Dragon and Pig Compatibility

Dragon and Pig interact harmoniously, despite the frank contradictions of characters. People of signs fall in love with each other at first sight, quickly find a common language. The first are ambitious, impulsive, striving for leadership. The life of their day is a battlefield, where victory is a matter of honor. However, "fire-breathing" lacks tolerance, the ability to hear the opponent, to see the world around them beyond personal goals and needs. The second — achieve the desired systematically, without haste and unnecessary effort. They value comfort, spiritual harmony. At the same time, they make decisions with difficulty, they are afraid of mistakes. The compatibility of partners is based on the mutual ability to perceive differences in views as a way to improve personal qualities.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Pig

The mutual attraction of the representatives of the zodiac explains the combination of the male energy of the Dragon — Yang with the female principle of the Pig — Yin. The first ones are unable to pass by the mysterious representative of the second sign, radiating confidence, calmness, reliability. The attention of the latter will be attracted by the decisiveness, extravagance, purposefulness of the “fiery” nature. From the moment they meet, people feel a spiritual kinship. The difference in characters provokes a mutual desire to study a partner, to understand his inner world. People fit together in most areas of social life. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Pig is based on mutual feelings of love, respect, affection.

Such a tandem of zodiac representatives is a frequent occurrence. However, the interaction will not be cloudless. With the development of relations, the proud Dragon will want to re-educate the chosen one. The method of "correcting" a partner is tough — pointing out mistakes, reasoned criticism, regular moralizing. Peace-loving Pig will gently reject the aspirations of the "educator". It will not openly conflict, but it will make it clear to the satellite that such behavior is erroneous. It can wait a long time, but if it is not heard, it will end the relationship without regret. The compatibility horoscope of the Dragon and the Pig advises the first not to test the patience of the chosen one. After all, there is an easy way to resolve differences — calm dialogue. The gender of partners makes adjustments to the relationship.

Dragon Man and Pig Woman

The Dragon man is constantly in the spotlight. Smart, purposeful, romantic, with dignity. The Pig woman attracts with elegance, prudence, respectful attitude towards the interlocutor. The lady will appreciate the extraordinary courtship, exquisite gifts. The gentleman’s leadership character attracts an indecisive person. A friend will gladly entrust the chosen one with the role of head of relations. The Dragon man and the Pig woman are the perfect couple. He is ready to protect, pamper, lead. She — will surround with care, affection, will be able to listen, understand, give unobtrusive advice. Compatibility strengthens the intimate harmony of partners.

Dragon Woman and Pig Man

The Dragon woman is bright, impulsive, makes decisions on her own. The Pig man seems to her as a kind knight, a reliable companion, a loyal partner. And there is. A balanced, generous gentleman sees in a "fiery" girlfriend an inexhaustible source of energy and happiness. It’s only after a couple of months of cooperation that the lady shows selfishness, intolerance, irritation. She strives to be the leader in relationships. He sees indecision in the companion’s calmness. Avoiding conflict is perceived as weakness, cowardice. The man is a supporter of the classic partnership scheme. He will not allow himself to be controlled. The horoscope assures: the situation is not hopeless. The compatibility of a pair of a woman Dragon and a man Pig is favorable, if the lady loves the chosen one, is interested in a relationship. Sincere feelings will pacify the "fiery" disposition.

Dragon and Pig Business Compatibility

The business horoscope dooms the tandem to success. The Dragon and the Pig are distinguished by their hard work, the ability to achieve their goals. The joint business will flourish. Partners will distribute responsibilities based on business interests and personal talents. The first will take over organizational issues. The second ones will regulate the legal aspects of a single case. Fire-breathing sign will take a leading position, since he personally interacts with partners and competitors, negotiates, organizes business meetings. The horoscope warns: the positive compatibility of the Dragon with the Pig in work will be shaken if the second partner shows envy of the popularity of the partner.

The friendly union of the Dragon with the Pig brings both benefits, satisfaction. Comrades are brought together not so much by common interests as by the ability to take over the missing character traits from each other. In the process of interaction, the first learn to control spontaneity, impetuosity, show patience, a sense of tact. The second — cultivate determination, the ability to openly express personal opinions, defend their own interests. The favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Pig in friendship is due to their mutual interest in each other.

Dragon and Pig Love Compatibility

The love horoscope sees favorable relationship prospects. Mutual magnetism brings zodiac representatives closer together from the moment they meet. The mysterious Pig piques the interest of the passionate Dragon. Romantic feelings are drawn into relationships that develop brightly, rapidly. The first ones tend to quickly "slip through" the candy-bouquet period. The second — deliberately want to prolong the intrigue, which kindles a serious passion in the heart of the beloved. People are comfortable together. Positive emotions from communicating with each other neutralize disagreements. At the same time, the favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Pig in love does not guarantee a cloudless relationship.

Passions of the first meetings will subside. Lovers will begin to notice discrepancies in views and habits. The first ones are in constant motion. They love noisy companies, active rest. The second — strive for home comfort, romantic evenings in the company of the chosen one. Each is endowed with a strong character, although it manifests itself in different ways. The dragon acts openly, does not hide emotions. The boar has an innate sense of tact. Not inclined to demonstrate resentment, resentment. The problematic compatibility of the Dragon and the Pig in a relationship is explained by the spontaneous belonging of the signs. According to Chinese philosophy, the Earth of the first absorbs the Water of the second, which negatively affects cooperation. However, the horoscope sees favorable prospects.

Dragon and Pig Sexual Compatibility

Domestic conflicts do not prevent the Dragon and the Pig from reaching an understanding in the bedroom. The sexual compatibility of partners is not in doubt among the stars. The ardent, passionate and romantic Dragon is inspired by the chosen one by sensuality, tenderness, affection. The boar enjoys the attention, care, simultaneous pressure and sensitivity of a lover. Intimate harmony gives rise to the spiritual closeness of lovers. Compatibility of sexual preferences allows you to enjoy each other, to receive satisfaction.

Lovers will not be bored in bed. The partner of the second sign, restrained in everyday life, shows incredible relaxedness in sex. Than unspeakably pleases the "fiery" lover, thirsty for experiments in the bedroom. The ideal compatibility of the Dragon with the Pig in bed is explained by the closeness of partners given by the stars on the spiritual and physical levels. Everyone intuitively feels the desires, needs of the lover. Both strive to please each other, generous with affection, tenderness, passionate confessions. Sexual compatibility between partners favorably affects interaction outside the bedroom. Therefore, marriage between representatives of the zodiac is a frequent occurrence.

Dragon and Pig Family Compatibility

The decision to tie themself by marriage is not an easy one for the Dragon. However, the wise Pig does not rush his beloved, which causes respect for themself. Having legalized the union, partners do not change their attitude towards each other. The horoscope foresees a strong marriage based on mutual love, respect, fidelity. The dynamic Dragon directs a somewhat inert spouse to active actions, helps to see profitable prospects. A balanced Pig tactfully restrains an impulsive companion, helps to calm down, see hidden prospects. The favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Pig in marriage will be violated by the infidelity of one of the spouses. True, this rarely happens.

Representatives of the signs enjoy family life. The first are glad that the spouse does not seek to limit their freedom, to impose duties. Therefore, they try not to upset the chosen one. The second — they like to periodically be alone, indulge in their favorite hobby. Therefore, with a smile, the spouse is released to meet with friends. Quarrels do happen, but their consequences are not total. A common sense of the situation and a sense of humor help to "extinguish" the conflict at the initial stage. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Pig in family life strengthens the birth of children. Spouses are great parents. The heirs grow up in an atmosphere of love, kindness, care and understanding.

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