Horse and Tiger Compatibility

The Horse and the Tiger are an example of the perfect union of the unity of opposites. The first ones have a bright appearance, are incredibly sociable, love active leisure and cultural events. They take life lightly, preferring to enjoy it here and now. The second are wayward rebels who disregard public opinion. At the same time, they are distinguished by generosity and benevolence. The nature of the relationship depends on the changeable mood of the representatives of the second sign. A cute "kitten" in a minute can turn into a ferocious "predator". And it is not easy to predict the event that changed the mood vector. Astrologers of the site will tell you how to smooth out the rough edges of relationships and achieve harmonious coexistence of partners.

Compatibility Horoscope for Horse and Tiger

Despite the difference in characters and worldview, the compatibility of the Horse with the Tiger is high. Such bright and extraordinary personalities are attracted to each other by a single polarity of signs - Yang. At the same time, magnetism is based not on sexual attraction, but on the commonality of global life values and spiritual interests. The horoscope states: a purposeful Horse can easily cope with the fickleness and some aggressiveness of the Tiger. And the "striped predator" will add productivity and meaning to your partner’s rapid run. Indeed, in addition to the mutual attraction of these people, they are united by a mutual desire for stability and material well-being.

The horoscope of compatibility of the Horse and the Tiger predicts a harmonious, complementary union in both business and love spheres. After all, representatives of both signs strive for perfection, albeit in different ways. At the same time, everyone, feeling a like-minded person next to them, is ready to give up some principles and make a compromise. However, if for compatibility in business one argument is sufficient - personal material well-being, then in a love relationship one cannot do without sincere feelings, unconditional trust and reasonable admiration for each other. The Horse and Tiger love compliments, but they hate when the praise is not true. The gender of partners does not affect compatibility, but determines the nature of the relationship.

Horse Man and Tiger Woman

The union of a Horse man and a Tiger woman is distinguished by freedom and ease of communication. From the outside it seems that everyone has their own life, but they are found only in the bedroom. Mutual attraction at the start of a relationship is reinforced by the lady’s wisdom and foresight. She will entrust the Horse with the role of leader without a fight. At the same time, he will softly and unobtrusively correct his impulsiveness and "accidentally" show favorable directions in his work. Very soon, the Tiger woman will become a muse for the Horse man, without which business feats are impossible. The horoscope warns: freedom of relations applies to all spheres, except for intimacy. Betrayal of any of the partners will destroy the compatibility of the couple and it is unlikely that it will be possible to restore the former well-being.

Horse Woman and Tiger Man

The Horse woman and the Tiger man feel complete mutual understanding from the moment they meet. The compatibility of the couple enhances the physical coincidence of partners and the unity of sexual preferences. Therefore, they often surprise others with the decision to legalize the relationship after a couple of months of communication. The union of the woman of the Horse and the man of the Tiger is favorable and fruitful. The partner will outline general plans and selflessly begin to implement them. The lady will support her beloved not only morally, but also with deeds. At the same time, over the years, romanticism and tenderness for each other will not disappear. Unlike the opposite couple, there is less freedom in this union. A man and a woman prefer to do everything together, they have the same interests and hobbies.

Horse and Tiger Business Compatibility

The business horoscope predicts a fruitful tandem, driven by one goal - material well-being. Colleagues will listen to each other’s opinions and come to an agreement. At the same time, there is an element of competition in the working relationship of the Horse and the Tiger. However, they are not capable of meanness and betrayal. Conflicts are possible if the representatives of the first sign begin to be lazy and try to shift their part of the responsibilities to the partner. The compatibility of the Horse with the Tiger in work is higher if the latter have the official status of the leader.

Friendship of a Horse with a Tiger at a young age is unlikely. The first are repelled by the straightforwardness, and sometimes the rudeness of their comrade. The second are outraged by the impulsiveness and frivolity of the opponent. Over the years, the difference in characters is smoothed out and the representatives of the signs find a common language. The compatibility of the Horse and the Tiger in friendship is based on common hobbies. If they are, the comrades are happy to spend time together. At the same time, we are always ready to help out and support each other both morally and financially. The first, getting used to the directness of the second, realize that it is unlikely that they will be able to find the best like-minded person.

Horse and Tiger Love Compatibility

The love horoscope predicts a complete idyll. Sign people meet each other’s needs both intellectually and sexually. The Romantic Horse likes the generosity of the practical Tiger. From the moment they meet, lovers experience an inexplicable attraction to each other. They crave both spiritual and intimacy. At the same time, they rarely lose their head from the novel. The sober mind of both often leads to the thought: with this person I will be fine. Therefore, the compatibility of the Horse with the Tiger in love is high. True, at a young age, they are not attracted by family values. Romantic evenings, travel, common hobbies - this is what suits both.

In their relationship, everything is logical and simple. Partners rarely argue and conflict. Everyone accepts the personality traits of a partner, and a mutual sense of humor helps to nullify any disagreements. The favorable compatibility of the Horse and the Tiger in a relationship is based on mutual love and the ability not to fight, but to accept each other’s shortcomings. At the same time, everyone is ready to meet the chosen one if he reciprocates. By their mature years, lovers are ready to enter into a marriage union. After all, partners are connected not only by emotional and psychological unity, but also by passionate intimacy.

Horse and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility of the Horse with the Tiger is so high that they cannot imagine existence without each other. Mutual liberation in bed gives pleasure and satisfaction from communication. Both dreamers and experimenters. They feel comfortable both in a romantic retreat and in an extreme setting. However, they do not like to demonstrate their relationship to others. They are excited by the state of mystery. For example, the deliberate coldness of the Tiger in public gives rise to an irresistible desire in the Horse to immediately retire. And the "predator" loses its head from the intimate hints of the beloved Horse that are invisible to an outsider’s eye.

The sexual life of lovers is sensual and emotional. Today they enjoy each other in a cozy bedroom, and tomorrow they indulge in pleasures in a car parked by a supermarket. The unity of opposites also manifests itself in sex. The Horse considers intimate compatibility to be the source of harmonious relationships. On the contrary, the Tiger sees in it a logical continuation of spiritual unity. Such a difference of opinion does not prevent lovers from enjoying each other, bathing in a sea of erotic harmony. The peculiarity of the couple is that over the years, the compatibility of the Horse with the Tiger in bed grows.

Horse and Tiger Family Compatibility

Official marriage is a natural continuation of interaction. This is not to say that married life will become a cloudless event. Impulsive Horses are tough at times. Uncompromising Tigers sometimes "release their claws." At the same time, partners love each other so much that they know how to restrain negative emotions. At least, they are ready to admit their own mistakes and go for reconciliation. The compatibility of the Horse and the Tiger in marriage is based on a mutual desire to be together and an understanding of how different they are.

The guarantee of family well-being is equality and trust. It doesn’t matter who becomes the earner, and who takes over the household chores. The main thing is that the proportionality of duties is fair. The horoscope sees the only reason that can destroy the compatibility of the Horse with the Tiger in family life - this is jealousy. Both spouses are bright personalities and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Everyone is an incredible owner. At the same time, if the Horse does not mind the innocent flirting of the second half, then the Tiger is not ready to share the chosen one with anyone, even in the mode of friendly communication. Therefore, the horoscope advises the partner of the first sign not to provoke the companion’s jealousy. A seed of doubt can destroy peace and well-being.

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