Goat and Goat Compatibility

Two Goat can make an amazing connection due to their artistic sensibilities. These are truly progressive thinkers whose esoteric thought patterns may be best understood by another of the same sign. Since this is a rather high-strung sign, two together may make one another feel even more out of sorts, especially in times of stress, but they will connect through all their similarities — their dreamy minds, their sensual sides … Their only potential problem area is that Goat like to be on top of things and in control; two together may have to struggle for domination.

People born under the sign of the Goat are the most peaceful, calm people you can find. They like to relax and revel in beauty, whether it be fine clothing or jewellery, art, or simply the beauty of nature. They detest ugliness and will be motivated to redecorate in a way that is pleasing to the mind and soul. Goats are compassionate, and are always willing to offer an understanding ear. If you are a Goat, it is likely that you are the one out of your group of friends in whom everyone confides. You will be the one who answers the phone at three in the morning to listen to a crying friend and offer advice. You are gentle, and you avoid conflict.

Goats need a supportive partner who is an expert in the art of romance. A picnic in the moonlight with flowers, fine wines and rich cheeses will steal a Goat’s heart. Romantic movies, chocolates, and all the sentimental gifts will simply knock a Goat off of her feet, and a male Goat is likely to respond to little gifts that suit his tastes, or perhaps surprises like recording the game of his favourite sports team. Since Goats are hopeless romantics, they get along just fine together. They like to stay in bed late, cuddling, telling each other little devotions, and dreaming big dreams of a future in a big house with all the luxuries. Two Goats will have the most pleasant vacations together and share good memories.

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Goat and Goat Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will connect first through their minds and then on a physical level. Though Goat aren’t dependent on material items (since they have the richness of their imaginations), they are sensual, romantic and demonstrative lovers who delight in giving their loved ones gifts, flowers, home-cooked desserts, pretty pictures they’ve painted themselves … Goat also need to feel admired by a lover, so two Goat in love can truly make one another feel appreciated. Goat are sensitive; any emotional imbalance in this relationship is likely to be felt acutely by both. The good news is, imbalances are unlikely and two Goat together can provide one another with a sense of security.

Goat Woman and Goat Man Compatibility

When two Goat signs come together, this can lead to a long-lasting romantic relationship that is not purely based on physical and sexual attraction during the dating period, but is also a mental connection that can help with making the relationship last for years or a lifetime. When Goats are together, they are both able to provide an open and listening ear, allowing one another to feel "heard" and listened to, avoiding conflict and any feelings of potential emotional neglect. Goat signs are quite romantic and enjoy endless nights of cuddling and lying in bed together, dreaming of the future, sex, and spending time with each other on dates and exploring new adventures.

Goat Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

Although Goats may seem ideal together, they may run into problems when trying to financially support themselves, as they are both dreamers and less practical. When Goats are seeing each other romantically, it is important to find time to focus, as they are often caught up in one another’s lives and prefer to work to make each other happy rather than to pay their bills or go to work on time each day.

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