Horse and Goat Compatibility

The Horse and the Goat can create a very fun relationship if both signs are willing to make a few plausible compromises. Though in some ways they are different in nature, the differences are often complementary. Horses are quite unpredictable; they never like to settle down but always want to be freshly stimulated. They are attracted to the Goat’s artistic nature; the Goat possesses its own unpredictable side, being somewhat emotionally high-strung and a very unusual, progressive thinker. The Horse recognizes a partner in the Goat and the Goat finds the Horse to be quite stimulating and exciting.

As a Horse, you are restless. You are a social creature who enjoys being at the center of attention. Horses rarely miss a party, and are always seeking mental and physical stimulation. Although a horse will work around the clock without tiring to finish a project, they do become bored and seek out new stimulation more often than most other signs. This can take a toll on your love life, because you tend to fall head over heels for a new woman, pour your energies into the relationship, and then lose interest. It’s not that you’re a heartbreaker – you don’t intend to hurt anyone-you just need new stimulation constantly.

Goat are romantics who have a need for soft words and beautiful things. They are pleasant people who avoid conflict with loved ones, but do need frequent reassurance. Goat don’t deal very well with money and are often content to enjoy what life offers them, rather than aiming higher or pushing for more. In love, Goat will keep their feelings to themselves rather than ask for what they need, because they hate starting fights or conflicts. It seems unlikely that the calm, placid Goat would catch your eye. As a Horse, you are generally drawn to those with more dramatic personalities. Nevertheless, the tranquil beauty of a Goat woman may appeal as an oasis to your frenzied Horse’s mind. It will be easy for you to woo a Goat, because your intense passion at the beginning of a relationship will be exactly what a Goat wants.

Horse and Goat Compatibility Horoscope

Horse and Goat Love Compatibility

If these two are lovers, their connection is likely to start off strong, but where it goes from there is anyone’s guess. The Horse tends to be in love with love and throws itself heart-first into a new affair. The dreamy Goat could quite easily be swept off its feet by the Horse’s romantic gestures; this sign needs to feel admired by a lover. Problems may come when the Horse’s restlessness sets in again, urging this sign to move on. The Goat’s sensitive side will likely come to the fore, but since this sign tries to avoid conflict, it may hold its hurt feelings in rather than expressing them. Whatever their relationship becomes, these two are likely to have a very strong physical connection.

Horse Woman and Goat Man Compatibility

A Horse woman has a keen sense of independence and enjoys exploring new walks of life and experiences that keep them guessing and yearning for more. This is idolized by the Goat man, who prefers to stay at home but also has a dreamy and optimistic mind, searching for better times and a better life. According to Chinese astrology Goat men prefer to have an emotional connection with their partner, which is possible with a Horse woman, as long as the Goat allows the Horse her free time and waters her spirit enough.

Horse Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

Horse men do not enjoy feeling constrained when dating, and are capable of fleeing a relationship with a Goat who is too attached or who demands too much emotional affection. However, Horses love extremely intensely in the beginning of relationships, which is what often attracts a Goat woman to begin with when the two first meet or date.

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