Monkey Compatibility

Monkeys are fun and loving persons who are always cheerful and energetic. They are very clever. Give a monkey a boring book to read and he’ll turn it into a Musical. Better yet, he’ll invite everyone to see it free! That’s how talented, creative and generous monkeys usually are. If you go to a party, you’ll find Monkeys at the center of attention. Their charm and humour is the key to their popularity.

They are usually erratic geniuses. They are remarkably inventive and original, and can solve the most difficult problems with a lot of ease. They want to do things rigth away, and if they do not start fast they will become discouraged. Even if they are good at making decisions, they will tend to look down on others for advice. They also have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories.

The always charming, super-energized Monkey is the partier of the Chinese Zodiac. Monkeys have an insatiable appetite for fun and activity. Having a good time comes very easily for them in any crowd. They are optimistic, witty and blessed with a razor sharp mind. While Monkeys love to be the center of attention, they are good listeners as well. Their bottomless curiosity ensures they will be knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. Their intelligence allows them to address complex tasks and situations with ease. Monkeys are show-offs who love nothing more than to bedazzle those around them with their antics.

Most Monkeys do not have a highly developed sense of morality. Indeed, if its fun, they’ll do it. Their primary goal is the pursuit of their own pleasure. Monkeys make pleasurable, exhilarating lovers, but beware of the possibility they will stray. Monkeys will try anything once, and if it is the slightest bit entertaining are sure to try it again. Of similar character to the "monkeys", people "born in the years of the snake and tiger seldom make friends with them, and "tigers" are especially careful not to get involved in the affairs of "monkeys," for this may make them open to attack.

Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Monkey Love Compatibility

Monkey and RAT: Very compatible together. Highly successful union. Have deep and strong affinity for one another. Will find love and contentment.

Monkey and OX: HAve mutual reservations about each other. No deep or lasting ties. Communication barriers. Moderately good relations at best.

Monkey and TIGER: Strong clashes and rivalry. Will not comprehend each other. Mutually suspicious. No areas of common interest. Highly incompatible.

Monkey and RABBIT: Some petty differences and rivalry. Cannot achieve complete understanding of each other. Will tolerate each other moderately.

Monkey and DRAGON: One of the best unions. Mutual love and understanding of each other. Very strong affinity in love and business relations. Prosperous and successful team.

Monkey and SNAKE: No special degree of attraction. May have communication problems. The presence of mutual suspicions and inability to make concessions affect both sides.

Monkey and HORSE: Acceptable and congenial union to a favorable extent. Will have practical need for each other only. No struggles for dominance.

Monkey and GOAT: Will not have strong need or understanding for one another. Cordial to relatively cool relations in marriage and business.

Monkey and MONKEY: Could work together successfully as a team. Have areas of similar interest. Favorable to good relations in love and business. No strong rivalry.

Monkey and ROOSTER: Will be able to communicate to a certain degree only. Will tolerate each other if mutual cooperation is required. Cool ties.

Monkey and DOG: Mutual respect and friendly feelings for one another. Will cooperate to a good extent. No underlying animosities.

Monkey and PIG: Share common areas of interest. No difficulties in relating to each other. Fairly good relations in love and business. No large clashes.

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