Goat and Pig Compatibility

The Goat and the Pig are similar in the most important ways, making for a smooth, loving and sensuous relationship that’s satisfying for both. The Pig is a great sensualist who loves reveling in the comforts of rich foods, lovemaking, even sleeping and bathing. The Goat is no materialist — this sign is perfectly content to dwell within the richness of its own imaginings — but, especially when in love, has a sensual side that comes to the fore. In any type of relationship between these two, the Pig will admire the Goat’s unique mind and creative intelligence. The Goat will love the Pig for its generosity, its emotional constancy and its strong shoulder to lean on.

Goats are sensitive, compassionate people. You are steered by your emotions and are often moved to help others who find themselves in sad situations. You are a gentle, kind person who enjoys the calm and beauty of nature. You feel compelled to offer emotional support to others. Goats are more motivated by domestic tasks than jobs in the corporate world. It is more enjoyable for you to use your artistic talents to decorate a house than it is for you to hold a full time job. You are not fond of hard work, and it is good that you often have money come to you through lucky circumstances.

A Pig makes a good mate for you. Pigs are romantic, and will reassure you with their tender love and devotion. They don’t mind showering you with gifts, and they share your dislike of conflict. As a result, your home is likely to be harmonious. Pigs are great negotiators, and will always discuss problems gently rather than shouting. Pigs also enjoy quiet nights at home, although they can be gregarious and social and will need more time out of the house with friends than you do. Pigs are quite devoted and will always come home to you; they share your love of art and beauty and will appreciate the lovely calm home that you keep for them. Pigs are steady workers and always complete a job once they start. Your Pig will have no problem keeping a job and earning the money for the household. She won’t resent you for staying home; she will love your creativity and artful ways.

Goat and Pig Compatibility Horoscope

Goat and Pig Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two make a great match. These are both emotional signs; in fact, the Goat needs lots of love and admiration in order to maintain emotional equilibrium, and the Pig is just the sign to serve as the Goat’s safe harbor. The Goat can seem like a loner, but this reputation comes from the simple fact that this sign often finds it easier to keep its own, vibrant (mental) company than the unpredictable company of the real world. With the Pig, the Goat will feel free to come out of hiding. The Pig is incredibly helpful and generous to a lover, since this sign considers close relationships to be of utmost importance.

Goat Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

The Goat woman is kind, quiet, and enjoys dreaming of a better life, whereas the Pig man enjoys indulging in luxury and giving affection to his loved ones and sex partners when dating according to Chinese astrology. The Pig man is a hard worker, which helps to balance out the Goat woman, who prefers to dream rather than to admit to any hard work for the day. If the Pig man can accept the Goat woman’s somewhat disoriented and carefree personality traits, the couple has a solid change of becoming long-lasting.

Goat Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Goat man is also a dreamer according to Chinese astrology, which can become frustrating to a Pig woman, unless she is emotionally satisfied (which is often possible when dating a Goat man). Goat men enjoy planning for the future and are ideal for emotional support, as the Pig woman prefers. Although the Pig woman enjoys having a bit of a social life in comparison to the Goat man, he is often easy going and accepting of her social adventures.

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