Monkey and Ox Compatibility

Monkey and Ox are a difficult union, but astrologers assess the compatibility of the pair as above average. On the one hand, there are too many contradictions between the representatives of signs – these are different temperaments, and practically opposite values in life. On the other hand, it is the obvious dissimilarity that attracts people to each other. A similar metamorphosis is explained by the polarity of the signs: male energy – Yang of the first magically attracts the female principle – Yin of the second, smoothing out obvious differences of character and sharp angles of relationships. The level of compatibility of a couple depends more on the Monkey – the representatives of the sign, absorbed in their own emotions, often make rash decisions, which the fundamental and far-sighted Ox is rarely willing to put up with.

Compatibility Horoscope for Monkey and Ox

In different spheres of life, representatives of the zodiac interact differently. The favorable compatibility of the Monkey with the Ox is manifested in business and companionship. But in amorous affairs, the latter often suffer from unrequited love for the chosen one of the first sign. Meanwhile, the horoscope sees a positive perspective for cooperation. A favorable combination of the native elements of the signs helps partners to find points of contact – the Earth of the latter gives life to the Metal of the former, which in everyday life contributes to the formation, development and maintenance of harmonious relationships.

Astrologers of the AstrologyK website assure that knowledge of the characteristics of each other’s characters and the ability to use dissimilarity for the benefit of relationships will help build a strong alliance. Sly, sometimes insidious Monkeys are endowed with a violent temperament. A quick mind and determination help to be in the center of events and to win. At the same time, the Monkeys do not differ in high moral principles. But the Oxen are pathologically honest and responsible. Life goals are achieved with no less success, but moral values are always a priority for them. Relationships in a couple will develop favorably if the former give up the temptation to manipulate the feelings of a companion through cunning and deception. The compatibility horoscope of the Monkey and the Ox also depends on the gender of the partners.

Monkey Man and Ox Woman

According to the Chinese horoscope, the compatibility of the Monkey man and the Ox woman is low. The gentleman is gallant, looks after beautifully, says compliments, but at the same time is extremely unpredictable – he may not fulfill his promise, forget about the planned joint trip. If the lady did not have time to fall in love, the relationship will end before it begins. Otherwise, the woman will decide to "re-educate" the chosen one. It is unlikely that this event will be successful. However, if a lady refuses open claims, comments and accusations, it is quite possible to establish peace and harmony in a relationship. The horoscope assures: it will not work to influence the behavior of the Monkey man with iron logic and irrefutable facts. But using female wisdom, cunning, affection and patience is very possible. True, the Ox woman is capable of such a feat only if she has strong feelings for the chosen one.

Monkey Woman and Ox Man

Compatibility of a pair of woman Monkey and man Ox strives for the ideal. Differences between lovers strengthen the relationship rather than destroy it. A man often lacks lightness, inspiration – busy with work, he does not know how to have fun, relax without looking back at business problems. A cheerful and open woman Monkey will become his muse, charge him with energy and optimism. Next to his girlfriend, the Ox man feels a sense of celebration. At the same time, the lady is an excellent adviser in business matters. Her opinion is always logical, well-grounded, which causes admiration and respect for the gentleman. True fussiness and indiscretion of a friend often leads to unnecessary spending. However, a generous partner easily forgives the chosen one for such weaknesses.

Monkey and Ox Business Compatibility

The business horoscope predicts the tandem of perfect compatibility. When colleagues take to work, there is no doubt about the success of the event. The first ones gush with business ideas, offer creative ways to implement them. The second "cut off" the proposals of the partner of the illusion and develop a detailed project plan. The high compatibility of the Monkey with the Ox in work is strengthened by the ability of the Monkey to act in a given direction – despite excessive haste and the desire for quick results, the representatives of the sign completely trust the calculations and foresight of the partner. He, in turn, appreciates the sharp mind and business acumen of his partner.

