Dragon and Snake Compatibility

Dragon and Snake — a favorable combination of signs. However, the stars provide two conditions for the harmonious coexistence of people. The first is the mutual desire of partners to be together, the second is unconditional loyalty to each other. Otherwise, the relationship will not work. The acquaintance of the representatives of the signs gives rise to a feeling of mutual understanding. The stars explain compatibility by a combination of male energy — Yang of the representatives of the first sign and the feminine principle — Yin of the second partner. The mutual attraction of people is based on this. The first meeting becomes the start of mutually beneficial cooperation. At the same time, the horoscope indicates frank contradictions of characters that manifest themselves during interaction.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Snake

Dragons are extravagant, purposeful, impulsive personalities. People appreciate the ability to achieve the desired results, to withstand the vicissitudes of fate. From a young age they realize their personal need for material well-being. Therefore, they know how to make money. Career growth is the first goal in life. The second is the creation of harmonious relationships that do not limit personal freedom. How else? The presence of "wings" does not allow "fire-breathing" to peacefully bask in the hearth. The snake is a wise, calculating, patient nature. The goal is achieved regardless of the circumstances. No matter how long it takes — "cold-blooded" people know how to wait. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Snake is based on the mutual complementarity of partners.

Representatives of the first sign will give the chosen one the opportunity to feel the colors of the world, enjoy the feeling of flight. The second — help the satellite not to "drown" in the sea of freedom, independence, and self-improvement. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Snake explains the harmony of the union by the spontaneous belonging of the signs. From the point of view of Chinese philosophy — Fire of the second gives rise to the Earth of representatives of the first sign. At the everyday level, the axiom is manifested in the ability of the Snake not only to inspire the chosen one for "feats of arms", but also to implicitly control his behavior. At the same time, the Dragon is confident that he independently made a decision, made a conclusion, limited personal freedom. The gender of the partners affects the compatibility of a couple.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman

The Dragon man is a romantic, passionate, self-confident individual. Will win the heart of a restrained, prudent friend of the Snake with optimism, the ability to quickly solve life’s problems. Whether it’s a tap leak, car repairs, or buying real estate, the fire knight will find resources to fix the problem. The lady will not resist the pressure of a loving admirer. The horoscope assures that the Dragon man and the Snake woman are a perfect couple. True, the stars broadcast — purposeful actions to conquer the heart of the chosen one will take place if the woman gives a hint of reciprocity. Otherwise, the "winged" admirer will not waste efforts — the absence of reciprocity levels out the most ardent passion. There is one danger — the jealousy of the partner. The Snake’s sense of ownership is off the charts. If a lady copes with the desire to totally control her lover, the couple is “doomed” to a happy life.

Dragon Woman and Snake Man

The bright, impulsive Dragon woman will at one moment capture the attention of the mysterious, mysterious Snake man. However, mutual passion does not guarantee fruitful collaboration. A "cold-blooded" man, like a star colleague of the opposite sex, is distinguished by total jealousy. The "fire-breathing" girlfriend will refuse to endure restrictions, control, although cheating on her lover is not included in her plans. The horoscope foresees a favorable compatibility of a pair of a Dragon woman and a Snake man in one case — if the partner begins to trust the chosen one, he will cope with the desire to control his girlfriend. Otherwise, the "winged" companion will leave the jealous person, going in search of a better life.

Dragon and Snake Business Compatibility

A business horoscope foresees a favorable tandem. There is a risk of competition, but the ability of people of signs to negotiate, granted by the stars, helps to resolve controversial issues. Dragons are born strategists, negotiators. Their element is to convince, prove, persuade to their side. The snake possesses such talents, but does not want to use them. If the former strive to be in sight, to shine with abilities, to charm with charm, the latter prefer to remain in the shadows, to enjoy the material assessment of their own talents. Mutual coordination of actions leads to success. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Snake in work is based on this. The first ones play for the audience, the second ones enjoy the role of the "secret cardinal".

The friendly tandem of people of signs promises favorable compatibility. True, provided that the comrades are of the same sex. Otherwise, mutual sexual attraction will not allow building friendships. Same-sex friendship guarantees unity of views, mutual assistance, support. Comrades interact easily. Not surprisingly, the mutual desire for independence generates a desire to resist the opinion of the majority. Whether it’s politics, choosing a vacation spot, or a sport, friends will choose something that differs from the generally accepted opinion. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Snake in friendship is based on the fact that the delight of the result of the choice pleases, inspires both partners. The stars celebrate — faithful friendship lasts for decades. Bad circumstances cannot break their union.

