Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

Dragon and Monkey are a harmonious union of strong people. The stars see the perfect compatibility of the representatives of the signs. The dragon is the only mystical creature in the Chinese horoscope. Patronizing Saturn gives wards will, luck, intuition. People have a freedom-loving character. Striving for independence from a young age encourages work. They go ahead to the goal. Monkey is the personification of wisdom, prudence. People under the protection of Venus are smart, beautiful, and have excellent memory. Patient in achieving goals. They are not distinguished by perseverance and hard work. However, the ability of the stars to effortlessly win people over to them helps a successful career.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Monkey

Representatives of signs at the level of intuition strive for each other. The first are attracted by the mind, calmness, attractiveness, originality of the opponent. The second — are delighted with the partner’s ability to bring to life the craziest idea. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Monkey is based on the unity of life values, aspirations, hobbies. At the same time, representatives of the zodiac achieve what they want in opposite ways. The first — concentrate on the goal, courageously overcome obstacles. The surrounding people admire the penetrating power, tenacity of the "fire-breathing" leaders. The second ones organize the space so that the target itself "floats" to them. From the outside it seems that the Monkey does not make any efforts, but at the same time it appears on the winner’s podium.

Different ways of interacting with life do not repel, but bring people of signs together. After all, the end result is important for everyone. The innate curiosity of both gives rise to interest in a person who has opposite methods of achieving goals. The favorable horoscope for compatibility of the Dragon with the Monkey is explained by the spontaneous belonging of the signs. The first are the "children" of the Earth, the second are the wards of Metal. Chinese philosophy sees the combination of positive prospects for interaction — the Earth gives rise to Metal. In life, spontaneous compatibility is manifested in the fact that the Dragon "charges" the partner with the energy of movement. Monkey — stabilizes the impulsiveness of the "fiery" satellite. The gender of people does not greatly affect relationships.

Dragon Man and Monkey Woman

The Dragon man is a romantic, passionate, generous gentleman. The role of a leader is essential for a love union. The Monkey woman gives rise to the feeling of an ideal companion. An elegant, balanced, judicious lady bewitches with a look filled with magical secrets. At the same time, her inner strength evokes respect and recognition from the "fiery" knight. The Dragon man and the Monkey woman will build a harmonious relationship based on love, trust, respect. The compatibility of partners grows stronger over the years. The longer the couple is together, the stronger the mutual affection. At the same time, the companions not only do not lose interest in each other, but also find new sensations and emotions in the union.

Dragon Woman and Monkey Man

The Dragon woman is a bright and impulsive, but irascible nature. Claims to be a leader. However, meeting a Monkey man makes you reconsider your views on relationships. From the first meeting, the lady feels how the desire to command "flies" over the horizon. Instead, the thought is affirmed in the mind: "Here he is — a strong, intelligent, reliable prince". The horoscope predicts the favorable compatibility of the couple. The Dragon woman and the Monkey man harmoniously complement each other. He admires his girlfriend’s ability to do ten things at the same time without losing the quality of the result. She appreciates the support, care of the chosen one, who is able to "cool" the ardor of a friend’s indignation with a gentle kiss in a minute.

Dragon and Monkey Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees no obstacles to cooperation, unless colleagues join the fight for the boss position. Representatives of the signs fruitfully interact in a common cause, where the powers of each are enshrined in an agreement. The joint business will strengthen the compatibility of the Dragon and the Monkey at work. The first will solve organizational issues, find investors, suppliers, customers. The second — will plan the workflow with the maximum benefit for the business and the minimum cost. The horoscope recommends that the implementation of innovative ideas be entrusted to the Dragon. But to entrust the safety and distribution of finances to the Monkey.

Friendship of representatives of the zodiacs is a natural phenomenon. Dragon and Monkey love outdoor activities, recreational activities, travel. They appreciate the possibility of independent cooperation, respect the personal space of the partner. At the same time, they trust each other their innermost dreams, consult in difficult situations. The compatibility level of the friendly tandem is off the charts. This is explained by the unified masculine energy of signs — Yang. The mutual desire for equal interaction finds satisfaction in comradely relations. The Dragon’s friendship with the Monkey will be shaken if one of them decides to play a double game. For example, it will hide an important event or entrust the secrets of a partner to third parties. True, this rarely happens.

