Dragon and Rat Compatibility

Dragon and Rat are an incredible combination, but the stars see positive prospects for interaction. Efforts will be required on each side. At the same time, the mutual desire to be together destroys all inconsistencies. On the one hand, both have a similar temperament; global life goals coincide. On the other hand, the ways to achieve the desired are directly opposite. Dragons think globally, far from everyday life, it is difficult to adapt to new conditions. They are meticulous in matters, which guarantees the success of any event. Representatives of the second sign are realistic, cunning, adapt to changing external conditions. Charming appearance and natural magnetism help them succeed.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Rat

Dragons are idealists, gifted personalities. Intelligent and generous people who understand their own desires of nature, they go to the goal, overcoming obstacles. Do not feel the need for money, have an elegant wardrobe. Rats are realists, practical, cunning natures. Personal gain will not be missed. They rarely interest in the opinions of others, but like to have fun in noisy companies. Endowed with the gift of eloquence. Dragon and Rat compatibility is based on a single male energy — Yang. People do not go into the details of the universe, perceiving things from the position of "what I see, that is." This allows you not to focus on the little things, not to notice the partner’s mistakes. The vision of the whole helps to circumvent sharp corners without prejudice to pride.

Dragon and Rat attracted to each other. People meet easily, feel comfortable together. The first — amaze with generosity of nature, liveliness of mind, sense of humor. The second — give the impression of a flexible, romantic, emotional personality. The candy-bouquet period convinces both — "a loved one has been found." However, a true understanding of each other is just beginning. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Rat says that the couple’s lapping period is long, people find it difficult to get used to each other in everyday life. But if the lovers pass the test of living together — the relationship will reach a new level. The interaction will become comfortable for both lovers. Gender slightly affects the compatibility of the couple.

Dragon Man and Rat Woman

Dragon man – brave, bright, successful, loves to travel. A woman Rat is attracted from the moment she met him. Later, she will understand that all the positive qualities of the chosen one are completely unsuitable in everyday life. But he will not be upset at all, but will meekly take the reins of the "household boat" into his own hands. Beloved will make money, provide material welfare of the union. Woman is satisfied with this position. She will even play along with her lover, eager to lead, point, command. The fire-breathing lizard does not even guess that the object of the "leadership" is its person. The Dragon man and Rat woman interact fruitfully. Stars predict a harmonious union. A mutual sense of humor helps partners not to stumble on everyday problems.

Dragon Woman and Rat Man

Dragon woman professionally flies in the clouds, dwells in a fantasy world. Practical Rat man does not understand the behavior of a girlfriend. After all, his motto in life is "sober calculation and a detailed plan." However, inexplicably, the stars help the lady realize her dreams. Seeing the "miracles", the man softens, shows condescension to the characteristics of the chosen one’s character. The woman Dragon and man Rat have favorable compatibility. True creative, artistic nature of a lady compares domestic work with torture. This will not be an obstacle. A loving man will find a way to protect his beloved from spiritual trauma.

Dragon and Rat Business Compatibility

The business horoscope predicts a favorable collaboration between partners. The pressure, confidence in success, the ability to think for the future among the representatives of the first sign are reinforced by prudence, cunning, and hard work of people of the second sign. In business relations, colleagues seek to insure each other. Avoid interference with third parties. The Chinese horoscope sees the high compatibility of the Dragon and the Rat in work. However, he warns — the business tandem will fall apart if the couple has an office romance. Sensual contact “blocks” the possibility of labor compatibility.

Representatives of signs are able to make friends. Only the horoscope sees the only prospect of cooperation — the same gender of friends. Diverse partners cannot create a friendly tandem. Mutual sexual magnetism of signs leaves no chance: it is difficult to be friends when you pull to kiss. However, in a same-sex tandem, Dragon and Rat compatibility in friendship is high. People have many common interests, hobbies, aspirations. Relations are built on mutual respect, help, support. Do not hesitate to rush to the rescue buddy day or night, hundreds of kilometers. The spirit of cooperation, a reliable shoulder is inherent in every sign. Because friendships are long-term.

Dragon and Rat Love Compatibility

The love horoscope promises the couple fantastic prospects for interaction. Mutual attraction begins even before meeting. A casual look, a phrase, a touch — give rise to a desire to be alone with a stranger. Fantasy paints erotic pictures of intimacy. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rat in love is due to the planetary combination of Saturn first with Mercury second — mutual attraction is stronger than common sense. However, passion does not preclude building harmonious relationships. Stars predict the need for mutual efforts, and mutual love will help overcome difficulties.

The horoscope sees a long period of "grinding" partners, which will begin the struggle for power. The dragon is sincerely convinced that his main role in relations is that he does not understand another way of developing events. The Rat, the “specialist” of manipulations, gently rubs its paws, and with humor proves that other options are possible. The ability to come to an agreement and laugh at the mistakes guarantees the Dragon’s high compatibility with the Rat in relations. However, it will take time for people to learn to accept each other’s characteristics. The stars assure — three years of close interaction will smooth out the sharp corners of the characters. Lovers will learn to perceive the characteristics of the character of the partner as positive traits.

Dragon and Rat Sexual Compatibility

Invaluable help at the stage of formation of relations is provided by high sexual compatibility of signs. The stars generously endowed lovers with the ability to enjoy each other in bed. Sensual, emotional sex “erases” everyday misunderstandings, giving lovers an unforgettable experience. Dragons are inventive, passionate lovers. Rats reach for them like moths to the fire. A flame in the "fire-breathing" enough. The businesslike “rodent” attracts the chosen one with graceful tenderness, the ability to feel the partner’s intimate desires.

Flaming sex does not let lovers go even after completion. A stormy night provokes romantic manifestations of tenderness for each other during the day. Business Rat in the midst of a business meeting will receive a telephone message from a lover of an intimate nature. The “rodent” will not be in debt — the next time the lover, opening a briefcase with business papers, will find there an item of intimate wardrobe. The horoscope predicts that the compatibility of the Dragon and the Rat in bed increases over the years. Partners not only do not lose interest in each other, but also find new common ground, the possibility of embodiment of intimate fantasies.

Dragon and Rat Family Compatibility

Representatives of signs are not afraid of the prospect of marriage. Marriage is perceived as a logical continuation of the relationship. At the same time, the former see in the partner an admirer, an admirer of their own talent. The second — they expect from the chosen one help, support, solidarity. The horoscope believes the compatibility of the Dragon with the Rat in marriage is favorable, provided there are no high expectations from each other. Representatives of the first sign are encouraged to realize that they rotate in the universe, and not vice versa. The stars of the second sign are advised not to focus on the stormy imagination of the chosen one — dreams, partner’s ambitions tend to come true.

The lapping period has passed, the marriage has been registered — life together goes to the level of “harmony and happiness”. The horoscope sees the conjugal union of the Dragon and the Rat favorable, comfortable for partners. The former, despite their wild fantasy, are quite realistic in the context of family relationships. The second in the bosom of the family "turn off" pragmatism — they are ready to enjoy life in its simple manifestations. The compatibility of Dragon and Rat in family life increases with the birth of children. The first — they will find talent in descendants, develop them at the highest level. The second — provide a comfortable existence, intellectual development. At the same time, parents agree on parenting approaches. However, the horoscope warns — the total tragedy of the Dragons poses a threat to the compatibility of the pair. A failed deal, or a broken nail — can provoke a storm of emotions of indignation. Balanced Rat will not tolerate such imperfections. Controlling the emotions of the former, the humorous indulgence of the latter will help to avoid the destruction of the idyll.

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