Horse and Rat Compatibility

Horse and Rat are a contradictory combination of the zodiac. However, with a mutual desire of partners to cooperate, the Chinese horoscope predicts favorable compatibility. Impulsive and straightforward representatives of the first sign do not differ in the sequence of actions, they often change hobbies. Temperamental in love and assertive in business, they quickly "cool down" to the idea that recently occupied all consciousness. People of the second sign, on the contrary, are thoughtful and reasonable. They systematically go to the intended goal, overcoming obstacles. At the same time, in a relationship, they act as incredible owners, which the Horses categorically do not accept. Can such different personalities coexist harmoniously? Astrologers of the site assure – they can, and tell how to reach mutual understanding.

Compatibility Horoscope for Horse and Rat

The difference in life views and interests does not interfere with the compatibility of the Horse with the Rat. If desired, people will agree, they will compromise. However, up to this point, they will gain life experience, learn from their own mistakes. Therefore, building relationships at a young age is unlikely to work. Closer to thirty years, the Horse will understand – it is not necessary to directly and sharply express his opinion to the opponent. If you listen to his position and calmly bring your own arguments, the conflict can be avoided. The rat, growing up, recognizes the partner’s right to personal freedom. However, he will not cease to control the chosen one, albeit secretly. If they present the first sign, they will understand that such behavior is not the result of mistrust, but a character trait, then they will get along with the suspicious Rat.

The external dissimilarity of people of signs does not prevent them from easily communicating, doing business together, maintaining friendly relations. The horoscope of compatibility of the Horse and the Rat explains such a metamorphosis by the single polarity of the signs – Yang. The male energy of partners helps to subconsciously feel the moods, intentions, hidden desires of each other. Outside the sphere of personal relationships, no strict requirements are imposed on the opponent. For example, the Rat does not care about how a colleague of the first sign spends his free time. And the Horse will not be indignant if the partner of the second sign indicates an error in the work. In personal relationships, it is different – everyone considers himself perfect and reacts painfully to comments and restrictions. The compatibility vector depends on the sex of the partners.

Horse Man and Rat Woman

The Horse man decides at first sight, the Rat woman is his dream and wants to give her the whole world. An elegant, restrained, independent lady will cause an irresistible desire to win her affection and love. However, it will not work to attract the attention of the touchy with the generous gift of the moon from the sky. The sweet beauty is practical and forward-looking. Therefore, he will never choose a “prince” below himself in terms of status and financial position as a partner in life. The compatibility of a pair of Horse man and Rat woman directly depends on the well-being of the gentleman. If the union takes place, the friend will become a faithful and caring wife. True, a man will be upset by some aloofness of his chosen one, but conflicts on this basis are rare. If he accepts this feature of a friend, the horoscope promises favorable compatibility.

Horse Woman and Rat Man

An impulsive and extraordinary woman Horse attracts a sensible and unhurried Rat man. A passionate romance will break out instantly. The cavalier decides that the heart of his beloved is conquered and wants to lead the pair. Here the idyll will end, compatibility will be shaken. The lady is not inclined to give in, admit mistakes and will not allow herself to be controlled. Household chores are alien to her and is not seduced by the status of the keeper of the hearth. The man on the contrary loves comfort, peace, family evenings. The only thing that unites and supports interaction is high compatibility in sex. The horoscope sees a favorable union if the Horse gives the companion a leading role. Having endured a difficult period of "grinding", loving people will agree. The horoscope assures that the compatibility of the woman Horse and the man Rat depends entirely on the lady.

Horse and Rat Business Compatibility

A business horoscope foresees a favorable compatibility of signs. The purposeful and impetuous Horse is impressed by the hardworking and resourceful Rat. They complement each other perfectly. They know how to negotiate, jointly solve business issues. Representatives of the first sign see the goal and know what to do to achieve it. However, details are often overlooked and sometimes lead to annoying mistakes. A colleague of the second sign will take into account every little thing, develop phased tactics of action. At the same time, he will not reproach the "horse" for inattention and haste. The compatibility of the Horse with the Rat in the work is higher if the representatives of the first sign occupy a leading position.

