Dragon and Rabbit Compatibility

Dragon and Rabbit is a mysterious combination. On the one hand, the first meeting gives rise to confidence in everyone — “my fate is found”. On the other hand, the continuation of communication forces us to understand — "next to the hero of someone else’s novel." The stars will explain the contradiction. The female energy — the Yin of the Rabbit, like a magnet attracts the male principle — the Yang of the Dragon. At the same time, the spontaneous belonging of the signs violates the harmony — the Wood energy of the second sign depletes the Earth of the first partner. However, the Chinese horoscope sees a favorable prospect for cooperation. Effort will be required from everyone, but expecting an idyll is a mistake. The fact is that people of signs have different life values, everyday preferences, temperaments. Compatibility seems ghostly, but mutual physical attraction does not allow the relationship to end after the second date.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Rabbit

Dragons are emotional, explosive, extravagant personalities. They strive to learn the colors of the world in full. The soul hovering in the clouds does not allow to lie on the sofa, thinking about the structure of the universe. Life credo — movement, knowledge. People of the sign rely on intuition — if they feel that something needs to be done, they do it. At the same time, the stars rewarded them with the ability to make the right decisions in this way. Rabbits are cautious, gentle, hardworking natures. They gravitate towards an organized life, stable work. It is believed that success is the result of systematic, balanced efforts. At the same time, at times they get tired of their own "correctness", crave vivid sensations and emotions. That is fully provided by the "fire-breathing", who at times needs stability. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rabbit is based on the mutual complementation of the missing qualities.

The contradictions of relations are explained by the planetary belonging of signs. The cosmic impact of Saturn on the former is expressed by the principle of "compression" — people create space around their own personality, ignore other people’s opinions. The latter are ruled by Jupiter, showing the principle of "expansion" — a person seeks to harmoniously fit into the surrounding reality, depends on the opinions of other persons. This does not create hostility in the relationship, but it makes communication difficult. Like the Dragon and the Rabbit speak different languages. At the first stage of interaction, opponents "confuse" the complementary qualities with the disadvantages of the chosen one. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Rabbit advises people of signs to abandon attempts to change each other. The harmony of the union depends on the sex of the satellites.

Dragon Man and Rabbit Woman

The Dragon man bewitches with charm, confidence, inner strength. Dame Rabbit instantly falls in love with a handsome prince. I am ready to endure the regular "flights" of my beloved for fishing, canoeing, mountain expeditions. At the same time, with his own calmness, tenderness, care, he knows how to "extinguish" the fiery ardor of the chosen one. The Dragon man and the Rabbit woman do not fight for leadership. The lady happily hands over the reins to the chosen one. However, if the "fire-breathing" does not periodically "fold his wings" — to appreciate the concessions of a friend, efforts to arrange life — the compatibility of the union will be shaken. The horoscope advises a man to find time for his beloved, to reckon with her desires. Otherwise, the "English departure" of the companion will surprise you.

Dragon Woman and Rabbit Man

In a couple where the Dragon is a woman, the relationship is ambiguous. It is difficult for her to stay at home — meetings with friends, social affairs, cultural events take time. The man Rabbit perceives the impulsiveness of the "fiery" friend as egoism, unwillingness to harmoniously interact. He prefers home life. I am ready to take on both financial and household support of the union. But in return he expects obedience, attention, warmth. The horoscope thinks that the woman Dragon and the man Rabbit coexist harmoniously if the lady listens to the opinion of the chosen one, appreciates his efforts, understands the desire to limit her "flights". The compatibility of a couple is determined by the woman’s desire to start a family. Not feeling this, the man simply retreats.

Dragon and Rabbit Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees the favorable interaction of partners. The first are enterprising, calculating leaders. The second are responsible, competent performers. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rabbit in work is based on "smoothing" the impulsiveness of the first with the diplomacy of the second colleague. At the same time, mutual respect for each other’s professional talents helps not to enter into confrontation. On the contrary, the wise Dragon listens to the advice of an all-knowing colleague, respects his diligence and resourcefulness. Rabbit — appreciates the organizational skills of a colleague, is happy to deal with routine issues, plans work, understands the details. Compatibility increases if partners create their own business. The penetrating abilities of the former, combined with the scrupulousness of the latter, promise success.

