Dragon and Ox Compatibility

The Dragon and the Ox are far from the most rosy combination of the Chinese horoscope. Stars predict difficulties in the interaction of partners. The single element of the Earth brings signs together by mutual honesty, sincerity, justice, willpower. At the same time, the fiery nature of the first is opposed by the incredible obstinacy of the representatives of the second sign. On the one hand, the male energy of the Dragons — Yang and the female principle of Oxen — Yin create a mutual attraction of people. On the other hand, different temperaments interfere with harmonious coexistence. Compatibility of signs will be favorable if both learn to “step on the throat” of their own self-esteem for the benefit of stable relations.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Ox

The dragon is the owner of explosive temperament, natural magnetism. Lives in the cycle of events, travel, entertainment. Decisions are made on an intuitive level. Not in his rules to plan, count. The main thing is to get involved in a battle. The Ox is a rational, mundane, strong-willed person. Prefers a measured life, order in business and at home. Builds a plan to achieve the goal. Ambition, hard work, wisdom — help to achieve the desired results. Horoscope and Dragon compatibility is low. However, the stars see that the situation changes as the partners grow older. The older the opponents, the higher the compatibility.

Young Dragons daily use their "wings" and the ability to defeat the enemy with a "fiery roar". Light on the rise, curious natures seek to feel all the colors of life. Do not tolerate restrictions, conventions. The prohibition of something causes the desire to do just that. The Ox is unable to understand this behavior. At the same time, the impressiveness and relaxedness of the representatives of the first sign attracts and causes a desire for cooperation. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Ox foresees that the novel can begin quickly, surrounding the lovers with a cloud of illusions, hopes. However, the sudden ending of the relationship is not ruled out. With age, the ardor of the former and the categorical nature of the latter subside — people interact harmoniously. Sign compatibility is affected by gender.

Dragon Man and Ox Woman

The Dragon man feels the mood of the chosen one, foresees the desire. Romantic nature will give the Ox woman love, tenderness, care. The lady will appreciate the noble impulses, reciprocate. Only she considers the family hearth a priority in life value. He will sacrifice a career, say goodbye to dreams for the well-being of the family. A man expects such dedication. But the "fire-breathing" is not ready to sacrifice independence. The horoscope says that the Dragon man and Ox woman have low compatibility. The expressed male energy of the satellite “rebels” against the desire of the lady to keep the chosen one in a cozy family nest. Stars recommend not trying to “cut wings” to a temperamental lover, but to learn to adapt to an active lifestyle. Over time, the rebel will calm down, with pleasure will begin to bask at the family hearth.

Dragon Woman and Ox Man

To the opposite union, the horoscope promises favorable compatibility. True, mutual efforts will be required. The Dragon woman is distinguished by a bright temperament, which does not prevent her from gravitating towards stability, peace. With pleasure accepts care, guardianship, help of the beloved Ox. Feeling safe – sometimes ready to give in to the chosen one, agree with the restrictions of personal freedom. However, if the satellite decides to subjugate a girlfriend, flashes of flame will incinerate the union. The horoscope assures – the woman Dragon and the man Ox have good compatibility. At the same time, he advises the partner not to try to keep his beloved within the boundaries of the family space. You can keep the fiery nature only with unconditional love.

Dragon and Ox Business Compatibility

Business horoscope in two ways sees cooperation of people signs. On the one hand, both are ambitious, assertive, striving for leadership. When interacting, such qualities evoke competition. The struggle for power impedes productive work. On the other hand, the ambitious desires of colleagues do not coincide. Dragons tend to be in the center of events, shine with erudition, call on their side. Oxen prefer to be famous for their hard work, ability to withstand a difficult situation, save the company by wise decision, calculation. If people of signs are colleagues, then the prospects for good cooperation are low. The horoscope sees the compatibility of the Dragon and the Ox in the work is favorable, if the first is the boss, the second is the subordinate.

