Horse and Dragon Compatibility

Horse and Dragon can hardly be called a perfect match. However, the Chinese horoscope gives a favorable forecast for cooperation if the representatives of the zodiac are ready to work on relationships. At the stage of acquaintance, delight from each other gives rise to vivid emotions and a feeling of complete mutual understanding. The recession of the storm of passions for both opens their eyes to reality. And it is such that the character, worldview, addictions and hobbies of people are so different that coexistence seems to be an impossible event. At the same time, attraction to each other often keeps the Horse and the Dragon together. Astrologers of the AstrologyK website will tell you how to build harmonious relationships, for the benefit of using the difference in life perception.

Compatibility Horoscope for Horse and Dragon

Purposeful Horses solve problems on their own, steadfastly overcoming difficulties. However, an explosive nature is often the cause of career failure. The people of the sign lack the vector of applying zealous efforts. A wise and stubborn Dragon is able to provide a partner with guidelines and teach him how to control emotions. But for this, the "horse" will have to not only trust the companion, but also recognize his leadership. The level of compatibility of the Horse with the Dragon depends on the first more than on the second because the forgiving and good-natured "fire-breathing" is ready to put up with the peculiarities of the character of the chosen one. However, in return, it will require almost unconditional obedience.

Taming the Horse is not an easy task. Therefore, often partners, having passed the period of falling in love, break off the relationship without regret. Parting is stormy, accompanied by a stream of mutual reproaches and accusations. Recently lovers, if they do not become enemies, then exclude the possibility of further communication. This behavior is due to the unified masculine energy of the signs – Yang. Astrologers advise people of the first sign to realize: the efforts of the Dragon to re-educate the "zealous horse" are aimed at the good of relationships. His actions are guided by sincere feelings for a partner and a desire to help. In this case, the horoscope of compatibility of the Horse and the Dragon sees a chance to build a favorable union.

Horse Man and Dragon Woman

The result of the interaction of a pair of man Horse and woman Dragon depends on the willingness of both to understand – there will never be a leader in the union. A favorable partnership is possible on the basis of equality and willingness to compromise. By accepting this fact, the Horse man and the Dragon woman will feel comfortable together. The cavalier attracts the lady with intelligence, determination, ability to earn money and generosity. A friend admires the chosen one with a bright appearance, sensuality, wisdom and ability to behave in society. The couple happily lives here and now. The scenario for family relationships is favorable. And a woman’s ability to gently and unobtrusively direct a man in the direction she needs enhances the compatibility of partners.

Horse Woman and Dragon Man

The romance of the Horse woman and the Dragon man is a bright and emotional event. Stormy feelings will overwhelm both, and intimate compatibility will make you forget about frankly different views of life. True, the longevity of a passionate romance is doubtful. The ardor will fade away, the characters will remain. A man will begin to be jealous of a sociable friend who craves universal attention and recognition. A woman will consider his behavior a tyranny and a manifestation of weakness. Relationships will be saved only by mutual, sincere feelings and a mutual desire not to part. A loving Horse is ready to sacrifice social life for the sake of her man. The Dragon will calm down, will trust his friend. The longer the lovers are together, the higher the compatibility in the relationship.

Horse and Dragon Business Compatibility

A business horoscope predicts a fruitful, professional tandem. Representatives of the zodiac are distinguished by their hard work and the ability to steadfastly overcome difficulties on the way to the goal. The compatibility of the Horse with the Dragon in work is based on the ability of partners to compromise for the sake of a common idea. They are united by ambition, a common desire for financial freedom and independence. At the same time, the Horse strives for universal recognition using oratorical talents, determination, and the ability to take risks. The Dragon thrives on knowledge, professional experience, wisdom. Teamwork is not an easy task. After all, everyone strives to become a leader. Compatibility in work will become higher if the status of the leader is legally assigned to the Horse.

Friendship of a Horse with a Dragon is an exceptional phenomenon. It is difficult for such different people to interact outside a single global goal. The former see no reason to limit themselves and listen to the lectures of a conservative comrade. The second is alien to the secular lifestyle of the opponent and the irrepressible desire to be the central person of any event. The compatibility of the Horse and the Dragon in friendship is low, since they have no common interests. People of signs do not want to simply adapt to the complex nature of each other, change their habits and worldview.

Horse and Dragon Love Compatibility

The love horoscope prophesies passion, sensuality, emotional intensity of relationships. The bright temperament, impulsiveness and extravagance of the Horse attract the restrained Dragon. However, severity and conservatism are only an outer shell that hides the stormy temperament of a "fire-breathing" lover. The first ones intuitively feel this metamorphosis. Therefore, they strive with all their might to "spin" the chosen one to emotions. A swift romance will give both of them a sea of colorful impressions and unforgettable sensations. However, the high compatibility of the Horse with the Dragon in love will not help maintain the relationship after the end of the period of love.

After a couple of months of passionate confessions and vivid intimacy, the emotional storm will recede. The further development of events depends on whether spiritual contact has been established between the lovers. And this is more important for the Dragon than for the Horse. It is enough for "horses" that the partner does not limit their freedom and does not make excessive demands. Then it is easy to negotiate with them and send zealous zeal in the right direction. But the "fire-breathing" want spiritual closeness with the chosen one, romantic communication and home comfort. The compatibility of the Horse and the Dragon in a relationship depends on the desire of the partner of the first sign to continue communication. If it is, the chances of a favorable union are high.

Horse and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

The development of relationships is facilitated by the sexual compatibility of partners. Mutual temperament and relaxedness allow lovers to enjoy each other in bed. Horses are eager to realize violent sexual fantasies in the bedroom. Dragons not only help to achieve what they want, but they themselves show ingenuity in search of new experiences. However, Horses are often so carried away by the process and their own feelings that they ignore the needs of the partner. And because of this, he may not only be offended, but also think about ending the relationship. Therefore, the horoscope advises the Horse to remember: the Dragon needs both sexual satisfaction and the manifestation of tender feelings for his own person.

The high compatibility of the Horse with the Dragon in bed helps the lovers not to scatter after the emotional intensity of the first stage of communication has decreased. Serious conflicts often flare up in couples on domestic grounds. However, both are happy to go to "sort things out" in the bedroom. After intimate "negotiations", the significance of the disagreements is lost. Intimate harmony allows lovers to relieve the stress of everyday communication. Which increases the compatibility of partners in a relationship.

Horse and Dragon Family Compatibility

The lovers are in no hurry to legalize the relationship. Even a few years of marriage will not be the reason for the decision to visit the registry office. The fact is that everyone values their own freedom and subconsciously perceives the stamp in the passport as its restriction. The undisputed reason for marriage is often the news of the partner’s pregnancy. A mutual sense of responsibility overcomes the desire for independence and sets you in a family mood. At the same time, the compatibility of the Horse and the Dragon in marriage is average, since it is difficult for spouses to yield to each other. The horoscope advises at the beginning of the journey to sit down at the negotiating table and decide who in the family will make global decisions. The husband or wife controls the union – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that both are satisfied with the choice.

If responsibilities are allocated and priorities are set, the compatibility of the Horse with the Dragon in family life tends to be ideal. True, the former show character from time to time, wanting to show that there is no force capable of limiting the freedom of a dashing "horse". However, the Dragon will wisely assess the situation, allow the other half to dream up and unobtrusively return to the place of deployment. The horoscope warns: despite the desire for personal freedom, spouses are incredible owners. Cheating on one of them will irrevocably destroy the compatibility of the couple. Therefore, he advises both to control emotions and not succumb to spontaneous passion.

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