Monkey and Monkey Compatibility

Two Monkeys are about as much fun as, well, a barrel of monkeys! This sign has tons of energy and is all about pursuing pleasure and adventure, so two Monkeys is usually just double the fun. Occasional arguments are to be expected; this sign tends to be a bit of a show-off and likes to maintain its position in the spotlight. These two might have occasional power disputes but the Monkey isn’t interested in holding a grudge; that takes too much time and negative energy. Fights will be thorough but over quickly and forgotten completely.

As a Monkey, you are the trickster. Monkeys are intelligent, but their intelligence is more clever than bookish. Monkeys are always plotting a scheme or three, and they are often successful. Setbacks never stop a Monkey for long, and you are usually planning your next scheme before the first one finishes, anyway! Male monkeys may bounce from one business interest to another, because for all of their cleverness, their attention spans can be rather short. In youth, Monkeys can’t really settle down, and may appear aimless to others. In truth, Monkeys are looking for that one project or love that will occupy them fully, because once a Monkey is committed, he works hard for success and doesn’t give up.

Monkeys, especially males, can be real heartbreakers. They are attentive and charming in courtship because they really fall head over heels, but they have an unfortunate tendency to fall out of love easily as well, or fall for a new love while they are still enamoured of the old one! With all of this, Monkeys still manage to mostly stay out of trouble because it is hard to resist their boyish charm.

Monkeys can be a bit selfish, and you may notice that a Monkey thinks first of him or herself, and then of his or her partner. A female Monkey may be prone to preening; appearance is an important component of charm. Two Monkeys may find that they do not devote enough attention to the relationship, and are living more like single people than two committed lovers. If you find yourself enraged by your Monkey partner’s flirting or manipulation of other men, check yourself to see if you do the same with women-because chances are, you do! Both of you must put in an effort to maintain monogamy if you are serious about making the relationship work.

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Monkey and Monkey Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will enjoy a highly physical connection; their lovemaking may be like two kittens, rolling around and playing with claws bared. If these two live together their house may not be very well-kept or even very oft-inhabited; Monkeys don’t tend to spend much time at home unless it’s to bring back all their friends after the clubs have closed down. This relationship is likely to keep both their interest longer than one with a different sign might, since the Monkey likes stimulation first and foremost. This sign has the potential to stray romantically, being very gregarious and curious too. That may not be a problem in this relationship, even if it does happen!

Monkey Woman and Monkey Man Compatibility

Monkey signs in Shengxiao go well with one another, especially due to their fun-loving and free-spirited personalities and outlooks on life. Monkeys tend to enjoy the company of other Monkeys in Chinese astrology, as they are social creatures and prefer to be around others who do not demand commitment or loyalty from them, even when they date and are involved in sexual relationships. Instead, Monkeys prefer to have a fun time exploring the world, and love to do so together according to the Chinese horoscope.

Monkey Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

Because Monkeys enjoy attention and the limelight, they may argue or have disputes over various business decisions or even big decisions in life they share together, such as purchasing a new home, moving to a new location, or obtaining a job. In most cases, Monkeys are extremely supportive of one another and enjoy making each other happy by supporting their partner’s own interests, hobbies and life pursuits in the Chinese zodiac.

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