Monkey and Rooster Compatibility

The Monkey and the Rooster have such different sensibilities that a smooth relationship between these two would be almost an anomaly. First off, both signs insist on being in control, but in quite different ways. The Rooster claims its dominion by nagging others into perfection. The Rooster sees the world in terms of details, all of which could stand some improvement. The Monkey, on the other hand, claims its position on top by being the loudest, taking the biggest risks and generally making itself very noticeable. The Rooster is likely to find the Monkey’s excesses to be just that — excessive — and the Monkey is likely to find the Rooster to be not much fun.

As a Monkey, you are mischievous and clever. You can charm practically everyone and are well-suited to a career in sales. You prefer to analyze, plot and plan to achieve your aims, and you have no hesitation to use trickery or double talk to get your way. You are great at making weaknesses sound like strengths, and have no problem concealing your weaknesses and bad points from others initially.

Monkeys have a hard time settling down and often have a string of failed relationships behind them. The problem with Monkeys is that they often think they have found "the one," but they quickly lose interest if another woman catches their eye, and they can get bored with relationships even in the absence of temptation. They have this same problem in business, which means that although Monkeys are great at talking themselves into a job, they often have a hard time keeping it.

Roosters have similar talents to Monkeys, but opposite viewpoints. If you are in love with a Rooster, you probably admire her quick mind, sharp, skilled tongue, and fearlessness. Since Roosters are always well-kept and well-dressed, they make an impression that is difficult to forget.

Roosters are not spontaneous. While Monkeys are always up for a bit of fun, Roosters keep tight, meticulous schedules and want to plan any leisure time well in advance. At first, the Rooster’s unavailability will seem like a challenge and keep you interested, but once you find out that she is not playing coy games with you, you might get annoyed. The Rooster is completely honest, and if she says she’s busy (which she almost always is) she actually is busy, and has no last-minute time for fun and games with you.

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Monkey and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers these two are a rather unlikely pair. They may connect in some social forum, as the Rooster likes to go out on the town and definitely responds to flattery; however, the honeymoon period for these two will probably be short-lived. Soon the Rooster will be nagging at the Monkey to stop partying so much, stop neglecting its health, stay in and get to bed early — and pick up its socks while it’s at it! The Monkey, a naturally curious and gregarious sign, may start spending less and less time with the Rooster if the Rooster gives in to this kind of behavior. For the Rooster, nagging is hard to resist in general, but will be especially so with the Monkey, a sign that the Rooster sees as vastly in need of improvement.

Monkey Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

A Rooster man is very practical and enjoys structure in his life according to Chinese astrology and when dating, whereas a Monkey woman enjoys being the center of attention and exploring new realms and social settings in life. Monkey women in Shengxiao are often more flirtatious about life and meeting new people, and have a difficult time committing. The fear of commitment from a Monkey woman may send a red flag to the Rooster man, who is looking for stability and enjoys abiding by the rules at all times. The match is not always ideal, as the pair clash on a multitude of levels, sometimes, even when they are dating and involved in a sex fueled relationship.

Monkey Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Monkey man may become irritating to the Rooster woman, who prefers to keep up with a strict schedule without being as flexible and open as the Monkey man is. The Monkey man enjoys spending time with new groups of people and indulging in new social adventures and outings for both fun and social gain. Because of the manipulative ways of the Monkey man, this may instantly turn the Rooster woman away, as she prefers to be up front, honest, and direct in all situations.

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