Dragon and Monkey Love Compatibility

The love horoscope promises a whirlwind romance enveloped in an atmosphere of romance, tenderness, passion. Mutual magnetism attracts representatives of signs to each other in unexpected situations. Acquaintance can take place in a store, public transport, at a scientific conference, in a clinic. Dragon and Monkey are unable to pass each other. From the first meeting, a feeling of love, trust, and mutual understanding flares up. Sometimes people themselves do not understand what drives them, but intuition tells everyone that the relationship will take place. The horoscope explains the compatibility of the Dragon and the Monkey in love with a rare combination of internal energy and physical attraction of people of signs to each other.

Sometimes lovers decide to live together after a week of dating. From the outside, such a decision is seen as a reckless step. However, representatives of the zodiac think differently. Oddly enough, "thoughtlessness" often ends in a happy marriage. The Dragon and the Monkey understand each other, enjoy spending time together. From the first days of acquaintance, a leader is determined in a pair. And this is not the result of negotiations, but the very intuitive level of compatibility. The feeling of spiritual closeness gives lovers a sense of unity, harmony. People of signs like comfortable interaction that does not limit personal freedom. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Monkey in a relationship is strengthened by the intimate idyll of partners.

Dragon and Monkey Sexual Compatibility

Lovers feel complete understanding in bed. The violent fantasy, passion, romanticism of the Dragon evoke a response in the heart of the second partner. The monkey gladly accepts the innovative ideas of the lover. At the same time, people of the second sign show tenderness, attention, affection to the chosen one. Both are passionate, emotional natures, therefore feelings capture them entirely. High sexual compatibility affects the life of partners outside the bedroom. Everyday life is decorated with the expectation of intimacy, which provokes lovers into petty pranks. For example, put an intimate wardrobe item in a briefcase with business papers.

The representatives of the zodiac do not lose passionate feelings for each other with the development of relations. On the contrary, the longer the couple is together, the more sexual fantasies are embodied in the bedroom. Experiments in sex are the desire of both lovers. The favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Monkey in bed is due to the coincidence of sexual addictions. A harsh lover of the first sign in an intimate relationship shows tenderness, accuracy. Delivering pleasure to the chosen one is an integral part of intimacy for the Dragon. Restrained in life, people of the second sign are liberated in bed, gushing with ideas. Partners are so passionate about each other that the search for entertainment on the side is not relevant.

Dragon and Monkey Family Compatibility

The all-round coincidence of lovers leads to a happy event in life — marriage. Moreover, the period from acquaintance to a solemn event is sometimes a couple of months. This is the couple that amazes others with the lightning speed of the decision to start a family. The horoscope sees the positive compatibility of the Dragon with the Monkey in marriage. However, at the first stage of marriage, disagreements are possible on everyday issues. Both love the comfort, coziness of home environment. However, not one is eager to run around the apartment with a rag, to stand at the stove. After all, everyone strives for a successful career. The stars are advised to use the tactics of priority — one week the wife "on the farm", the second — the husband takes over as "master of the house". Lack of routine and a sense of humor inherent in spouses will help to avoid quarrels, resentments, disappointments.

Having agreed on solving everyday issues — the Dragon and the Monkey enjoy marriage. Wise, thoughtful representatives of the second sign do not seek to control, support in the endeavors of an imperious, straightforward companion. The first, feeling sincere gratitude for their trust and respect, are ready to make concessions. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Monkey in family life will only undermine the everyday routine and the lack of new impressions and emotions. Therefore, the horoscope recommends spouses to spend more time outside the home. Whether it’s a vacation, weekend, or just a free evening. New emotions give rise to a sense of freedom in the soul of both, which has a beneficial effect on the compatibility of the couple.

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