Horse and Horse Compatibility

The union of two Horses is a very controversial event. On the one hand, these representatives of the zodiac can smoothly race through life in one team. On the other hand, it is stubbornly torn in different directions. The compatibility of signs determines the existence of a common goal of cooperation. If it is, the partners will agree and possible disagreements will not cause conflicts. If not, interaction will turn into a struggle for leadership that does not involve compromise. In addition, the Chinese horoscope warns: representatives of the fire sign are unable to remake themselves and adapt to their partner. Therefore, they can concede, reconsider decisions only by sincerely loving and respecting the chosen one. Astrologers of the site will tell you how to coexist harmoniously and smooth out the rough edges of the relationship.

Compatibility Horoscope for Horse and Horse

The life of the representatives of the sign is constant noise, fun and "jumps" at a breakneck speed. Horses crave to enjoy life and communication with each other. They love joint travel and extreme recreation. Both are ambitious and strive to excel in their careers. Common interests and hobbies bring people closer together, create a feeling of complete mutual understanding. The compatibility of the Horse with the Horse is favorable and depends only on the desire of the representatives of the zodiac to be together. However, the eastern horoscope notes: if personal and friendly relations promise harmony and comfort, then a joint business is not the best solution. When it comes to money, "horses" are not inclined to show diplomacy and tact. Therefore, it is difficult for them to come to an agreement with each other.

In their personal lives, they are not as aggressive as in the business area. People of the sign are friendly and feel great in each other’s company. The horoscope of compatibility of the Horse and the Horse predicts a harmonious interaction. In a pair, there are no domestic disputes. After all, everyone is rather cool about coziness, comfort and home cooking. There is no desire to cook – they will order food in a restaurant or go to their favorite restaurant themselves to spend a romantic evening. Love and passion for each other are so strong that the couple often seeks to isolate themselves from the outside world. In this the horoscope sees a threat to compatibility. A closed space is contraindicated for representatives of the sign. Even the company of a loved one will soon get bored. Therefore, it is important for lovers not to move away from society and consciously develop their relationships.

Horse Man and Horse Woman

The Horse man loves freedom and independence. He knows how to make money and spends it generously both on himself and on the people he loves. He is bold and determined, but at the same time romantic and vulnerable. He often suffers from his openness and gullibility. Which, however, does not prevent us from maintaining optimism and faith in a better future. He closely monitors his appearance and knows how to impress women of the opposite sex. However, it is difficult for him to find a friend of his heart. Having met the eyes of the woman of her sign, she will feel an incredible attraction and desire to become a faithful knight for a charming lady. A pair of a man Horse and a woman Horse horoscope predicts a passionate romance. Tender feelings for each other will flare up at the moment of meeting and will last as long as the lovers want.

The Horse woman is extravagant and incredibly sociable. However, among the sea of fans around her, she will undoubtedly notice the man of her sign. The flared up feeling will not leave a chance to pass each other. The novel of the woman of the Horse and the man of the Horse is bright, passionate, filled with tender confessions and revelations. Lovers are comfortable together so much that they are ready to forget about the world around them. However, the horoscope warns: it is dangerous to dissolve in each other. After all, the character of both partners will not allow them to be outside the public. To strengthen compatibility, astrologers recommend that the couple go out, travel and not forget about personal affairs and work.

Horse and Horse Business Compatibility

The business horoscope predicts a low compatibility of representatives of the zodiac. Sign people are incredible careerists and leaders by nature. It is difficult for them to work together. After all, everyone, feeling the equality of the opponent, seeks to prove their own superiority. And the result of the work suffers from this. However, if the ultimate goal of work is significant for both, the partners are able to agree and fruitfully "ride in the same team." The compatibility of the Horse with the Horse in work is the higher, the more specifically the tasks of each colleague are defined. For example, if one is engaged in the delivery of goods, and the second is in charge of accounting, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the tandem.

