Monkey and Dog Compatibility

The Monkey and the Dog have some fundamental differences in their natures, but their similarly high energy levels and love of activity make theirs an easy relationship. The Monkey is a fun-loving sign and is always ready for a new adventure; the Dog will appreciate this sensibility and will love being the Monkey’s running mate, so to speak. The Dog has a more serious heart and soul than does the Monkey but is generally an affable, lighthearted sort. Sometimes the Dog needs to run off and be alone to nurse a sudden mood swing, but this will be no problem for the Monkey, who may be so busy with its own pursuits that it doesn’t even notice the Dog’s absence!

As a Monkey, you have a history of trickery, and sometimes even dishonesty. You don’t have problems twisting the truth when it suits your ends and helps you to accomplish your latest of many schemes. You are clever, but your talent lays in your cunning and ability to manipulate others to seeing your point of view and doing what you want. You don’t have a problem working hard when it comes to something you truly want, but you have a hard time knowing just what it is you do want! As a result, you tend to break hearts. You start relationships with the best of intentions, but fall out of love just about as quickly as you fall in. It’s due mostly to your short attention span, and you are capable of maintaining relationships if you put some conscious effort in.

Dogs are faithful, steady human beings. A female Dog is a wonderful person; she is dependable and willing to commit herself to you until the end. She fiercely guards her home and family, and provides a lot of support. Dogs are pessimists, and can be anxious. That’s because everywhere they look they see potential threats to their home. Dogs need reassurance, and need a partner who is an optimist and can buoy up their negative moods.

Monkeys are natural born-optimists, so you will be able to reassure your Dog that everything is ok when she is upset. Since you really believe it, you’ll be able to make her feel better. Although she may become annoyed when you take risks, because they make her anxious, she will appreciate how you keep her life interesting. Without a slight mischievous partner, Dogs tend to sink into a dull routine that limits their potential. You can help your Dog break out of her rut and try new things.

A Dog is capable of seeing through your tricks and schemes. Dogs are straightforward and honest, and may find it bothersome that you aren’t always completely transparent in your motives with others. Since she sees through the tricks you try with her, though, it is not as big of an issue as it could be. Both of you like to take time to think before acting, although with you it is because you need a little time to plot and scheme to your advantage, while with her it will just be thoroughness.

Monkey and Dog Compatibility Horoscope

Monkey and Dog Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two are well-matched, as long as the Dog knows it can trust the Monkey. The Monkey isn’t exactly untrustworthy, but it’s best for any sign involved with it to know the Monkey’s habits as well as its weaknesses. This sign is so gregarious and curious that it has the potential to stray romantically; whether this happens and how the Dog will handle it will depend on the individuals. The Dog has rather high moral standards and has trouble trusting people as it is, so this sign may not stand for anything less than loyalty. In general, these two will have a fun, upbeat and lighthearted relationship centered largely on social outings.

Monkey Woman and Dog Man Compatibility

Although the Dog man and Monkey woman often form a romantic and sexual dating relationship due to similar hobbies, interests, and lifestyles, the Dog man may grow wary of the Monkey’s social habits and he may even become suspicious that she is growing unfaithful to him according to the Chinese zodiac. However, this is natural for the Monkey woman, and if she can convince him she is committed, the relationship may last due to the exciting conversations and adventures the pair can have together within the Chinese horoscope.

Monkey Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

The Dog woman in a relationship with a Monkey man is often an idealist, whereas the man is often looking for new opportunities to explore, including social opportunities, traveling, and trying new and exciting things in life. Although the Monkey man enjoys having his freedom at any time, he must first take the time to be faithful and loyal to the Dog woman in order to help with building trust between the two.

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