Dragon and Tiger Compatibility

Dragon and Tiger — an incredible combination of signs that arouses the interest of outside observers. The relationship of two people is comparable to a talented fighter — you never know where the shot will come from, and when the enemy will carry the wounded enemy on his shoulders. Dragon and Tiger are not enemies, but their relationship is fraught with rivalry. This is facilitated by the energy of the conquerors donated by the stars. The first — from a young age, enjoy the variety of manifestations of life. The opinions of others are rarely considered, which is perceived as selfishness, arrogance. In fact, the refined nature of the representatives of the sign strives for harmony. The second are wise, purposeful individuals. Here are just the ways to achieve goals cause amazement — lazy waiting for the right moment is suddenly replaced by a sharp jump to success.

Compatibility Horoscope for Dragon and Tiger

Both signs are ruled by male energy — Yang, which brings partners together on the basis of healthy competition. Dragons are accustomed to the fact that their "stay on the throne" does not raise doubts among other people. But not with the Tiger. The latter are ready to prove their superiority by any legal means. Intrigues, lies, betrayal are beneath the dignity of the "striped predator." The compatibility of the Dragon and the Tiger is based on the struggle for the leadership of two equal partners. Moreover, everyone experiences the pleasure of confrontation. The multifaceted interaction of people is expressed, on the one hand, in rivalry, on the other, in a magnetic craving for each other. This is due to the planetary combination of signs. Saturn of the first and Jupiter of the second interact according to the principle of unification of higher and lower energies.

The vital manifestation of the unity of opposites is the desire of the Dragon to know strength, power, and the ability to help in a timely manner is combined with the spiritual generosity of a partner. The tiger, on the other hand, sees in the opponent an equal free personality in combination with a romantic, gentle, loyal nature. The horoscope of compatibility of the Dragon with the Tiger is favorable: the insolence, categoricalness of both partners in relations is leveled over time. Tolerance and restraint will replace it. At a young age, everyone shows sharpness in communication, actions. After thirty years, compatibility increases — people of signs understand the benefits of cooperation, are ready to give in to each other. The sociability of both helps to negotiate, discuss urgent problems, and jointly resolve conflicts. Interaction is influenced by the gender of partners.

Dragon Man and Tiger Woman

The Dragon man strives for an active life, believes in personal ideals, honors traditions and observes principles. His strength, energy and generosity attract the lady of the Tiger. A loyal, brave, caring knight wins the heart of a friend. At the same time, the judicious "predator" notices that the only beloved person of the chosen one is himself. However, natural passion provokes her to win the unconditional attention of a man. The problem is that having achieved the desired result, the lady will lose interest in the "windy" companion. The horoscope believes that the compatibility of a pair of a man Dragon and a woman Tiger depends on the willingness of lovers to sacrifice personal ambitions for the good of the relationship. It is not easy — the “fire-breathing” one is afraid of restrictions and responsibility. By the age of forty, this position changes — the compatibility of the couple increases.

Dragon Woman and Tiger Man

The opposite union is easier to build relationships. The Dragon woman is impulsive, capricious, does not recognize limitations, conventions. But the Tiger man is an indulgent, good-natured partner. In the chosen one, he appreciates extravagance, femininity. Ready to indulge her whims within reasonable limits. The horoscope predicts a favorable combination of a couple. The Dragon woman and the Tiger man interact according to the principle of the game "cat and mouse". She — trying to escape from the clutches of the "tyrant", but noticing that the excitement of the chosen one weakens — reduces resistance. He demonstrates own superiority, but seeing that his girlfriend is not inferior — goes to the "bed scene". After which the conflict by mutual agreement loses its relevance.

Dragon and Tiger Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees the only option for interaction — a joint business. In other working relationships, agreement cannot be reached. Dragon and Tiger are careerists. They will not miss out on personal gain, they will not give up the leadership position. In the work collective, people of signs compete, use the chance to point out each other’s mistakes. A rational boss will exclude the cooperation of such colleagues. Otherwise, conflicts, reproaches, scandals are inevitable. The compatibility of the Dragon and Tiger in work is favorable when they are united by a common cause. A common goal mobilizes partners. Together they will "move mountains" on the road to success. It is noteworthy that between the people of the signs there are no disputes about "carving the pie". Everyone adequately assesses the personal contribution to the joint cause. Therefore, the income is distributed in proportion to the invested labor.

