Monkey and Goat Compatibility

The Monkey and the Goat can have fun together, but sooner or later the Monkey’s high energy and seeming devil-may-care attitude might send the sensitive Goat into a worrying spree. The Goat has an artistic sensibility and tends to be rather high-strung; when subject to too much chaos or when not feeling properly admired by a loved one, this sign can begin to feel off balance and anxious. The Monkey is a good-time sign with plenty of energy; this sign is social, curious and always up for an adventure. These two might make an initial connection, perhaps in the forum of their shared social group, but the Monkey might have trouble keeping the Goat satisfied for long.

As a Monkey, you are probably already aware that you are a bit of a trickster. Monkeys love plots, plans, and schemes, and usually have several going on at once. Monkeys are charmers and often pride themselves on being able to seduce and enchant any woman. This comes with its downside; a trail of broken hearts left behind you. Monkey are dreamers and often feel like every crush is "the one" only to lose interest soon after. It’s important to search inside yourself to find out if you truly love someone before committing to her, or you are likely to break her heart only months later.

Monkeys are eternal optimists. You always think this scheme is the one that will finally work and make you rich. Even if you don’t strike it rich, however, you are likely to be comfortable, because you are intelligent and creative.

Goats are very gentle and keep to themselves. A female Goat probably strikes you as an oasis of calm, because Goat do not air their problems. They do not hold grudges, because they do not like to expend unnecessary energy. Goat don’t really like to work hard, but they are fond of luxurious things. Goat need partners who are willing to push them a bit, because they have no internal discipline, and without additional motivation, they don’t really get anything done. Being in a relationship with a Goat is difficult, because she will keep her feelings to herself and it takes a detailed inquisition to get out what she really feels and needs in a relationship.

Monkeys have very little respect for those they do not consider to be intelligent, and the naive passivity of the Goat may seem stupid to them. You are likely to find yourself continually frustrated with the Goat’s inability or unwillingness to keep up with your clever and crafty schemes. Goat do not have many goals or aspirations beyond comfort, which might not be enough to keep you interested. Goat do make wonderful supportive partners if they are given some motivation, but they do make financial demands on their partners that you may not be willing to meet. If you are willing to keep a wife comfortable by your labor and don’t mind if she doesn’t pitch in so much, then you may have a good relationship with a Goat.

Monkey and Goat Compatibility Horoscope

Monkey and Goat Love Compatibility

If these two are lovers, it’s likely that their relationship began at a dinner party or a club — someplace where both signs were having fun and where the Goat, in particular, was feeling unconstrained, free to talk and enthrall the Monkey with this Sign’s esoteric thought patterns. When in love, the Goat is a very sensuous soul who loves giving food and massages as gifts for the beloved. The Goat needs to feel appreciated by a lover, however, which may be a tall order for the Monkey, who is constantly swinging from one group to the next, packing in as much fun as possible.

Monkey Woman and Goat Man Compatibility

A Goat man is calm, collected, and often prefers a quiet life that is safe and dGoata-free. This does not always mesh well when he is dating a Monkey woman romantically, as this can lead to conflict of the paths they have both chosen in their lives. Goat men in Sheng Xiao prefer to offer kind and gentle love and support, whereas the Monkey is not always able to reciprocate. Monkey women are often focused on finding new social groups to fit in with, often leaving their loved ones emotionally deserted, as they do not tend to themselves emotionally or even financially as much and prefer the social scene above all. Because of the Goat man’s stability and passiveness with the ability to stay calm even during arguments, this may lead the Monkey to become more manipulative or take advantage of the Goat’s gentle nature. It is important that the Monkey woman is entirely committed to the Goat before the relationship becomes serious to avoid heartbreak from the Monkey after she moves on.

Monkey Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

A Goat woman in Chinese astrology may have difficulty trusting the Monkey man, especially if he is actively social and not as attentive emotionally as the Goat would like within the relationship. Because of the kind and giving nature of the Goat, this can pose a problem when the Monkey man is unable to give back the support the woman needs in this relationship according to the Chinese horoscope. If the Monkey is willing to take time to better understand the Goat in the relationship, the partnership can last longer rather than being a purely physical or sex based relationship to begin with when they are dating.

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