Horse and Tiger Compatibility

The Horse and the Tiger make a very good match due to their similarly sunny, optimistic and fun outlooks on life. As a pair, whether they’re friends, lovers or business partners, these two are likely to be found out on the town together, tending to their active social lives or doing good works in the community — anything that increases their pool of friends and contacts and spreads their positive message. The Tiger might seem to be the leader in this relationship, as this sign likes to be in charge, leading the way with its courageous heart; however, the Horse is quite active and independent as well and is no follower. A great dynamic between these two is that they share similar goals and interests, so a leader isn’t necessary — they’re heading for the same places.

Horses have a lot in common with their animal counterparts; they love to gallop into new tasks, and just like horses will run into the wind, Horse people will throw themselves right into a challenge. Horses have the strength and stamina to finish anything they start, but sometimes they don’t have the interest. Details often escape Horses, who think that their sheer love of life and enthusiasm should be enough to see them through. Often, it is, and Horses can often be seen at the center of a crowd.

As a Horse, you let your emotions lead you and you wear your heart on your sleeve. Unfortunately, you can follow your emotions into disaster, as well. Just as Romeo forgot all about Rosaline upon seeing Juliet, so can you sometimes forsake one love for another as easily as the wind changes direction. When you do fully commit yourself to something, however, your energy allows you to take it through to the very end.

If a Tiger has caught your eye, it is no surprise. Tigers are magnetic. When one walks into the room, you can’t keep your eyes off of her. She shares your energy, but keeps hers tightly inside, coiled and ready to spring. You likely love your Tiger’s rebelliousness and ability to tackle anything, no matter how difficult. Tigers are supremely confident. No matter what they take on, they do it with intensity. Tigers do not give up, even if they are fighting against all of society for what they know is right.

If a Tiger is hurt or wounded it is game over for a time. She needs to be fussed over and receive a good deal of support and sympathy. The partner of a Tiger must be intuitive; most of the time she wants to take the lead, but you need to know when she suddenly needs to your take over and take care of her. Tigers are attracted to emotional drama, and it seems to find them no matter what. You do not want to mess with someone a Tiger loves.

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Horse and Tiger Love Compatibility

Their mutual need for independence is one major characteristic the Tiger and the Horse have in common, and it’s one that keeps their relationship fresh and unrestrictive for both. The Horse, especially, has the tendency to bolt when anyone tries to fence it in with obligations or expectations. The Tiger shares this tendency (perhaps to a lesser degree) and both signs understand the need to be able to do things their own way, to roam where and when they want to. As lovers, their relationship is likely to be quite mutually satisfying — but perhaps a bit short-lived. The Horse is famously mercurial in its tastes; it is in love with love and romance but changes its mind on whim. The Tiger, possessing a noble and warm-hearted nature, may be a bit more dependable in romance than the Horse.

Horse Woman and Tiger Man Compatibility

The Tiger man enjoys being with a Horse woman when dating, especially if she allows him to take on the masculine role of the relationship. Because the Tiger respects the Horse woman’s freedom, she is always interested in staying loyal and making the relationship last.

Horse Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Tiger woman and Horse man can have a fun and exciting relationship, and both are okay with the relationship being non-committal in many cases when following Shengxiao. The Tiger woman and Horse man are not very good with finances, which may cause trouble to arise in the relationship according to Chinese horoscope.

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