Horse and Rooster Compatibility

The Horse and the Rooster are a strange couple. Interact with each other in frank conflicts. The passion that flared up at the meeting creates the illusion of mutual understanding and harmony. However, communication is difficult due to different life views and behavioral stereotypes. The first are aimed at a career, success, prosperity. They do not throw words to the wind and prefer to be admired for real deeds and actions. The latter do not like to work, but they love to shine in public. Often in conversations, they exaggerate their own merits. And at first it is difficult to understand what is true and what is fiction. Such behavior and attitude towards life quickly begins to irritate the Horse and the interaction is often interrupted. Astrologers at will tell you how to overcome communication difficulties and establish harmonious relationships.

Compatibility Horoscope for Horse and Rooster

The compatibility of the Horse with the Rooster is average, since it is difficult for partners to understand each other’s behavior. In addition, both are of the opinion that you always need to speak only the truth and adjust to the interests of someone is a thankless task. At the same time, representatives of the zodiac are drawn to each other. This is due to the opposite polarity of the signs. The male energy of Yang of the first, like a magnet, attracts the female principle of the latter – Yin. People converge quickly, finding common interests and topics of conversation. Sexual magnetism often gives rise to love at first sight. However, they also quickly lose interest in each other.

The horoscope of compatibility of the Horse and the Rooster sees a favorable scenario for the development of events. But this requires a driving element – a mutual and sincere desire of people to be together and build harmonious relationships. In this alliance, efforts on each side are indispensable. Horses are advised to show condescension to a companion who loves to show off and present themselves from a not entirely truthful side. After all, this is not done out of malicious intent, but from the desire to satisfy the need for recognition and to be close to those who like it. Roosters should accept the love of freedom and the desire of the Horse to reach unprecedented heights in their careers. That excludes the opportunity to devote all your time to relationships. The sex of the partners affects compatibility. In this case, the decision on the possibility or impossibility of interaction is most often made by the Horse.

Horse Man and Rooster Woman

The Horse man is attracted by the bright and extravagant Rooster woman. A friend’s cheerful disposition helps not to focus on the opposites of characters. In addition, a lady in love strives to fully satisfy the needs of her beloved both in everyday life and in sex. The stars predict favorable compatibility for the couple. The Horse man and the Rooster woman will easily come to an agreement if the lady does not become jealous and control the chosen one. And such a desire will arise. After all, a prominent, elegant and intelligent gentleman attracts the attention of the opposite sex. He has many girlfriends and girlfriends who are happy to communicate with him. The horoscope advises the Rooster woman not to fall into despair, but to share the interests of her lover and more often agree to adventurous offers. Then the desire to spend time in the company of other ladies will disappear.

Horse Woman and Rooster Man

The Horse woman and the Rooster man do not differ in the ability to listen and understand each other. However, this does not prevent them from having fun and indulging in love pleasures. Compatibility is lower than the opposite pair. Indeed, in this union, the "traction" element will be the lady. And whether she wants to take on this role is a question. A cavalier in the order of things perceives the leading role of a friend. He is not embarrassed that she earns more, is popular with other men. After all, the Rooster is so confident in his irresistibility that he does not allow another thought. The level of compatibility of a couple directly depends on the strength of the feelings of the partner. If they are strong, there will be a union. If a lady does not feel the desire to be a leader, she will soon end the relationship, despite impeccable sexual compatibility.

Horse and Rooster Business Compatibility

The business horoscope shows the average compatibility of the Horse with the Rooster at work. The first ones are eager to fight and strive for the set goal, despite the difficulties. The latter are ready to abandon their plans at the first failure. Horses do not understand this behavior and are annoyed when a colleague becomes discouraged and refuses to work. And this happens often. However, if the Rooster is sincerely interested in the end result of labor, he will become an indispensable assistant to the "horse" always galloping ahead. People of the second sign are ready to work in full force, provided that their efforts are appreciated. In this case, moral encouragement plays no less role than material reward. The horoscope advises the first to tell a colleague more often how great his role is in the common cause. Then the vain "bird" will spread its wings and bring many benefits.