A friendly horoscope sees a harmonious, complementary tandem. A determined and emotional Horse is comfortable next to a careful and thoughtful Rat. However, the "rodent" often does not understand a comrade who is ready to jump off the spot at one moment and go in search of adventure. And the former are sometimes annoyed by the prudence and slowness of a friend. Disagreements are leveled and compatibility increases if they have a single job or hobby, where the qualities of each friend are in demand. For example, a journalist and cameraman, pilot and navigator in auto racing. If there are no common activities, the compatibility of the Horse and the Rat in friendship tends to zero. Neither one nor the other will tolerate disagreements just like that.

Horse and Rat Love Compatibility

Astrologers see the prospect of Horse and Rat compatibility in love in two ways. Love horoscope prophesies a complete idyll at the start of a relationship. A swift and sensual romance will turn both heads. The difference in views will be lost against the background of falling in love and will not affect the compatibility of the couple. After reducing the degree of mutual passion, the relationship will either come to naught, or go to the level of “grinding”. If lovers are united only by intimacy, the chances of continued interaction are small. It is hardly possible to understand and accept each other’s character traits. The presence of a spiritual bond between partners increases compatibility and opens up the possibility of creating a harmonious union.

The compatibility of a Horse with a Rat in a relationship depends on the willingness of both to compromise, to change some of their own views and behavioral stereotypes. The representatives of the signs are mutually stubborn and not inclined to admit the correctness of the partner, even with strong arguments. At the same time, "rodents" often cunning and manipulate the chosen one. At first, such actions go unnoticed, but over time, "horses" recognize insincerity. This will be the end of the relationship, because Horses do not tolerate deception. The horoscope advises the Rats to abandon such tricks, to act openly and not consider their lover more stupid than themselves. Only mutual trust and respect can seal the union.

Horse and Rat Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility of a couple at the beginning of a relationship is beyond doubt. The horse, having lost his head from passion, shows himself to be an excellent lover. The rat, delighted with an unforgettable sex, reciprocates. The former are confident in their irresistibility, and the abundance of sexual fantasies eliminates boredom in bed. We are ready to "get" a lover at any time and under any circumstances. The second are convinced that it is exclusively they who excite passion, emotionality, sensuality in a partner. They give the chosen one tenderness, affection, with pleasure they help to embody sexual fantasies.

Intimate compatibility gives rise to tenderness and attentiveness to each other. People of signs love to diversify their sex life. For example, in search of new sensations, they will go to a neighboring city just to spend an unforgettable night in a hotel. However, after a while, the flame of passion weakens, the compatibility of the Horse and the Rat in bed decreases. The former are so eager to get pleasure that they often forget about the needs of the partner. The latter, without embarrassment, will make a scandal, accusing the lover of selfishness. And here is the difference of characters, the inability to give in and listen to the opinions of each other, enter the scene. Relationships often fall apart at this stage. The horoscope advises Horses not to neglect the intimate needs of a partner. Then the Rat will become a faithful and reliable life companion.

Horse and Rat Family Compatibility

The marriage of a Horse and a Rat is a troublesome event. Without a mutual desire to build a harmonious union, life together will not last long. Both partners are strong and freedom-loving, strive for leadership in a pair. Your own desires take precedence over the needs of your spouse. The horoscope considers the compatibility of the Horse with the Rat in marriage to be favorable if the representatives of the zodiac recognize mutual identity and begin to interact from a position of equality. Having learned to respect each other’s desires, to compromise – people of signs are able to create a strong family.

At the same time, one should not create illusions that family life will flow as a quiet and calm river. The relationship of the Horse and the Rat is always like a torrent. At the same time, the vector of compatibility is constantly changing. Today, spouses love each other to a frenzy, and tomorrow they hate each other furiously. The older the spouses become, the more often they are ready to make concessions, the higher compatibility becomes. The well-being of the Horse and the Rat in family life depends only on their desire to maintain the union. In one thing, the horoscope assures for sure – these people will never be indifferent to each other.

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