Horse and Pig Compatibility

The Horse and the Pig can make a good pair if they both commit themselves to some extra work at understanding their differences. These two might be very attracted to one another; the Horse is always noticeable in social situations, being a fun and witty type that naturally seeks out the spotlight. The Horse exudes a raw sexual magnetism that the Pig, possessing a sensual nature, will respond to. The Pig is also quite generous and honorable and tends to see only the best parts of others’ natures. However, the longer the relationship goes on between these two the more each sign will have to make efforts to be accommodating.

As a Horse, you throw yourself into things completely. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and your blunt honesty sometimes offends. You need a partner that will not be easily hurt by your brutal honesty. You are often found to be the center of attention, and you thrive on this attention. You have a deep need for socializing with a circle of friends, and you enjoy novelty and adventure.

You are good with money, but not very good at keeping track of other details. You work hard at things to which you have truly committed yourself, but tend to be distracted by new tasks or new love interests. This can make you a difficult mate, especially when you are young, because you have a tendency toward a wandering eye. Your enthusiasm inspires others, and you have no problem wooing whomever you like, because your love and passion are truly breathtaking at the beginning of a relationship when you find yourself swept away.

If you have fallen in love with a Pig, you should know that Pigs are just as fond of socializing as you. You may have noticed a female Pig at all the same parties as you, although Pigs are not found in the spotlight. Pigs are great friends, listeners, and supporters, and they will always be found just to the side of any drama, supporting the main players and trying to achieve peace. You will never find Pigs at the center of the drama themselves, as they hate conflict.

Pigs will take a long time to reach decisions, weighing all the pros and cons carefully, and then will work hard at a project until it is done. You may admire the Pig’s steadiness, which is something you yourself lack. Pigs are not stupid, but they are gullible. They are so trustworthy themselves that it never occurs to them to doubt others. A Pig is a great partner for a Horse. You love attention, and a Pig will shower you with it. You love to socialize, and a Pig will be happy to go along. She will support you, and help you finish projects you would be tempted to cast aside. You need to be careful that you don’t break a Pig’s heart.

Horse and Pig Compatibility Horoscope

Horse and Pig Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two might run into problems, especially if they live together. The Pig generally wants things quiet and, above all, steady. Those are about the opposite of the Horse’s preferred state of being; this sign has high energy and a quick mind that moves from one thing to the next at an alarming pace. The Horse tends to fall in love with love and, at the beginning of the relationship, will woo the Pig with sensual, romantic delights; however, after a time the Horse may begin to lose interest, at which point its innate restlessness will set in again. The Pig holds close friends and family most dear and may take it quite hard if the Horse decides to leave. The Pig can also be rather vindictive when it feels it has been wronged by a lover.

Horse Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

Both Pigs and Horses enjoy social gatherings in Chinese astrology, especially a Horse woman and a Pig man, making them a fun match for one another. While the Horse is in love with being in love, this gives the Pig man a chance to shower her with affection, lavish gifts, and spending time with one another. Although a Horse woman is capable of handling finances and can easily adapt once committed to a relationship, the Pig man must always be cautious of the Horse’s actions to ensure she is not eyeing other men and potential relationships, as Horses prefer to keep their lives without commitment, with platonic friends and romantic or sexual relationships.

Horse Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

A Horse man enjoys having his free time and exploring new areas of life according to the Chinese horoscope, whereas a Pig woman prefers stability complete with love and harmony, although she is quite flexible and understanding to the Horse’s needs. Horses are quite blunt with their words and actions, which can hurt the feelings of a Pig woman, unless she is able to rationalize the Horse’s behavior to later reflect on it. With enough communication and effort on both parts of the relationship, it is possible for the two to have a long-lasting partnership, depending on each of their own wants and desires.

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