Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

The Dragon and Rooster in the Chinese horoscope always balance on the verge of harmonious compatibility and complete indifference to each other. The representatives of the signs are in many ways similar. Both love to be in the spotlight, strive for professional and personal growth. They feel comfortable in noisy companies. They are prone to narcissism. When meeting each other, they evaluate the strengths of each other’s character — dedication, the will to win, the ability to use personal attractiveness. This creates a desire to continue communication.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Rooster

The stars predict the mutual interest of the zodiac representatives to each other, due to the energy compatibility of the signs. The combination of the male energy of the Dragon — Yang with the female principle of the Rooster — Yin promises harmonious interaction. At the same time, there are pitfalls in the relationship. Opponents are capable of overcoming them if they realize the need for cooperation. Similar life views, hobbies, aspirations bring partners closer together. However, different ways to achieve what you want, ways to interact with people around you — cause mutual misunderstanding. Favorable compatibility of the Dragon and the Rooster is possible if the partners come to terms with each other’s disadvantages.

Both signs love publicity, attention to their own person. At the same time, the Dragon does not make efforts to achieve popularity. This is facilitated by the ability to achieve the set goals, regardless of the circumstances and opinions of others, confidence in their own irresistibility. That is sometimes perceived as a manifestation of selfishness, disrespect for other people’s opinions. The Rooster — plays to the audience, seeks to please everyone. People of the sign will not tolerate public disapproval, they want to maintain equal relations with relatives, friends, colleagues. The partner of the first sign perceives such behavior as hypocrisy. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Rooster advises the first to understand: the desire for conflict-freeness is not the result of weakness, but a reasonable economy of personal energy. The harmony of the union depends on the gender of the participants.

Dragon Man and Rooster Woman

The Dragon man is an imposing, purposeful, confident leader. The desire for superiority extends to both professional activities and personal relationships. The Rooster woman attracts the attention of the "fire-breathing" with a bright appearance, charm, sociability. The ability of a lady to dress in an extraordinary and stylish way, maintain a conversation, tactfully express her own opinion — wins the heart of a gentleman. Romantic courtship rapidly develops into a passionate romance. At the same time, lovers do not lose clarity of mind. The compatibility of the union of the man Dragon and the woman Rooster is favorable, since the partners find mutual understanding. The lady does not pretend to be a leader in a relationship, she is ready to compromise. A man happily leads his beloved, takes care of material well-being.

Dragon Woman and Rooster Man

The compatibility of the opposite union depends on the partner’s desire to maintain the relationship. The Dragon woman and the Rooster man strive for leadership. At the same time, the lady is not inclined to yield even to her beloved man. At the first stage of the relationship, mutual attraction, passion "block" the power inclinations of the partner. However, after a couple of months, the confrontation of the lovers is gaining momentum. The chosen one is not ready to obey implicitly, follow instructions, change habits. The “fiery” friend does not understand the reasons for resistance. However, the horoscope sees favorable prospects for interaction. He advises the Rooster man to calmly explain to his companion his vision of the relationship, indicating the desire to stop them if the girlfriend does not want to take his opinion into account. The wise Dragon woman will be able to curb impulsiveness, control emotions. True, this is possible in one case — if the union is based on sincere feelings.

Dragon and Rooster Business Compatibility

The business horoscope predicts fruitful cooperation. Partners are dedicated to success. For the sake of achieving the desired result, personal time is not considered. The Dragon — sees profitable opportunities, knows how to calculate variants of events, intuitively “feels money”. The Rooster — will perform painstaking work, notice hidden errors, and will timely see a threat to a single cause. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rooster in work is based on mutual professionalism, the desire for success. However, the business tandem will collapse at once if the partners decide to share power. A peaceful outcome of the struggle is unlikely to happen. The horoscope recommends that companions determine the boundaries of authority in advance. In this case, it is better to secure the agreement with a written agreement.

The friendly relations of the representatives of the signs cause the envy of the surrounding people. Dragon and Rooster take time to socialize weekly. Joint trips to barbecue, fishing, going to the cinema, theater — bring both pleasure. Friends are brought together not only by common interests, but also by the ability to adopt certain qualities from each other. The first learn patience from a comrade, the ability to avoid conflict. The second — "become infected" with the will to win a friend, learn not to succumb to the opinion of the majority. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Rooster in friendship is favorable, but there is one condition — the professional interests of comrades should not intersect. Otherwise, the competition will destroy the idyll.

Dragon and Rooster Love Compatibility

The love horoscope predicts favorable compatibility in one case — partners have true feelings for each other. In the absence of spiritual closeness, a harmonious union will not work. Sign people are sexually attracted to each other. Therefore, the novel flares up with lightning speed, develops rapidly. The feeling of falling in love for a while "closes" the eyes of both to the discrepancy of some views. Dragon and Rooster enjoy spending time together. They agree on the choice of a joint vacation. Lovers like to attract the attention of others by showing feelings for each other — passionate kisses on the street, gentle hugs in transport. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rooster in love depends on the possibility of satisfaction in a relationship of mutual desire for personal freedom.

For the Dragon and the Rooster, their own comfort prevails over other elements of life. In addition, representatives of signs strive for independence even while in a relationship. By satisfying the emotional passion of the first encounters, partners show true character. A mutual desire for leadership is manifested in love, everyday life, and social issues. Rivalry leads to quarrels, resentments. For example, a "fire-breathing" will refuse to visit the friends of the chosen one, not because he does not like the company, but out of a desire to act contrary to his partner. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Rooster in a relationship depends on mutual love, the desire to continue cooperation.

Dragon and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

Perfect sexual compatibility helps to find a common language. Mutual attraction arises from the first meeting and does not fade away with the development of relations. In an intimate life, lovers also compete. However, here the competition manifests itself with a plus sign. Everyone seeks to please their partner. The brighter emotions experienced alone in bed, the more pleasure he wants to give to his lover. Intimate harmony has a beneficial effect on compatibility. A sudden everyday conflict loses its relevance after the brawlers move to the bedroom. For the Dragon and the Rooster, the sensual side of the relationship prevails over other aspects of life.

Taking pleasure in bed, each lover is charged with the energy of creation. The romantic Dragon shows sophisticated imagination, strives for a variety of intimate pleasures. The liberated Rooster happily supports the lover’s innovative ideas, offers his original options. Sex is filled with passion, tenderness, affection. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Rooster in bed explains the similarity of temperaments, intimate preferences, the desire not only to get pleasure, but also to please the lover.

Dragon and Rooster Family Compatibility

However, sexual harmony does not bring partners closer to the desire to legitimize the relationship. The Dragon does not gravitate towards marriage. The life principle of freedom, independence does not allow to restrict the existence of family boundaries. These attitudes change with age. After thirty years "fire-breathing" think about the comfort of the family hearth. The Rooster does not mind giving the relationship legal status. At the same time, he prefers to maintain personal independence in marriage. The horoscope believes that the favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Rooster in marriage is achievable if the partners decide to take such a step in adulthood. Life experience pacifies the freedom-loving disposition of both partners. The spouses are ready to listen to each other’s opinions, to make concessions.

Family life will not become a routine. Both love to be in public, strive for career growth. The husband and wife do not stop looking after their appearance, continue to communicate with friends. The horoscope predicts the favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Rooster in family life. However, he warns that both partners are prone to cheating if they do not quench their passion in the marital bedroom. Infidelity will ruin a marriage because no one wants to "understand, forgive, get into position." The stars advise spouses not to neglect spending time together. Romantic walks and exciting travels will support the fire of passion, will not let boredom into the union.

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