love, difficulties come. The dragon notices the desire of the chosen one to "jump" one step ahead. The horse observes the desire of its beloved to rush forward with a wave of its "wings". None of the lovers wants to play a supporting role. In a pair, the struggle for leadership begins. However, having sincere feelings allows you to negotiate. The horoscope believes that the compatibility of the Dragon with the Horse in a relationship is based on the ability of partners to talk, to find compromise solutions. The quick temper of the representatives of the first sign is compensated by the quickness. People of the second sign have the gift of persuasion. Such qualities give hope for the favorable compatibility of people of signs.

Dragon and Horse Sexual Compatibility

The coincidence of the intimate needs of the Dragon and the Horse helps to strengthen the relationship. Sexual compatibility gives the lovers vivid emotions, sensual harmony. Lovers give each other an unforgettable experience in bed. The Dragon’s priority is to delight a lover. Violent fantasy, passion, experiments diversify the sex life of lovers. The horse will appreciate the zeal of the chosen one, give tender affection, agree to apply innovative ideas in the bedroom. In addition, representatives of the second sign do not like to be bored in bed. Compatibility of intimate addictions, temperaments brings partners closer.

Lovers are comfortable in the bedroom. The couple prefers the romantic surroundings of the relationship — scented candles, muffled music heat up passion. The horoscope sees the physical compatibility of lovers. What gives rise to a feeling of euphoria in moments of intimacy. Sex for the Dragon is an integral sphere of life, an opportunity to reveal sensual potential. For the Horse, harmonious intimate relationships are a source of inspiration, emotions, which are contraindicated to dull. Lovers literally dissolve into each other. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Horse in bed has a beneficial effect on the interaction of partners outside the bedroom.

Dragon and Horse Family Compatibility

However, the lovers are in no hurry to get married. Dragon — does not want to be bound by obligations, to limit personal freedom. Horse wants to make sure that the chosen one is ready to exist in the bosom of the family. The horoscope sees: if partners in five years of communication have learned to coexist peacefully on the "battlefield" for leadership — creating a family will be a logical step in a relationship. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Horse in marriage is favorable if the spouses agree in advance on responsibilities. It doesn’t matter who will provide the union financially, and who will create a comfortable atmosphere of life. Representatives of signs are alien to prejudices about the "male" and "female" roles in marriage.

The family horoscope predicts a happy, fun life together. Spouses communicate easily, value freedom, which no one seeks to limit. They love travel, social events. At the same time, the partners enjoy the attention of the surrounding people. The spouses are in no hurry to acquire offspring. However, when the decision is ripe, the representatives of the signs gladly accept the role of parents. The first ones bring up independence in the heirs, the ability to achieve the desired goals. The second — will be surrounded by tenderness, care, a sense of camaraderie. The favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Horse in family life is due to the responsible approach of partners to creating a union. The only obstacle to the idyll can be the jealousy of the second spouse. The horoscope advises to trust the "fiery" satellite. Indeed, in fact, there is no threat of treason.

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