Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

The Monkey and the Dragon make a fiery, fun match! These two signs have a ton in common — both are highly energetic with plenty of optimism, brash courage and get-up-and-go; both love anything exciting — parties, amusement parks, nightclubs. The Monkey, especially, loves to pursue its own pleasures, but together these two will live life in their customary fast-paced style. They are both such fiery personalities that occasional flare-ups of temper are likely; however, neither sign is interested in holding a grudge and both are perfectly happy to hash things out and then move on.

As a Monkey, you plot scheme after scheme-most of them related to money. You are clever and quick, but easily bored, which makes it hard for you to keep a job after the challenge is gone. Your ability to handle money is not so good, which means you always have some plan to get more. Mischievous, unscrupulous Monkeys often find themselves running little cons and games, both in business and in love! Young Monkeys are not usually ready to settle down and leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake. But as a Monkey, you are not wholly selfish. When you find a project of a person that you can finally commit to, you will work hard to keep it.

In a Dragon, you have met your match. Dragons are fierce, powerful, and magnets for the opposite sex. If you’ve fallen in love with a Dragon, you probably feel like you have been knocked over. Female Dragons can be very intimidating, as nothing stops them and power is concentrated in their hands. Dragons are constantly surrounded by admirers, but you can win their love if you try. Your usual tricks and schemes have a high probability of winning over a Dragon, because they tend to dive into things and trust to their great inner strength to protect them.

Dragons have a little secret. For all of their power, they do require emotional support. Without their family, friends, and admirers, Dragons lose all heart. Your Dragon has a habit of biting off more than she can chew, and when she does, she can’t admit her need for help to anyone but the people she trusts the most. In these instances, you need to be there for her. If you truly love her and are ready to commit, you will be able to provide the support she so needs.

The power and influence of a Dragon will greatly help you pull off your schemes. Her intensity will also make it easier for you to stay on track, rather than getting distracted. In return, you will help her think things through before jumping in and taking on more than she can handle.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility Horoscope

Monkey and Dragon Love Compatibility

As lovers, their connection is electric. In the bedroom these two are like baby tigers, tumbling and playing together with claws bared! It’s all in good fun, of course. If these two live together their house may not be very well kept, as they don’t tend to spend much time at home. Neither sign makes much time for mundane activities like cleaning, folding laundry, cooking balanced meals and so on; the good thing is, neither one minds or even notices a messy house! The Dragon does like to have a nice, comfortable place to come home to at the end of the day, but isn’t likely to expect the Monkey to provide that comfort.

Monkey Woman and Dragon Man Compatibility

The Monkey woman is adored by the Dragon man due to her intelligence and her ability to be clever on the spot. The couple is complete with plenty of support and admiration, contributing to its success in- and outside of the bedroom.

Monkey Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Dragon woman often admires the Monkey man, allowing the Monkey to feel satisfied in the relationship. The Monkey man is tolerant enough to handle the quick wit of the Dragon woman, allowing them to stand equal grounds when the Dragon woman is upset.

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