The friendly relations of partners are distinguished by their reliability and duration. But you shouldn’t expect harmonious interaction. Constant rivalry leads to quarrels, conflicts. Only this does not prevent comrades from going through life together. Everyone sees their own reflection in the opponent. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Tiger in friendship is based on mutual understanding, the unity of life values, independence from external circumstances. In their youth, these are those friends who quarrel in the morning, reconcile during the day, and argue again in the evening. At the same time, temperamental friends rarely part. If one needs help, the other will rush to sleep a comrade, no matter what stage the relationship is at.

Dragon and Tiger Love Compatibility

A love horoscope predicts an ambiguous interaction. On the one hand, people of signs are close in character, temperament, life views. On the other hand, the difference in lifestyle, pastime, household habits lead to misunderstandings, conflicts. At the same time, representatives of both signs are passionate, impulsive natures. Which guarantees a match in intimate preferences. If the first date ends in bed, it will not surprise lovers. Why waste time on conventions when mutual feelings are overwhelmed? People of signs are rapidly approaching. They are sure that they are alike, understand each other, and "Italian passions" will not allow boredom in the relationship. The compatibility of the Dragon and the Tiger in love is favorable. The development of events depends on the desire of the lovers to continue cooperation.

Dragons do not seek stable contacts. They appreciate independence, the opportunity to "flap their wings", fly away in search of new adventures. At the same time, they do not want to part with the Tiger for a long time. The latter makes no claims at the first stage of the relationship. However, in the future, will not cope with a predatory nature — wants to control the chosen one, to manage the union. This explains the spontaneous belonging of the signs. The first ones belong to the Earth. The second is controlled by the element of Wood. From the point of view of Chinese philosophy — Wood depletes the Earth. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Tiger in a relationship is favorable if both learn to manage emotions, control impulsive desires. In this case, the second is recommended to take care of themselves more often, and not for the chosen one.

Dragon and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

The stars assure that harmonious interaction is achievable. This is facilitated by the ideal sexual compatibility of partners. In this area, the couple does not have conflicts. The struggle for leadership is retreating into an unknown future. The lovers enjoy each other passionately. The romantic Dragon gently pacifies the "fierce predator". And the gentle "purr" of the Tiger makes the "fire-breathing" forget about the sky-high distances. Intimate compatibility is based on both physical and spiritual coincidence of lovers. Mutual trust helps to speak openly on an intimate topic. Lovers do not hesitate to voice secret desires, which promises sexual satisfaction, pleasure.

Sometimes passion overtakes in an unexpected place. For example, a couple will "lag behind" a tourist group, retire in a gazebo hidden from prying eyes. However, the lovers’ bedroom is filled with romantic attributes – multi-colored candles, rose petals, champagne, music. It is also a place of experimentation that lovers are ready for in a fit of passionate sex. This is the couple that regularly breaks the peace of dozing neighbors. The compatibility of the Dragon and Tiger in bed helps to maintain a relationship for a long time. Daytime cooperation problems are successfully "solved" at night. However, despite the intimate harmony, lovers do not rush to the registry office. Moreover, this is a mutual desire.

Dragon and Tiger Family Compatibility

Dragon and Tiger will not create a family under the pressure of external circumstances — be it the beliefs of relatives, or the unexpected pregnancy of a partner. Mutual independence, pride will not allow to go on about conventions. If the marriage took place, the stars predict the well-being of the union. The compatibility of the Dragon with the Tiger in marriage is simply explained. Each spouse, regardless of gender, is ready to both financially support the family and run a household. The idyll will be shattered by the desire of the first to impose their own interests on the second half. A categorical refusal will provoke a conflict. The horoscope advises to observe the principle of equality, contractual independence in marriage.

The success of the "family" project is due to the mutually beneficial position of the parties. Oddly enough it sounds, but in marriage, representatives of the signs want to feel personal interest. The impulsive Dragon is "balanced" by the calmness of the Tiger. That, in turn, is warmed by the warmth of the "fiery" spouse. The compatibility of the Dragon and Tiger in family life is based on a harmonious combination of opposites. The horoscope advises spouses to admit that their only life priority is their beloved spouse. In addition, it is recommended that the couple spend time together outside the home. Everyday routine provokes boredom, despair, a desire to end the relationship. The birth of children launches the family project "Our Child". Representatives of the signs are sensitive to offspring. The compatibility of spouses grows stronger over the years. At the same time, Dragons — instill a spiritual perception of the world. Tigers — bring up a real perception of reality. The children in the family are comfortable.

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