Monkey and Rabbit Compatibility

The Monkey and the Rabbit are rather opposite in nature, so a mutually satisfying connection may take both work and understanding. The Rabbit’s powers of compassionate perception will help this relationship a great deal, but this sign is traditionally rather passive and more giving than it needs to be, and may end up putting more energy into the relationship than the Monkey does. The Monkey means no harm; it simply is generally most interested in pursuing its own pleasure, first and foremost.

As a Monkey, you are full of creative energy. You think swiftly, analyzing all details of the situation. You aren’t above using this knowledge to manipulate people for your own benefit, and you frequently do. Charm and trickery are the hallmarks of the Monkey. Monkey people do well in retail, because they always close the sale. Monkeys are also brilliant at selling themselves, which is why they have no problem getting a job or wooing a partner. Once something is won, however, Monkeys tend to lose interest and don’t work as hard. Sometimes they simply abandon things altogether and just move on to something more appealing. If you are a Monkey you likely have a string of broken hearts in your past. If you can dedicate you intelligence and energy to something you really care about, you can make it a roaring success!

Rabbits are a match for you when it comes to winning people over. They are so unfailingly flattering and polite that no one can say no to them, including you! If you are in love with a Rabbit, you probably admire her ability to get her way without shouting, whining, or demanding. You have likely admired her winning ways from afar, or have become smitten with the flattery she heaps upon you.

A Rabbit will see through your tricks, and keep up with you mentally. This wins your respect and admiration. The Rabbit’s interpersonal skills lay entirely in negotiation and charm, however, and if things get heated, Rabbits are likely to run. They hate confrontation and will not stick around for it. If you have a disagreement with a Rabbit, you need to keep it civil, or she will flee and you will never solve your problem.

Monkeys do not trust others easily, but you must trust your Rabbit and her concerns. Rabbits are very sensitive to trouble brewing, and their warnings should be heeded. You are likely to have a very honest relationship, because the two of you are both experts at seeing through little tricks and games. After awhile, you will realize such schemes are pointless between the two of you, and band together to turn your energies outwards. As long as you listen to you Rabbit about when it is time to slow down or go home, you will be quite successful in your endeavours.

Monkey and Rabbit Compatibility Horoscope

Monkey and Rabbit Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two have different interests. The Rabbit likes entertaining at home with dinner, candles and soft music; socially shy but very affectionate, this sign is most comfortable in intimate gatherings. The Monkey loves a party but is a very energetic, up personality that loves groups, crowds, noise, lights and fun. While the Rabbit is hosting the small dinner party at home, the Monkey might be out at a nightclub or the county fair, talking and laughing and running around, trying to use up all that seemingly inexhaustible energy. These two signs may be attracted to one another but their connection isn’t likely to be based on an intense soul-recognition or meeting of the minds.

Monkey Woman and Rabbit Man Compatibility

The Monkey woman is often on-the-go, which can leave the Rabbit man feeling insecure or unhappy from time to time. It is important for the Monkey to work on being more emotionally open to the Rabbit and for the Rabbit to be less attached for this pairing to work out well.

Monkey Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The attraction between the Rabbit woman and the Monkey man is intense in Chinese astrology, but is often physical rather than a mental connection, or even a connection that relates to their future goals and plans they may have in mind according to their Chinese horoscope. This relationship will work best if the Rabbit has a sense of independence or a group of friends separate from the Monkey, allowing them to lead separate social lives that are equally satisfying for long-term committed relationships.

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