Horse and Ox Compatibility

Horse and Ox is a complex but promising combination of the Chinese horoscope. The character, worldview, temperament of the representatives of the zodiac are so different that it seems people cannot peacefully coexist. However, the horoscope assures that it is not so. The native elements of the signs – Fire and Earth help to fruitfully cooperate. The Horse gives the Ox energy, optimism, a sense of fullness of life. And that, in turn, stabilizes the surrounding space, gives the zealous Horse zeal of the vector of creation. The two opposites are attracted by the polarity of the signs. Yang of the first and Yin of the second, from the moment they meet, feel spiritual unity, although it is not easy for people to accept the characteristic differences of each other. Astrologers of the site will tell you what will help to increase the compatibility of partners.

Compatibility Horoscope for Horse and Ox

Frisky and restless Horse lives here and now. Setting ambitious goals and tasks from the spot, he rushes into battle in order to complete the work in record time. But if things don’t go well, they will easily refuse it. Therefore, after a while, he often regrets the missed opportunities and his own impatience. The stubborn and unhurried Ox will help the partner not to lose sight of the goal when faced with difficulties, will prompt a solution to complex problems. Convincing that waiting is not equal to failure. The horoscope predicts the favorable compatibility of the Horse with the Ox, if people have a common goal. Otherwise, the matter will not go beyond the "nodding" acquaintance.

The Horse’s sphere of interest is constantly changing. Representatives of the fire sign are attracted by changes and novelty, it is difficult for them to sit still. Acquaintance with the Ox gives them admiration and excitement. Recognizing the incredible hard work and impressive achievements of the new friend, the Horse believes that he lives bored and does not see the bright colors of the world around him. Therefore, he is eager to correct the situation. The Ox gladly takes attention to his own person, carried away by the inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm of his partner. However, with the development of relations, he gets tired of constant movement, wants peace and home comfort. The horoscope of compatibility of the Horse and the Ox advises people of the first sign not to strive to reeducate a partner, but to learn from him patience and perseverance. Then the relationship will have a chance to continue.

Horse Man and Ox Woman

For Horse man and Ox woman, the horoscope predicts high compatibility. Restrained, intelligent lady will win the heart of the zealous Horse and will gladly accept his exquisite courtship. She will not be confused by the impulsiveness and versatility of the man, and he will become the full head of the union. Intimate harmony of partners strengthens compatibility. A gentle and affectionate gentleman will help the lady feel desirable and relax in bed. The horoscope warns a woman: the chosen one will often spend time outside the home. Friends, hobbies – that part of his life that he will not give up. The Horse man will appreciate the understanding and trust of a friend. Therefore, there is no doubt about his loyalty, sincerity and reliability.

Horse Woman and Ox Man

For Horse woman and Ox man, the Chinese horoscope predicts a rapid and passionate romance. An extravagant, smart and cheerful lady from the first minutes of communication will win the heart of a restrained and romantic gentleman. She is attracted by the confidence, strength and consistency of a man. His – the lightness, ease and tenderness of a partner. However, soon the lovers will wake up from the amorous sleep and change their minds about each other. The knight will turn into a boring hard worker, eager to conquer a free nature, and the princess will turn into a frivolous person who flatly refuses to become the keeper of the hearth. Low compatibility of a couple is the result of a mutual desire for leadership. At the same time, the woman is not ready to give in. The horoscope considers that if partners are connected by deep feelings – mutual understanding is possible.

Horse and Ox Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees the high compatibility of the Horse with the Ox at work. Both signs love money, they know how to earn it. They treat work responsibly, although they have different ways of achieving their goals. The former rely on intuition and luck, take risks, make mistakes, but do not lose confidence in themselves. They are great at dealing with sudden problems. The second – prefer not to rush, weigh and think over every step. Hard work and patience help to achieve success. Cooperation of partners is a complementary tandem. True, the former are sometimes irritated by the slowness and caution of a colleague.

But the friendship of representatives of signs is a rare occurrence. They have few common interests and topics for conversation. The Horse loves to spend leisure time in a noisy company, travel and meet new people. The Ox is a homebody and conservative, prefers to rest in a familiar environment. With age, representatives of the first sign slow down and are ready to spend their free time in a calm, comfortable environment. Therefore, the favorable compatibility of the Horse and the Ox in friendship is possible in adulthood.

Horse and Ox Love Compatibility

The love compatibility of the Horse and the Ox depends on many factors, but in general, the horoscope gives a positive prognosis. Mutual attraction is due to the polarity of the signs. At the stage of acquaintance, the combination of Yang and Yin creates the illusion of harmony and mutual understanding. With the development of relations, a difference in character appears, which often becomes the cause of a break. At the same time, the Chinese horoscope sees a chance for a favorable compatibility of the Horse with the Ox in love. The only condition for cooperation is deep feelings for each other and a mutual desire to preserve the relationship.

The mind and intellect of the representatives of the signs helps to find a compromise in controversial issues. Horses are hot-tempered and impulsive, they can accidentally offend a partner. However, reconciliation is also easy. The Ox understands the impulsive nature of the chosen one, is not prone to resentment and rancor. Calmly and unobtrusively, he will point out mistakes to the partner, help to correct them. The stronger the mutual feelings, the higher the compatibility of the Horse and the Ox in a relationship. True, the "grinding" period can last up to three years. The horoscope assures that if people of signs are ready to work on themselves, their family union will bring happiness and satisfaction.

Horse and Ox Sexual Compatibility

High sexual compatibility of partners contributes to a favorable relationship. The novel will flare up with lightning speed, whirling both in a whirlwind of passion and violent emotions. Lovers feel each other’s needs and are ready to give the chosen one what he expects. However, at the start, you will have to work first. After all, people of the second sign are shy and not immediately ready to open up to a partner. The Horse feels this, therefore, with tenderness and affection, he will quickly be able to liberate his beloved, and he will immediately reciprocate.

Only the lack of sincere feelings for each other can shake the compatibility of the Horse with the Ox in bed. And this indicator will manifest itself when the storm of passionate emotions is left behind. After going through a period of falling in love and sexual euphoria, the Horse and the Ox either break up or move to a new level of relationship. After all, the lack of spiritual intimacy will make the behavior of the former in bed selfish, and the latter will lose sexual interest in a partner. The older the lovers, the higher the chance of continued interaction. Realizing that they are connected not only by intimate interest, representatives of the signs are ready to compromise for the well-being of the union.

Horse and Ox Family Compatibility

Lovers can live comfortably together for many years. However, they rarely decide to notify the state about their relationship. They are not so much afraid of marriage as they consider such an event meaningless. Often the reason for creating a family is some circumstance, for example, the pregnancy of a partner. The horoscope sees the high compatibility of the Horse and the Ox in marriage, if the spouses immediately agree on the responsibilities and powers of each other. The first ones value material well-being, they are ready to work for the good of the family. At the same time, they are very indifferent to life and place of residence. The second – adherents of home comfort, love comfort and quiet family evenings in their own home.

The family horoscope advises spouses to discuss in advance global issues of life together. Decide who makes money, and who leads the life, is engaged in raising children. Agree on the place of the family’s dislocation – own or rented housing. The union of zodiac representatives is unique in that people do not divide family responsibilities into "male" and "female" ones. Everyone is ready to do what he does best. At the same time, the horoscope indicates one circumstance that can violate the compatibility of the Horse with the Ox in family life – a mutual sense of ownership towards a partner. Jealousy will destroy even the warmest relationship. Therefore, the advice for both is more trust and respect for each other. The horoscope assures that treason is a rarity in this union.

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