Horse and Horse Compatibility

Two Horses share an immediate connection: They instantly recognize a similar soul to their own, one that loves movement and stimulation and loathes settling down. Their attraction is likely to be immediate and complete, whether amorous or platonic. Horses love a good time and are witty, scintillating companions; two together is generally just double the fun. Things can get sticky due to the Horse’s famously mercurial nature and its need to be the center of attention. Two Horses might fight for the spotlight or at least occasionally feel overshadowed by one another, and there’s no guarantee that their minds will change at the same time, in the same way.

Horses are flighty, which is no surprise. You tend to gallop from one creative interest to the next. Your mind is as quick as your body, and you love mental exercise just as much as physical. You are like the wild mustang; you value your freedom, and you are passionate, impulsive, and headstrong. If you are a Horse, you may find yourself having trouble relaxing and sleeping. A Horse never wants to stop his mind or body. It’s easy for you to stay up late for parties without sacrificing the quality of the work you do the next day. You have a hard time adhering to a schedule, but at least you work hard and get the job done no matter what!

Horses can multi-task well, but prefer to plunge headlong into one project and work around the clock to finish it before beginning the next. In love, Horses are impulsive and passionate. Horses can find themselves getting hurt because they jump into a relationship before testing the waters. Horses make very devoted lovers…for a time. As a Horse, you will tend to give up everything for your lover, and be intense and passionate, but unfortunately you lose interest quickly, as well. Horses are actually prone to "on again, off again" relationships, because just when you think they’ve lost interest in someone, here they are again, proclaiming undying love! Really, a Horse is just running around so fast he doesn’t quite know what he wants when it comes to love.

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Horse and Horse Love Compatibility

As lovers these two will most likely start out strong. Horses tend to be in love with love and throw themselves into a new romance with great energy, showering a lover with all the gifts and whispered appreciations that attend a proper seduction. However, Horses are the most unpredictable sign of the Chinese zodiac; the only thing one can be sure of is that the Horse will change its mind sometime. This sign loses interest — in a lover, a project, a job — seemingly on whim, and will move on in the blink of an eye. This dynamic works out all right between two Horses, since they both understand the urge to move on, but it doesn’t make for much of a long-term connection.

Horse Woman and Horse Man Compatibility

When Horse signs come in contact with one another, they immediately have a sense of platonic or amorous attraction, whether it is purely physical and sexual or even a mental and emotional connection that they share. Horses enjoy having a free spirit, communicating with others, and getting involved in a wide variety of social activities and gatherings. Although Horses are so similar in Chinese astrology, this can lead to one feeling "overshadowed" or out of the spotlight from the other, leaving a disconnect in the relationship. It is essential to have plenty of active communication going when two Horses are in a friendship or even a romantic or sexual relationship with one another, in order to help with maintaining a completely satisfying relationship over time.

Horse Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

Horses, in the Chinese zodiac, tend to love and enjoy sex more intensely at the beginning of the relationship, which often leads to quite a passionate relationship when two Horses first come together or date. However, because Horses are one of the most unpredictable signs of the Chinese zodiac, in Chinese compatibility it is possible that the Horse can lose interest quickly in any relationship he or she has developed and is currently committed in or dating. It is essential to continue to add new adventures and exciting times into life when two Horse signs have found one another.

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