Dragon and Snake Love Compatibility

The love horoscope promises to partners rainbow horizons. The sphere of sensual relationships unites the Dragon and the Snake into a single tandem. Romantic dates are accompanied by a storm of emotions, an explosion of sexual fantasies. The compatibility of life views, interests, sensual preferences convinces the lovers of the ideality of the union. People of signs understand each other without words, they feel changes in the mood of the chosen one. The ease of communication is conducive to spending time together. Equally comfortable, lovers chat for hours and silently sit next to each other. The sudden opportunity to go on a trip on the "burning" voucher will delight both — suitcases will be collected in an hour. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Snake in love is based on a mutual understanding of the feelings, emotions and desires of a loved one.

However, the stars warn that the idyll of the love river flows exactly until the first turn. The lovers will not be bored — tears of resentment will replace the stormy fun at one point, and peaceful joint activities will suddenly end in a scandal. The relationship of partners is comparable to walking on a tightrope stretched over an abyss — one wrong step, and loss of balance will lead to a fall. The fact is that, having common goals, the Dragon and the Snake go opposite ways to achieve them. The first — play openly, go ahead, do not deviate from the chosen path. The second — prefer to act secretly, bypassing obstacles by winding routes, without demonstrating personal achievements. The horoscope assures that the favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Snake in a relationship is achievable, provided that the partners learn to combine the characteristics of each other’s character for the benefit of general well-being.

Dragon and Snake Sexual Compatibility

The stars see an opportunity for fruitful cooperation. The global prerequisite for comfortable interaction is high sexual compatibility of partners. If the everyday side of the life of lovers is comparable to a swing, then this rule does not apply to the sensual sphere. Lovers enjoy being intimate with each other. Tenderness, romance, fantasy of the Dragon is combined with affection, sensuality, mystery of the Snake. Despite the innate coldness of the latter, you will not have to be bored in bed with the "fire-breathing".

Sexy, sincere Dragons want to please their lover in the bedroom — this need is caused by the desire to feel their own perfection. Passion, gentle pressure give rise to the desire to reciprocate in Snakes. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Snake in bed is based on the ability of the first to liberate the partner, to convince of the sincerity of their feelings. After all, it is precisely the bright emotions that the representatives of the second sign lack. However, the horoscope warns the "cold-blooded": taking the sexual "gifts" of a lover for their due — they risk losing their chosen one. Not meeting a response to intimate revelations, the Dragon loses interest in a partner. Which is fraught with the search for satisfaction on the side. Pathological jealousy of the latter will exclude the continuation of the relationship.

Dragon and Snake Family Compatibility

At first glance, a family union of two proud, selfish natures is impossible. However, the stars think differently. If the partners have learned to overcome the pitfalls of interaction, the road to the registry office is open for them. Moreover, it is recommended to initiate the legalization of the union for the Snake, regardless of gender. The reason is the planetary belonging of the signs. Wards of Saturn Dragons are in no hurry to part with their free life, even since they sincerely want to start a family. Mars of the latter does not allow "subjects" to stay in a long wait. The horoscope sees the favorable compatibility of the Dragon with the Snake in marriage. The former are happy to ensure the well-being of the family — be it the material sphere or the arrangement of life. At the same time, the thirst for freedom does not disappear — "fire-breathing" need personal space. The latter create family comfort — they organize living space, take care of rest.

At the same time, the family life of the spouses cannot be called a cozy boat that steadfastly overcomes everyday waves. Rather, it is a comfortable liner that regularly deviates from the standard course. However, spouses are not afraid of difficulties. The tandem of impulsiveness and wisdom, ardor and prudence will conquer any obstacles. The birth of children pacifies the "avalanche of fire" of the first, "turns on" the emotionality of the second spouse. Which strengthens the compatibility of the Dragon and the Snake in family life. At the same time, the horoscope warns: the only obstacle that the family liner will not overcome is treason. An event like this will destroy the relationship. But the stars say that this rarely happens.

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