Monkey and Monkey Compatibility

Monkey and Monkey are a unique combination. In the eastern horoscope, the union of these representatives of the zodiac is considered very favorable, since the similarity of life principles, interests and characters of partners gives rise to excellent mutual understanding and fruitful cooperation. At the same time, each member of the tandem plays his own game and often tries to manipulate the opponent. On this basis, conflicts, quarrels, and sometimes outright "hostilities" occur. However, people of the sign rarely become enemies – wisdom, sociability and an impeccable sense of humor help partners maintain good relations in all spheres of life.

Compatibility Horoscope for Monkey and Monkey

People born in the year of the Monkey are practical, quick-witted, distinguished by their violent temperament and love for cheerful companies. Together, they never get bored – great debaters and philosophers will always find fascinating topics for discussion. Besides, Monkeys are impressionable and dreamy – and this is another reason for mutual understanding and harmonious communication. The compatibility of the Monkey with the Monkey is based not only on common interests, character traits, but also on the ability to feel the mood of each other, to predict the companion’s reaction to this or that event. These guys perfectly understand what will incredibly please and what will extremely upset the partner of their sign.

Creative, witty, eccentric and proud representatives of the zodiac at the start of interaction play the role of a virtuoso diplomat, where everyone is trying to outwit the opponent. However, the mutual tendency to pretend and lie does not prevent them from coming to agreement and mutual understanding. This is facilitated by the male energy of the sign – Yang, which helps the mind to conquer emotions. The positive horoscope of compatibility of the Monkey and the Monkey is somewhat overshadowed by the lack of absolute sincerity and trust in the couple. Astrologers of the site reassure – partners quickly get used to some dissonance in relationships and soon perceive this phenomenon as the norm. The longer the interaction lasts, the more trusting communication becomes, and the union becomes more harmonious and stronger.

Monkey Man and Monkey Woman

Sociable, bright and unpredictable Monkey man will not go unnoticed by the extravagant, funny and mysterious Monkey woman. Mutual flirting and playful tone of conversation will be the beginning of a whirlwind romance. The compatibility of the couple is favorable. The gentleman is generous with compliments, gifts and promises. True, the latter is far from always fulfilling. At the same time, the man has grandiose plans for life – he clearly sees the goal and knows how to achieve it. The path to a dream sometimes runs through intrigue, deception, betrayal. This is due to the man’s innate craving for risk, danger. He is prone to various addictions and extreme sports. From the point of view of the Chinese horoscope, an alliance with a woman of your sign will help an overly active gentleman find a balance between justified and reckless risk.

Monkey woman and Monkey man harmoniously complement each other. At the same time, the lady is able to subtly and unobtrusively control the violent energy of the companion. She herself rarely strives for career heights. Lightweight work and a stable salary are a perfectly acceptable option. But the satellite is ready to help and support in all endeavors. At the same time, her advice is practical, logical and justified by real possibilities. The eastern horoscope notes: the compatibility of partners is higher if they are of the same age or the lady is older than the chosen one. Otherwise, she may not have enough worldly wisdom, and he may not have enough patience to coexist harmoniously. However, for such a pair, the stars predict good compatibility, if the man takes responsibility for the union entirely.

Monkey and Monkey Business Compatibility

The working relationship of the zodiac representatives is favorable. Partners are result-oriented, confident in their abilities and not afraid of competition. Flexible mind, developed intellect, innate quick-wittedness and curiosity help partners to cope with any task. Working as a team, they rarely compete with each other. They work harmoniously, showing diplomacy and the ability to delve into the essence of the issue. The high compatibility of the Monkey with the Monkey in work is due to the incredible love of partners for material goods. Wealth and prosperity are an integral part of the life of the monkeys. Therefore, they easily put up with each other’s character traits for the good of a common cause. The business horoscope sees successful and joint business. Despite the fact that when faced with serious problems, partners sometimes get lost and can make mistakes, having figured out the problem, they can easily correct the situation.