Friendly compatibility of representatives of the zodiac is favorable if the sex of the comrades is the same. The guys are comfortable together, as they bring into each other’s life what everyone lacks. The first are lightness, fun, spontaneity and the ability to enjoy simple things. The second is moderation, thoroughness, responsibility and willingness to compromise. The positive compatibility of the Monkey and the Ox in friendship is not so much the result of mutual efforts as a harmonious combination of complementary character traits. But for heterosexual partners, companionship is unlikely to develop well. A strong friendship will be hampered by mutual romantic interest.

Monkey and Ox Love Compatibility

The love horoscope does not promise a rapid and stormy relationship. Representatives of signs look closely at each other for a long time, observe habits, assess the reliability of a potential partner. Only after making sure of the merits of the chosen one, the lovers begin to interact. The romantic period of communication proceeds slowly, but brightly. The Monkey pleases the partner with cute gifts, good jokes, gentle phone messages. The Ox reciprocates, surrounding the companion with care, attention and showing condescension to the peculiarities of the "Monkey" character. At the same time, the good compatibility of the Monkey with the Ox in love does not always become the key to a strong relationship.

Falling in love does not prevent the representatives of the zodiac from soberly assessing reality. Often the first to get bored with the excessive seriousness and business employment of a partner. If the latter ignore this circumstance, the compatibility of the pair will be violated. The horoscope advises the Oxen to evenly distribute priorities, then the chosen one will not consider himself a supporting actor. At the same time, the Monkeys of the stars are recommended to accept the importance of the business sphere of life for a partner – representatives of the second sign will never sacrifice a career for the sake of relationships. Taking into account the advice of the eastern horoscope, partners will be able to avoid disagreements and quarrels. The longer the lovers are together, the higher the compatibility of the Monkey and the Ox in the relationship – in this pair, the time factor favorably affects the interaction.

Monkey and Ox Sexual Compatibility

The intimate horoscope warns a couple of possible disagreements in bed. The initial sexual compatibility of lovers is far from ideal, but the situation is fixable. The fact is that in the bedroom the representatives of the signs behave the same way as in life. Monkeys are playful, relaxed, hungry for pleasure, novelty and thrill. Restrained, conservative, accustomed to controlling everything, the Oxen at the start of communication are frightened by the pressure and liberation of their lover. An eccentric Monkey may decide that it does not attract a partner and disappear from the intimate horizon. The horoscope does not advise doing this.

It takes time for Oxen to gain confidence in a partner – then they will prove themselves to be passionate and gentle lovers. They will readily accept the rules of the game, adding improvements and elements of romance to them. In addition, if for the Monkey, domestic quarrels remain outside the bed, the partner of the second sign will not be able to indulge in love carelessly without reconciling with the chosen one. The horoscope advises to resolve conflicts before visiting the bedroom and notes that the first lover can increase the level of compatibility of the Monkey with the Ox in bed – by showing understanding, patience and affection for the chosen one.

Monkey and Ox Family Compatibility

The representatives of the zodiac will create a completely successful marital union. The Monkey sees a partner as a reliable, hardworking and purposeful companion. The Ox considers the chosen one to be a self-sufficient, active and positive person. Both respect and reckon with each other’s professional ambitions. Spouses rarely quarrel, although the first partner sometimes provokes a conflict. For example, outraged by the irregular working day of the chosen one. The second spouse sometimes makes claims in everyday matters – scattered things or dust on the far shelf of the closet can become a pretext for moralizing. However, the impeccable sense of humor of the former protects from serious quarrels and strengthens the compatibility of the Monkey and the Ox in marriage.

The family horoscope predicts a harmonious relationship if the spouses come to an agreement on finances and raising children. Monkeys are spenders and sometimes "forget" to consult with the chosen one about significant spending. Practical and economical Oxen will not agree with such a financial scheme. Family budget planning and adherence to agreements will help maintain good relations. The compatibility of the Monkey with the Ox in family life can shake the contradictions in the issues of raising heirs. The first are inclined to provide children with freedom, do not see the need for a strict daily routine. The second – they see strict discipline and control as the key to the formation of a successful personality. The horoscope advises spouses to find a middle ground in this matter, then family compatibility will be flawless, and the union will be strong and durable.

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