But "horses" know how to make friends and get great pleasure from communicating with each other. They have common interests, hobbies and ways to spend their free time. They are easy-going and ready in a moment to pack up and go on a journey. The horoscope explains the high compatibility of the Horse and the Horse in friendship with the innate inability of comrades to betray. Despite the seeming frivolity, the people of the sign sacredly keep each other’s secrets. They will never use knowledge about the weaknesses or problems of a friend for personal purposes. This kind of friendship lasts for years. There is no force capable of destroying it or shaking the compatibility of friends.

Horse and Horse Love Compatibility

The love horoscope sees the favorable compatibility of partners. An impetuous and passionate romance will smoothly develop into a harmonious and tender relationship. Lovers genuinely care about each other’s feelings and desires. At the same time, everyone understands a certain selfishness and impulsiveness of the partner. Only the absence of a mutual desire to continue cooperation can shake the compatibility of a Horse with a Horse in love. Most often this happens due to a new hobby of one of the partners or the unworthy behavior of one of them. Despite mutual sociability, none of the lovers will tolerate if the partner begins to show signs of attention to the person of the opposite sex. This behavior will be perceived as a personal grievance. Continuing communication will be problematic.

Fortunately, "artiodactyls" intuitively feel each other’s needs both in everyday life and in relationships. Therefore, sincere feelings for each other help to create a strong and lasting union. Relationships in a couple cannot be called smooth. Conflicts and quarrels happen, but partners do not perceive them totally. Both perceive disagreements as a kind of game that diversifies the interaction. Lovers will always come to the aid of each other, support in difficult times. They will never leave the chosen one alone with the problems or troubles that have arisen. The compatibility of the Horse and the Horse in a relationship is high, although from the outside it seems that these windy people are together for a short time.

Horse and Horse Sexual Compatibility

The union is strengthened by the impeccable sexual compatibility of partners. Otherwise, it can not be! After all, a lover with similar needs and preferences will understand and support a sensual and romantic chosen one. Two dreamers and an experimenter in one bed will give each other a sea of pleasure and pleasure. Intimate games are exciting and inspiring. Lovers without embarrassment will find time to retire in the midst of a working day. And the discovery of an intimate wardrobe item in a folder with business papers or in a formal suit pocket is a common occurrence for them. Meanwhile, both are incredibly jealous and the loyalty of the chosen one is a determining factor in sexual harmony.

The compatibility of the Horse with the Horse in bed is tripled on the physical coincidence of partners and on the identity of intimate preferences. The spiritual kinship of lovers is important, but not a prerequisite for mutual satisfaction. People of the sign are more frank in the bedroom than in everyday life. This does not mean that outside the sexual sphere of relationships, partners deceive each other. It’s just that the details of external life are insignificant for them. What can not be said about the nuances of intimate communication. Here they want to know and understand every little thing and need about each other. Such attention is dictated by only one thing – "racers" are sure that true sexual harmony is the guarantee of a happy relationship.

Horse and Horse Family Compatibility

Despite the positive understanding and impeccable sexual compatibility, representatives of the zodiac are in no hurry to marry. The Chinese horoscope explains this by mutual reluctance, even if formally, to limit their own freedom and independence. Meanwhile, the compatibility of the Horse and the Horse in marriage is high. Most often, the decision to visit the registry office is dictated by physical or financial circumstances – the pregnancy of the partner or the need to combine the business. It doesn’t matter what will be the reason for creating a family. One thing is invariable – a responsible attitude towards marriage of both partners guarantees a fruitful and long-term union.

Spouses do not care about the opinions of others, and sometimes even relatives, who often try to teach young people wisdom. The house of the zodiac representatives can hardly be called a cozy nest, because they are completely indifferent to everyday comfort. Bicycles in the living room and skis in the kitchen are common. At the same time, the compatibility of the Horse with the Horse in family life is high and is based on equality and freedom. From the outside it seems that the husband and wife are indifferent to each other. In fact, everyone simply respects the chosen one and trusts his choice. Having a couple of children not only strengthens the union, but also fills the relationship with new emotions and feelings. At the same time, the family life of representatives of the zodiac is always an autonomous love boat, sailing according to its own laws and rules.

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