The friendship between the Dragon and the Rabbit is a hopeless event. Differences in life views, principles, attitudes prevent cooperation outside the context of love or business relationships. When there is no common goal — be it a harmonious relationship, a business project — people of signs are not comfortable together. The first are “drawn to the sky” — travel, parties, sports. The second — “to lie down on the grass” — to watch the series, go to the park, museum. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Rabbit in friendship is low. However, the horoscope sees the possibility of companionable cooperation in adulthood. Having swooped down in abundance, the "fire-breathing" reduce the rhythm of life. They are able to build friendly relations with "herbivores" who are ready to make concessions, so as not to disturb personal peace.

Dragon and Rabbit Love Compatibility

The love horoscope predicts a fast-paced romance based on the sensual attraction of partners. People of signs are romantic, temperaments, ready to surrender to a passionate outburst of emotions. The first — admire the tenderness of a lover who is ready to give affection, care, attention. The second — see in the beloved a perfect companion who understands their inner world, desires, needs. The stars see the favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Rabbit in love. But the romance will end if the lovers do not understand — it will not work to interact without compromise. The horoscope advises the Dragons not to seek to "pull" the beloved into their own world. Rabbits are advised not to limit the freedom of the chosen one.

If the lovers take note of the wishes, the horoscope promises a harmonious interaction. The global life attitudes of people coincide. The nuances of behavior are corrected by age. As they get older, people of signs are surprised at how quarrels arose over such petty issues. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Rabbit in a relationship is determined by the mutual desire to be together. When one of the partners does not see the prospect of cooperation, the union falls apart. However, if the lovers "lasted" together for about a year — the stars foresee the "hopelessness" of the situation — the mutual desire to coexist will defeat the differences.

Dragon and Rabbit Sexual Compatibility

The union of opposites explains the sexual compatibility of partners. Sensual, romantic, emotional Dragon and sexy, gentle, quivering Rabbit — coincide in bed, like Yang and Yin. The distance "acquaintance — bedroom" takes a little time. At the same time, it is difficult for people of signs to get used to each other outside the sphere of intimacy. The first — do not understand the beloved, who does not want to have fun, rush to the ends of the world in search of new sensations. The second — in the behavior of the chosen one, they see irrationality, wastefulness. Moreover, in their opinion, not only money is wasted, but also their own strengths, abilities, talents.

However, the intimate life of lovers balances the differences, like the scales of justice. The sexual harmony of the relationship between the Dragon and the Rabbit is based on the mutual desire to give pleasure to the lover. At the same time, everyone gets the desired satisfaction. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rabbit in bed forms a mutual conviction — the second half is next to each other. At the same time, it is not often decided to legalize the relationship of the couple. The first is the craving for freedom and independence. The second are confused by the feeling that the beloved does not want to limit his own world under the influence of any circumstances. Therefore, representatives of signs rarely marry.

Dragon and Rabbit Family Compatibility

If the union took place, both will show unprecedented efforts for its well-being. Dragons will not rest until they understand that native people are provided with everything they need and are happy. Rabbits are ready to both make money and create family comfort. The horoscope believes that the compatibility of the Dragon with the Rabbit in marriage is due to the fact that the spouses rarely have a dispute — "who is in charge of the family". People appreciate each other’s efforts, they understand: home, everyday life, children — require no less effort than ensuring the material well-being of the family. The stars recommend spouses not to impose personal opinions on each other. The desired result will not work, and conflict is inevitable.

Leaving behind the problems of youthful maximalism, the couple harmoniously exists in a "dual" union. The world of the Dragon and the world of the Rabbit will not merge into one, but the horoscope of the coalition of partners promises mutually beneficial cooperation. The compatibility of the Dragon and Rabbit in family life is based on the unity of the goals of interaction. Whether it’s a comfortable life, parenting, family business. Spouses strive for well-being. Therefore, they direct their personal efforts for the benefit of the values of the family. The birth of children somewhat "pacifies" the partner of the first sign, but does not deprive him of the desire to "soar in the clouds." The horoscope advises the second spouse to understand the chosen one, not to strive to "extinguish the eternal flame".

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