A friendly horoscope predicts a complete idyll of the tandem. The zodiac representatives are similar in their free time habits. They love noisy companies and non-trivial parties. Both are ready to take off and go on a trip, even if for a couple of days. Horse and Rooster compatibility in friendship is built on freedom and lack of commitment. In addition, comrades are united not only by existing common interests, but also by the ability to come up with and realize new hobbies. However, there is a nuance – the compatibility of a friendly union is threatened by the different behavior of representatives of signs in difficult situations. If the former, in spite of the obstacles, rush to rescue a comrade, then the latter are burdened by such a necessity. The horse may regard this as a betrayal and stop communicating.

Horse and Rooster Love Compatibility

The love horoscope predicts a harmonious and colorful cooperation for a couple. Representatives of the zodiac not only perfectly understand, but also intuitively feel each other. The compatibility of a Horse with a Rooster in love is based on common intimate needs and physical coincidence of partners. The novel is developing rapidly and emotionally. It’s normal for this couple to be in bed on the first date. Moreover, neither will consider such behavior inappropriate, because both believe that fighting passion is an unreasonable occupation. Bright sex and a state of love keep the Horse and Rooster together for some time. However, soon a difference in character and an inability to compromise for the sake of maintaining a relationship is manifested.

Partners will have to work hard for the benefit of a comfortable coexistence. In this alliance, rarely something will be decided by itself. The compatibility of the Horse and the Rooster in a relationship is based on the ability of lovers not only to accept each other’s shortcomings, but also to see in a partner an opportunity for their own improvement. The horoscope advises to understand: the Horse teaches the chosen one of resilience and responsibility, the Rooster gives the efforts of an impulsive companion a so necessary vector. The negative side of the tandem is the mutual straightforwardness of the partners. It is difficult for them not to break into a scandal and scream when they cannot come to a consensus. However, with age, the compatibility of the couple grows stronger. The former are becoming more accurate in their statements. The latter cease to be offended by fair, but harsh remarks.

Horse and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

High sexual compatibility of partners helps not to run away after a couple of months of communication. The intimate sphere of life for the representatives of the zodiac is of particular value. Harmony and understanding in bed are necessary for the Horse and the Rooster for the productive implementation of career and creative plans. The sexual needs of lovers are the same. Therefore, the Chinese horoscope predicts a favorable compatibility of a couple in bed.

In the bedroom, representatives of the signs feel relaxed and confident. Horses are incredible visionaries and experimenters. All their lives they strive for new intimate sensations. Roosters like this behavior. They themselves take the initiative with pleasure, pleasantly surprising the Horse. Tenderness and passion literally dissolve lovers in each other, overshadowing everyday disagreements and everyday problems. The positive compatibility of the Horse with the Rooster in bed helps not only to maintain a relationship, but also often brings lovers to the registry office.

Horse and Rooster Family Compatibility

The marriage of a Horse and a Rooster is a frequent occurrence. But the durability of the union does not inspire confidence. The spouses will have an impressive period of "grinding in" and breaking the stereotypes of behavior characteristic of each. Those who survived the test will have a happy marriage for many years. Those who refuse to adjust their life attitudes and their own habits will most likely have to leave. The compatibility of the Horse and the Rooster in marriage is stronger if both spouses have the experience of a joint relationship. Life lessons and mistakes help to cope with mutual selfishness and the desire to adjust a partner for yourself. The horoscope assures: the higher the spiritual component of the relationship, the higher the compatibility of spouses. Common hobbies and a willingness to provide each other with relative freedom in marriage help to achieve unity.

The family life of the Horse and the Rooster is a sailboat driven by an ever-changing wind. Today – mutual understanding, gentle kisses and hugs. Tomorrow – a scandal with a crockery fight and a terrible silence. True, this behavior is typical for young spouses. In this they find a certain drive and source of energy. The horoscope will assure that such a "swing" will gradually slow down, and the relationship will stabilize. However, the compatibility of the Horse with the Rooster in family life is threatened by the impulsiveness inherent in both spouses. In a fit of anger and resentment, everyone is able to go in search of happiness on the side. This will ruin the relationship. The first betrayals are not forgiven. The second – sometimes they are ready to accept the sincere repentance of the guilty spouse, but they will often recall the offense.

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