Goat and Rat Compatibility

The Goat and the Rat are a bit of a mismatch, but they can make a relationship work with some effort and understanding. The problem between these two results from their different needs and interests: Where the Rat is all about friends and social events, the Goat has an artist’s soul; the Rat might be found dancing at a night club or tossing around witty banter at a dinner party while the Goat is on a wilderness retreat, trying to find its inner self or just enjoying the beauty and solitude of nature.

As a Goat, you are a dreamer. You like to pass the hours wistfully imagining many different things. You are an artistic soul who enjoys creating, but only on your own schedule. You are not fond of having expectations set by others. You don’t understand why life has to be so hard and you hate tension and conflict. Your love of beautiful things means you enjoy decorating, and you have the taste for it, too. You have many talents that could be lucrative, if only you had the self discipline. You are compassionate and sympathetic, always willing to lend an understanding ear. You would make a wonderful therapist because you do understand the problems of others. You must be careful to avoid over spending, because you are quite fond of luxuries and pleasure.

Rats are far more parsimonious with their money. If you do decide to try for a relationship with a Rat, it is she who should handle the household finances. Rats do love a good bargain, though, and occasionally over spend because they just can’t resist it. You will find it frustrating that the Rat needs to hang on to so much "stuff." A Rat is sentimental and she can’t stand to throw out objects that remind her of her past. Her clutter will make it difficult for you to keep a beautiful and neat house. Rats are very loving and devoted towards their families, but when stressed they become anxious nags. It is likely that she will push you to spend less and contribute to the finances more, and this pressure will upset you. Rats are great problem solvers and do not panic in a crisis.

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Goat and Rat Love Compatibility

These two do connect at home, though; if they are in love, their bond is strong. The Rat surrounds itself with plenty of friends but always treats its loved ones with a special, tender generosity, which the Goat, being rather worrisome and overly sensitive by nature, will appreciate. Since it places high stock in family and home comforts, the Goat can make the house welcoming for the Rat to come home to after its social forays. The Rat may become a bit bored with the Goat’s emotional, dreamy nature, however, and the Goat may dislike the Rat’s constant scheming and its fast-paced lifestyle.

Goat Woman and Rat Man Compatibility

The Rat man is a thinker, and enjoys the mental challenges that the Goat woman may present in a relationship, especially when she feels there should be changes made between the pair. Although the Rat man appreciates the dreaming sense a Goat woman possesses, he may become irritated when the Goat woman is not productive or contributing to the household financially or even to the relationship.

Goat Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Rat woman is often better with finances than the Goat man, which can help with keeping the relationship balanced and fair, especially if the Goat man generally contributes less financially, due to his dreamer and artistic personality. Because both the Rat woman and the Goat man are pessimistic by nature, this can lead to trouble when dating one another due to the inability to emotionally support and boost each other in times of need.

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