Both characters are able to make friends. In this area of life, people find mutual understanding. Relations are based on mutual balancing. The first ones help a friend to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar company, inspire “feats of arms”, and offer original solutions to problems. The second — appreciate the creative talents of a friend, protect from rash decisions, extreme actions. The horoscope predicts a favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Ox in friendship. However, he warns — the moral principles of the Ox will destroy the idyll if he falls in love with a partner. Silence about feelings — can not. Having been refused — retires. The consent of the Dragon will lead to a different relationship.

Dragon and Ox Love Compatibility

The love horoscope sees favorable prospects for the interaction of people with signs. The magnetism of Dragons attracts, fascinates, makes the Ox not notice the fiery features of the character of a loved one. Clearly, such a state does not last forever. The propensity of the former to tragedy is frightening. At the same time, romantic relationships bring pleasure to lovers. Sensuality, tenderness, affection for each other favorably affect the compatibility of the Dragon and the Ox in love. Lovers spend time together with pleasure, enjoy both spiritual and bodily communication. However, the “dramatic concert” of the former about being late for the plane will make the latter understand that there are no options for coexistence.

The relationship of lovers is contradictory, which is explained by different life values. The first are extraordinary, creative, enthusiastic personalities. Torture is within their home for them. Craving for travels, adventures makes you break away, fly on "fiery wings" to unknown distances. The second — fundamental, practical, hardworking homebody. Family value prevails over other life priorities. They do not like to disturb the arranged, comfortable life. The horoscope believes that the compatibility of the Dragon with the Ox in a relationship will be favorable if people learn to control their own emotions and behavior. The development of relationships contributes to the intimate harmony of partners.

Dragon and Ox Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility of the signs explains the coincidence of temperaments in bed. Dragons are passionate lovers. The intimate sphere prevails in relationships. Tender, romantic natures live with sensations, feelings, and in sex they show imagination. From the lover expect emancipation, readiness for innovation. Oxen live up to expectations. They care about the feelings of the beloved, strive to deliver pleasure. Couple harmoniously combined in sex. Lovers boldly voice intimate desires, preferences. They tend to indulge in amorous pleasures in an unusual setting. For example, being legal spouses, rent a hotel room for intimate enjoyment.

The lovers’ bedroom is a secret room, access to which is closed to prying eyes. The romantic surroundings of the atmosphere dispose to embody the hidden fantasies of partners. At the first stage of the relationship, the Oxen are embarrassed, distrusted. After making sure that the Dragon sincerely wants to give pleasure in sex — they are free, they agree to experiments. What pleases a lover. The horoscope promises perfect Dragon and Ox compatibility in bed. This is explained by the planetary combination of people signs. Both are wards of Saturn, which allows lovers to predict each other’s intimate needs. Mutual desire to bring pleasure to a partner — gives harmonious sex.

Dragon and Ox Family Compatibility

It is not easy to push the Dragon to legitimize relations — it resists to the last argument. The reason is that the representatives of the sign are afraid of affection, responsibility. Marriage is perceived as a restriction of personal freedom. Feeling tender feelings for the chosen one, spending time comfortably together — they do not see the need to notify state authorities about this. The Ox insists on marriage — moral attitudes impede cohabitation. In addition, family life to representatives of the second sign is seen as the only noteworthy life goal. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Ox in marriage is favorable, if the spouses reach mutual understanding, learn to harmoniously combine the features of their own characters, limit ambitious desires for the good of the family.

The family union makes a difference in the established lifestyle of partners. First — try to meet the expectations of the spouse. However, if he makes demands, sets conditions — the revolt of the "fire-breathing" will burn the love nest. The second — completely surrendered to everyday life, caring for the family. At the same time expect from the spouse retaliatory zeal. This will not happen. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Ox in family life is favorable if the first ones learn to restrain their "fiery" character. The second horoscope recommends not to put pressure on the spouse. Otherwise, it will “flap its wings”, fly away. The issue of offspring introduces controversy into the union. Dragons do not want to have heirs. Prefer to enjoy life to the fullest. Oxen seek to give birth to children immediately after the wedding. The contradiction is leveled when the first spouse crosses the forty-year mark. Having walked, “plaited” wants to procreate.

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