Friendly relations are developing positively. Friends are comfortable together, and the coincidence of interests and hobbies helps to have a fun and fruitful time. Interaction is distinguished by sincere affection for each other, mutual support and help in any life situations. The favorable compatibility of the Monkey and the Monkey in friendship is supported by a mutual love for intellectual debate. Comrades often discuss topics ranging from personal relationships to political issues. At the same time, quarrels, conflicts in a couple happen extremely rarely. Similar life positions help comrades to maintain good relations for many years. Friendship brings both moral satisfaction and psychological comfort.

Monkey and Monkey Love Compatibility

Love between representatives of the same zodiac sign happens often. Mutual intelligence, attractiveness, openness and positive attitude attract each other like a magnet. And how not to fall in love with your own reflection! The impetuous romance is filled with passion, tenderness, ardent confessions. The partners are not devoid of romantic feelings, but they show them in a peculiar way – jokes and mutual rallies dominate in this pair. The high compatibility of the Monkey with the Monkey in love is based on ease of communication and the same attitude towards life. In any company, lovers will always be in the spotlight – funny, witty and uninhibited guys arouse interest, and sometimes envy of the surrounding people.

In a love relationship, partners rarely fight for leadership, but the spirit of rivalry in the couple is present. For example, if one partner gets a promotion at work, the other will certainly decide to seriously pursue his own career. It is difficult for two individuals with a violent temperament to interact. At the same time, in this alliance, no one is trying to tame the "raging" satellite or make claims about unfulfilled promises. Highly appreciating the compatibility of the Monkey and the Monkey in a relationship, the love horoscope encourages partners to refrain from intimate communication on the side. The mutual tendency to cheat will sooner or later lead cooperation to a dead end. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

Monkey and Monkey Sexual Compatibility

The intimate life of a couple is comparable to an unstoppable hurricane of passions and emotions. In bed, lovers find complete understanding and harmony. A bright temperament and similar preferences of partners give rise to excellent sexual compatibility. In intimate relationships with other signs of the zodiac, Monkeys often lack violent emotions and novelty – after all, they crave experimentation and vivid sensations from intimacy. Therefore, the question of fidelity is treated philosophically. However, with the lover of your sign, intimate compatibility is so high that partners do not want to look for an alternative on the side.

Good sex for the representatives of the zodiac is an integral part of a harmonious and happy life. Incredibly sensual and relaxed in bed, lovers do not hesitate to speak frankly with each other about intimate fantasies and desires. Everyone is creative with something new. For them, there are no conventions, restrictions and prohibitions in bed. At the same time, a bedroom for lovers is not only a place of sexual pleasure, but also a "negotiating table". Here they forget about disagreements, conflicts and quarrels in everyday life. The ideal compatibility of the Monkey with the Monkey in bed helps not only to strengthen the relationship between lovers, but also often becomes a reason to legitimize the union.

Monkey and Monkey Family Compatibility

Freedom-loving representatives of the zodiac rarely seek to limit life to marriage. However, having fallen in love with the partner of their sign, they are ready to say goodbye to the advantages of independence and jump into the family boat without hesitation. The horoscope advises not to rush if the companions are young and have not decided on their life plans and career goals. The compatibility of young spouses is low – ambition, maximalism and violent temperament of both often become the cause of major quarrels and parting "on emotions". In adulthood, Monkeys become less categorical, with understanding of the needs and desires of each other. Therefore, the older the lovers, the higher the compatibility of Monkey and Monkey in marriage. However, you should not expect cloudless interaction.

It is comfortable for spouses to live under one roof. Mutual love, coincidence of desires and feelings give rise to mutual understanding and readiness for fruitful cooperation. But the stormy temperament and contradictory nature of both – this does not negate. The horoscope sees a favorable compatibility of the Monkey with the Monkey in family life, if the spouses learn to communicate constructively and calmly agree on each other’s responsibilities. This is especially true for financial issues. Representatives of the zodiac tend to waste money thoughtlessly, so it is difficult for them to plan a family budget. On this basis, conflicts often occur, "flavored" with mutual claims and accusations. The family horoscope advises spouses to think about organizing a joint business. In this pair, a common cause will not only help create the material well-being of the union, but also strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

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